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Much modern glass can be seen at Galleries

The number of museums with extensive glass holdings is small and in most museums the glass objects are scattered among other settings such as Roman or Egyptian. American glass is most often a few cut glass pieces displayed with furniture from the 19th Century. These are some of the exceptions I know of, let me know if you have suggestions of others.

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[Alphabetical by State]
Washington DC
Hillwood (Smithso)
Smithsonian  Institution - National Collection of Fine Arts (Smithso)
Smithsonian  Institution - National Museum of History and Technology (Smithso)
Dearborn MI
Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum (Smithso)
Millville NJ
Museum of Glass, Wheaton Historical Association (Smithso) My Visit
Newark NJ
The Newark Museum (Smithso)
Brooklyn NY
The Brooklyn Museum Sample page of glass holdings
Corning NY
The Corning Museum of Glass (Smithso)
New York NY
Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design (Smithso) Summary
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Smithso)
Cincinnati OH
Cincinnati Art Museum (Smithso) Holdings search
Columbus OH
Ohio Historical Center (Smithso)
Toledo OH
Toledo Museum of Art (Smithso)  Sensational new glass galleries opened summer 2006  See also Dearborn
Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia Museum of Art (Smithso) historic pieces
Chattanooga TN
Houston Antique Museum (Smithso) The Houston Museum, 201 High Street, Chattanooga TN 37403, phone 423. 267.7176  Built on Anna Safley Houston's collection of some 15,000 pitchers, thought to be the largest in the world, but includes much other glass
College Station TX
Student Center Museum, Texas A&M University,
Norfolk VA
Chrysler Museum at Norfolk (Smithso) Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection  October 3, 2003 through April 25, 2004
Tacoma WA
Tacoma Museum of Glass,
Neena WI
Bergstrom-Mahler Museum (Formerly John Nelson Bergstom Art Center and Museum)  especially paperweights with major collection 2007-03-15

*(Smithso) From list in "Glass" book from Smithsonian antiques series

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