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Furnace glassblowing is my hobby/avocation. My web site is dedicated to spreading information about off hand glassblowing: gathering glass from a molten pool in a furnace and working it on pipes and punties, especially lower cost choices.


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Updated 2013-11-27

Hot Glass Bits 55 (2013)
with latest notes and comments (blog?)

A description of a session of furnace glassblowing
[which includes a lot of basic information and links to more]
Define Glass    What Can I Do with Glass?    What's in Glass?

  Doing things with and to glass Equipment and tools for working glass

Building and Running a glass facility



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Doing things with and to glass
Mike's Doing It or Done It
Mike's Glass & Related Projects [mfgl.htm]
Sulphide Experiments [sulphide.htm]
Marbles [marbles.htm]
Glass & Water, Fountains [glwater.htm]
Backyard Studio [m-bckyrd.htm]
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Working Alone [workalon.htm]
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3 Piece Molding [3mold.htm]
Glass Topics Mostly Not Done by Mike
Mirroring [mirror.htm]
Pressed Glass [pressed.htm]
Threading, Stringer, and Cane[threadin.htm]
Tubes and Sheet Glass [tubeshet.htm]
Coldworking including drilling & cutting glass
Paperweight Overview [paperwts.htm]
Glues & Adhesives
Wire Work[wirework.htm]
Molds - Wood, Clay & Metal [molds.htm]
Other FAQ & odd stuff
Science Fair Projects [sci-fair.htm]
Lava Lamp Substitutes [lavasubs.htm]
Clay w/Glass[clay-gls.htm]
Bottle Cutting [bottle.htm]
Glass as a Liquid [glassasa.htm]
Glassblower Christmas [santaglb.htm]
Just 'Bout [justbout.htm]
What Else in Glass?
Elliott's Hardware Glass [elliotts.htm]
Light Fixtures and Lamps [fixtures.htm]

Mike's Glass

Neck Molds

Metal Stems


Whirly Jigs


Oil candles

Equipment and tools for working glass

Primary Hotwall Equipment

Building a Sheet Metal Annealer [annealer.htm]
Controllers [control.htm]
Burner Choices [burnerch.htm]
Burner Building [burner.htm]
Making A Small Crucible [crucible.htm]
Furnace Building [furnaces.htm]
Doors [doors.htm]
Gloryhole - Dual purpose barrel furnace/gloryhole [gloryhol.htm]
Thermocouples & RTDs[thermocp.htm]
Gas Control & Ignition [gascontr.htm]
Tank Furnaces [furntank.htm]
Firehole a modest foundry furnace, forge, & gloryhole [firehole.htm]
Ventilation [ventilat.htm]
Refractories [refracto.htm]

Tools & Cold Work

Tool Making for Glassblowing [toolmakg.htm]
Blocks Paper & Wood [blockspw.htm]
Torches [torches.htm]
Wood for Glassworking [wood.htm]
Adjustable Kiln [adjannlr.htm]
Coldworking including drilling & cutting glass[coldwork.htm]
Building a Flat Grinder for Glass[grinder.htm]
Glass Gripper [gripper.htm]
Glass Holding Garage [gl-garag.htm]

Other Topics

What is Glass? [batch.htm]
Safety [safety.htm]
Color [color.htm]
Hot Glass Techniques [gls-tech.htm]
Fahrenheit & Celsius [f-c.htm]
Pressure & Flow -Pneumatics & Hydraulics [pressure.htm]
Simulating Glass Flow [simu-gls.htm]

As I Built It

Tool Making


Studio Images Center
Hotwalls of studios visited
Studio Buildings
The Studio at the
Corning Museum of Glass
Creative Glass Center
Glass Studios Midwest 2005
Glass Art Society Conferences
Seattle Studios 2003
Travel Center
(Some images on multiple pages)


Building and Running a glass working facility
Studio Building - Equipment and Tools Discussion [st-build.htm]
Studio Tour and Equipment Discussion [st-plans.htm]
Portable Studios[portable.htm]
Hotwalls I Have Seen [hotwalls.htm]
Floor plans of Studios [floorpln.htm]

Studio Buildings

Selling Furnace Glass [selling.htm]
Training & Apprenticeship[training.htm]
Drill Sizes[drill.htm]
Buying Guide[buyref.htm]
Ventilation [ventilat.htm]
Working Alone [workalon.htm]
Benches, Etc. [benchetc.htm]
Studio Center [studoctr.htm]
Indirect Skills for Glassworking
Sheetmetal Working [sheetmtl.htm]
Stainless Steel Shopping [stainles.htm]
Tech Specs [techspec.htm]
Machine Shop Operation [machine.htm]
Concrete Working & Hating [concrete.htm]
Crafts to Work With [crafts.htm]
Welding for Glassblowers [welding.htm]
Electrical for Glass Workers [electric.htm]
Drawing & Design [drawing.htm]

Equipment & Tools Pages

Tech Topics
Furnaces Insurance
Welding Safety
Sheet Metal Copyright


Hot Walls



Miscellany Machine Shop
History Notes Selling

Tech Info



History Training Technology Design Technique Business
History Notes Classes Building Drawing Hot Glass Techniques  
      Design Rules Wired 12.03    
What other people do with and about glass
Artists & Galleries
Artists in Molten Glass A-L [artist-al.htm]
Artists in Molten Glass M-Z [artist-mz.htm]
Gallery Listings [gallery.htm]
Carlyn Galerie [carlyn.htm]
Career Startup from G.A.S. [career.htm]
Glass Home Pages [glasshom.htm]
Hot Shops That Share [hotshops.htm]
Lino Tagliapietra [linodemo.htm]
Afra Celotto Demo
Video Links
Classes & Schools
Classes by Region [classes.htm]

Courses in Glass [learning.htm]

Narrative - Learning Furnace Glassblowing [narlearn.htm]
Summer Classes[clas2002.htm]
Corning 99 Gallery [c-99glry.htm]
Changes at The Studio at the Corning
Museum of Glass [cmog2001.htm]
Texas Tech Summer 2001 Glassblowing[ttu-2001.htm]
Training & Apprenticeship [learning.htm]
Glass Talk Internet Radio[glstalkr.htm]
Studio Visits
Travel & Visits Center
Dallas Glass Studios Map
Texas Glass - Studios [texasgls.htm]
Dallas Hot Shop Visits [dalgls05.htm]
Vetro Art Glass, Grapevine, 2004
Bowman Glass, Dallas [bowman.htm]
Glass history and organizations
Non-Technical Book References
Glass Bibliography [biblio.htm]
Glass Gaffers of New Jersey [glgaffnj.htm]
Furnace Glassblowing Books [gl-books.htm]
New England Glass & Glassmaking[negg.htm]
Schiffer Gallery of books on glass[schiffer.htm]
Harvey Littleton [littletn.htm]
Contemporary Glass by Susanne K. Frantz [frantz.htm]
Glass History [gl-hist.htm]
New Jersey Vacation - Glass Division
The Window-Light Workers [winlight.htm]
Good Old Days in Glassblowing [goodold.htm]
Glass Miscellany [misc-gl.htm]
Factories for Glass [factory.htm]
Museums - Links & Notes[museums.htm]
The Long Glass Article in the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
Period Window Glass [periodgl.htm]
Glass Art Society [gas.htm]
C.E.R.F. Help Needed for Artists & [helpneed.htm]
Lists and notes about working glass
Glossary of Tools & Equipment for Glassblowing [glostool.htm]
Glossary of Hot Glass Bits and other Details [glos-bit.htm]
Glossary of Blown Glass Objects [glos-obj.htm]
Glossary of Materials Used in Furnace Glassblowing [glos-mat.htm]
Glossary of Other Glass Words [glosothr.htm]
Shop tools and when they are used [glosshop.htm]
Glossary of Glass Terms- Art Nouveau to Art Deco [glosdeco.htm]
Glossary of Paperweight Identification Terms [gloswts.htm]
Sources of Products and Information [glos-src htm]
Master Index of Glossary Words [i-glos.htm]
What Can I do with Glass? [what-can.htm]
Hot Glass Bits 2008 Notes [hotbit50.htm]
Hot Glass Bits 2007 Notes [hotbit49.htm]
Hot Glass Bits 2006 Notes [hotbit48.htm]
Hot Glass Bits Table of Contents
Hot Glass Bits up to 7 (1991-92)
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Mike's Glass 'Book' [Implemented in Frame1.htm]
Introduction What Can I do with Glass?    
Chapter One A Furnace Glass Session & Tools    
  Narrative - Learning Furnace Glassblowing    
  Follow Mike through Hot Glass Bits Newsletter    
  Working outdoors & alone    
  Building Equipment Annealer First Bench
    Furnace Glory Hole
  Forging and Foundry Metal Center  

These have to do with Mike, his home, health, family and concerns
1019 Home Page [1019home.htm]
Mike & Gigi's Home [1019.htm]
MF Genealogy [mfgen.htm]
Notes Center [notesctr.htm]
Eugenia Firth Braille Proofreading
High School Class 1960 CLCHS
Louise Minert Kelly[louise.htm]
Family 50th [fam50th.htm]
Fishers - My In-Laws [fishers.htm]
Ambidextrous [ambidext.htm]
Favorites [favorite.htm]
Reviews of Glass Fiction Books [fictrev.htm]
Other Mike Firth's Page [mikefrth.htm]
New Jersey 2004 Vacation
Projects not glass of Mike
Whirlyjigs [whirljig.htm]
Mobiles  [firthm/mobiles.htm]
Windchimes [firthm/chimes.htm]
Recipes [firthm/recipes.htm]

I am reasonably impressed by this free search engine, let me know what you think. Contact Mike Firth (and this is a site for furnace glassblowing, so there is nothing here about making bong pipes or working Pyrex.)

A WARNING: Working glass is inherently dangerous, involving heavy materials that can be razor sharp, so hot that damage can be done before feeling occurs, with chemicals immediately poisonous, dusts that can damage the lungs, and heat sources that can wreck the eyes. Understand the safe practices required and use them to blow beautiful glass. Safety


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