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Attention Please

I do not collect glass or bottles and
cannot offer any valid opinion on sources or values for anything collectable,  please check out collector news groups, etc.  I may be able to identify a technique, with picture, not over phone.
I do not offer classes.

I DO NOT SELL any products or services through this web site. (all products mentioned should have a link or address for the vendor.)

I do not do glass work or casting for other people. I do not have any employees and am not hiring. I have products on eBay or Etsy sometimes, shown here.

I prefer e-mail to phone calls to avoid telephone tag, to allow research for a reply and to avoid errors in speaking URL's


Before you use the phone number or e-mail below
Have you read this page?




(voice mail/call notes, make it clear whether your number is a day or night phone)


Caution: Do not use "your site" as subject,
I constantly get spam with that subject wanting me to pay money to improve my site position in searches.
If you are here to ask for notice of changes to the site, use "Request site updates" for Subject.
If you want to limit what you get told about, like only Hot Glass Bits, mention that and I will try to comply.


Mike Firth
1019 Martinique
Dallas TX 75223-1445