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These schedules from 2001 and 2002 summer classes at the major specialized schools are presented as examples.  Current classes can be found on each school's web site.
Furnace glassblowing classes are listed with costs and links to school sites.

[Fall & Winter Classes are on Regional List]

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Pilchuck UrbanGlass Studio at Corning Penland Haystack


TTU @ Junction



Pilchuck is a glass-only school in a camp like setting north of Seattle that offers outstanding classes in the summer only.
Sessions last 2 or 3 weeks. Costs include room, board and tuition and for the specific furnace classes are $2,500 for dormitory and $2,900 for cottage. The three additional classes noted generally cost a few hundred less. Scholarships are available. Guest artists participate in each session.
Juried Classes require slides, Others are selected from applications by Lottery
Application Deadline is March 1.
Good colorful and detailed catalog.

Session 1 Inter. Hot Glass Prior Hot Shop Exp. Lottery  
May 22 - June 8 Buffet Survey of Techniques Art Background Lottery  
  Assemblage, Kiln Cast, Review Misc.    
Session 2 Blown glass sculpture Adv.skills required Juried  
June 12 - June 29 Inter. Blown Glass Design At least 2 yrs. expr. Lottery  
  Hot Cast, Assemblage, Hot Cast Survey Misc.    
Session 3 Blowing and Painting (hot melt colors) 2 yrs.expr.& paint/draw Lottery  
July 3 - July 20 Beginning Glassblowing No requirement Lottery  
  Casting, Neon, Kiln-Cast Misc.    
Session 4 Advanced Hot Sculpting Adv.skills required Juried  
July 24 - Aug. 10 Sculpture in Hot Glass Adv.skills required Juried  
  Public glass, Flameworking, Kiln Forming Misc.    
Session 5 Intricate Solidworking Fine art interest, 2 yrs.rec. Juried  
Aug. 14 - Aug. 31 Adv.Venetian Goblet Making At. least 2 yrs. rec. Juried  
  Totem Pole, Boro Lampw., Kiln Sculp.      

Their site - My page on them


UrbanGlass is a glass only operation in Brooklyn NY that offers multi-week classes in summer and one day a week classes throughout the year. This year they are offering classes overseas; none in furnace glass blowing.
Enroll before Feb.15th and receive 10% off
Unlike other schools, UrbanGlass does not arrange or provide housing or meals. Cheapest suggested rates are $65/night, meals might add $12-25 per day.

6 glassblowing classes out of 16 offered - others include kiln, pate de Verre, stained
and lampworking    
Mechanics of Glassblowing (2 yrs expr.) June 18 - 22,2001 $625
Beginning Glassblowing June 25 - 29 $625
Technique Breeds Freedom (Beg.I & II or equi) July 9 - 13 $625
Cast Pickups on Blown Forms (1 year) July 23 - 27 $625
Utsuwa or Vessel? (1 year) June 11 - 15 $625
Intermediate Casting June 4 - 8 $625

Their site - My page on them

Studio at CMOG

The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass on the south edge of western NY is a glass only school offering 2-3 classes per session, usually one furnace glass, one torch working, one cold glass and one other which may be kiln glass, painting, etc. Unlike other schools listed, the Studio normally offers 1-2 week sessions throughout the year.
Room and board is $375 per week, rooms double at Days Inn next to campus, meals at various restaurants, lunch catered.
The short session (2) is during the GAS pre-conference. Session 3 is GAS post-conf.
Only the glassblowing sessions are listed, unless none offered.
All applications held to March 15, then lottery process.

1 June 4 - 9, 2001 1 Adv.Glassblowing (2 yr. exp) Richard Royal $525
1A June 4 - 13 1.5 Fuse Cast (here for completeness)   $780
2 June 11 - 13 0.5 Inter. Glassblowing with cane (1 yr) Josh Simpson $300
3 June 18 - 23 1 Next steps (just above beg) William Gudenrath $525
4 June 25 - 30 1 Cane Work at the Furnace (1 yr) Ralph Mossman $525
5 July 2 - 13 2 Beginning (no expr.) Eric Meek $1025
6 July 9 - 20 2 Coldworking for everyone Frantisek Janák $1025
7 July 16 - 21 1 Building & Blowing (2 yrs.) Katherine Gray $525
8 Jul 23-Aug.3 2 Glass Plus One (other material)(some) Harumi Yukyutake $1025
9 Aug.13 - 18 1 Color, Cane and Surf.Dec.(1 year) James Nowak $525
10 Aug.20 - 25 1 Behaviors, etc.(teamwork)(1 year) Chirs Steffens $525
11 Aug.27-Sep.7 2 Venetian Tech. in depth (1 year) William Gudenrath $1025

Their site - My page on them


Penland is a multiple crafts center in western North Carolina that offers one glassblowing and one lampworking class per session. Penland offers Spring and Fall Concentrations as well

Their site - My page on them


Haystack is a multiple crafts center (blacksmithing, clay, fibers, metals, wood, writing) on the coast of Maine that offers one glassblowing class during each of sessions 3-6. Lino has appeared every year. Haystack uses descriptions rather than titles, which I have summarized. One problem with Haystack is the distance and transportation cost - the flight from Boston to Bangor ($249 RT) costs about the same as from Dallas to Boston (under $270 RT) plus taxi to Deer Isle. (2002 prices)
At April 15th all received applications are reviewed and placed in classes; later admission is possible.

  2 Weeks 3 Weeks
Tuition (all classes)



Work shop fee (glassblowing) $400-500 $600-900
Rm & Bd - Dorm nr.bath



Rm & Bd - Triple nr.bath



Rm & Bd - Quad w/bath



Rm & Bd - Single w/bath



There are additional choices in Rooms, both the
cheapest & costliest are limited availability. "nr" means
a central bathroom shared with other rooms.
July 1 to 18, 2001 2 Weeks Brian Pike Let's explore possibilities
July 15 to 27 2 Weeks Jamex & Einar de la Torre Most direct routes to self-expression including mixed media
Jul 29 to Aug 17 3 Weeks Peter Ivy The tumbler as 'playground' for experiments with color, form, etc.
Aug 19 to 31 2 Weeks Lino Tagliapietra Traditional Venetian techniques.

Their site - My page on them


The Pittsburgh Glass Center has just started up in 2002 with summer sessions.

May 20-24 1 Sculpt It, Karen Willenbrink Johnsen Furnace
May 27-31 1 Sandcasting & Moldmaking, Edward deFrece Grout Furnace
June 3-7 1 Get Your Feet Wet, Theresa Cress
Ancient African Inspiration, Mary Martin
June 10-14 1 Cane Pick-Up, Davide Salvadore
Venetian Style Flameworking, Cesare Toffolo
Painted Transparencies, Steve Eisenhauer
Plate glass
June 17-21 1 Blow Mold and Cold, Henry Halem
Looking at Flameworking from Different Angles, James Minson
June 24-Jul 5 2 Beyond the Hot Shop, Jane Bruce, Austrailia Furnace&Cold
June 24-28 1 Kiln Casting & Pate de Verre, Johathan Clemmer
Combining Murrine: Torch, Kiln & Cold, Milissa Montini
Warm Glass
July 1-5 1 Fluid Forms, K.Mulcahy and R. Desmett Multiple
July 8-19 2 Shape & Surface: Venetian Techniques, C.Kelley & A.Schafermeyer Cane color
July 8-12 1 See below  
July 15-19 1    
July 22-Aug 2 2    
July 22-26 1    
July 26-Aug 2 1    
Aug 5-9 1    
Aug.12-16 1    

From: "Amanda Wray" <>
To: <>
Subject: Space available in Summer Intensives at Pittsburgh Glass Center
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2002 5:18 PM

Dear glass artists and friends of the Glass Art Society,

Summer approaches and it's time to make plans for learning new techniques
and skills in the hot, flame and cold shops. Why not do it this year at the
newest facility around? Pittsburgh Glass Center!

Registration is rolling for these intensives and *space is still available*,
but is confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Check our website for
class descriptions, details, housing information, etc, or call us at

5/27-5/31 Sandcasting and Moldmaking: Edward deFrece Grout
6/3-6/8 Ancient African Inspiration: Mary Martin (beadmaking)
6/10-6/14 Painted Transparencies: Steve Eisenhauer
6/17-6/21 Looking at Flameworking from Different Angles: James Minson
6/17-6/21 Blow, Mold & Cold: Henry Halem
6/24-6/28 Kiln Casting & Pate deVerre: Jonathan Clemmer
6/24-6/25 Combining Murrine-Torch, Kiln and Cold: Milissa Montini
6/24-7/5 Beyond the Hot Shop: Jane Bruce
7/1-7/5 Fluid Forms: Kathleen Mulcahy & Ron Desmett
7/8-7/12 Glass Entomology: Michael Mangiafico (sculptural flameworking)
7/15-7/19 Hard Woods, Hard Glass: Elizabeth Mears
7/22-7/26 Light, Glass & Space: Robin Stanaway
7/22-7/26 Comprehensive Flameworking: Sally Prasch
7/22-8/2 Glass Plus: John Drury and Robbie Miller (CUD)
7/29-8/2 Cold Cuts: Frantisek Janak
8/5-8/9 Marvelous Marbles: Mark Matthews
8/5-8/9 Building Your Dreams: Kari Russell-Poole
8/12-8/16 Blowing & Sculpting at the Torch: Emilio Santini
8/12-8/16 Glassblowing-Next Steps: Chris Clarke

Glass...What a Blast: Laura Donefer
Hot Rods: Darlene Durrwachter Rushing

Amanda Wray
Pittsburgh Glass Center
5472 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-365-2145 x201
Toll Free: 1-866-742-4527 x201
Fax: 412-365-2140

One week intensives $500, Two week $900, non-refundable $40 application.
Housing arranged at Marriott Residence Inn, $89/night, no extra per person fee, so doubling or tripling would lower cost.

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