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This page shows glassware that I have put up for sale, so I have space to provide additional detail and explanations for those who want them.
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Water features/sun catchers
Round sun catchers

Water Features/Sun Catchers


These are fused glass panels 11" long that are 7" wide at the base and 4" wide at the top.  The glass is 1/4" plate glass recycled from broken glass windows, doors, and table tops, usually found on curbs in trash.  The glass is clear or medium grey in color.  On the cut panel, shaped fragments are selected for visual interest and for an interesting flow of water.  The panel and the pieces are laid out on a clay panels that is shaped to fold the edges up slightly and add a some undulation for interesting water flow.  The glass is heated to 1455F to shape the plate and fuse the pieces in place.  After annealing (cooling slowly) the panels are inspected and any sharp points or edges are taken off with a coarse stone. Each is signed on the back in the lower right corner.

As shown in the pairs of pictures below and in the five above, the appearance of any given panel will vary considerably depending on the background and amount of front and back lighting as well as how direct or indirect the lighting may be.
Water feature panels as suncatchers 4 panel

These glass panels can be used for a water feature by providing a pump, a pan to catch the water, and appropriate stones to hide the pump, etc.  A wire stand made of thick aluminum wire is provided which will support the piece at a 45 degree angle.  It can be re-formed for a different angle or to raise the bottom above rocks or other decorations.  Any arrangement is possible that will hold water, including putting a basin into a metal or wood box or planter that would not otherwise hold water. Additional construction details and comments may be found on my glass and water page.


The size of the panels permits using a 9"x13"x2" glass baking pan to make a table top fountain. Alternately, the pump can be located below a grid cut from a ceiling lighting grid that hides the pump and the water and reduces the amount of rocks needed to build up the surface.  The riser shown in the pictures is a clear acrylic tube, 1/2" OD with soft vinyl tubing 1/2" ID to connect to the pump outlet and to soften and aim the water flow at the top. (Kit we sell.)  The glass pan is available in most hardware and grocery stores.  The pump is available online. (continued)

Fused glass laying on the clay form in the kiln.
Dark water feature on clay form in kiln
Side view of basin mount showing wire support on grid piece.
Light water feature side view in basin
View down with pump visible below grid in PVC pipe support.
Light water feature view of grid and water in basin.


Glass tray table top fountain detail Three views of table top fountain built in a glass baking tray showing pump set in hold cut in ceiling grid and rocks added to conceal grid and pump. Flexible tubing connects clear plastic riser tube to pump and allows flow adjustment at top.
Glass tray fountain top view
Glass tray table top fountain showing hardware


Drawings of various wire stands for water featureEach panel is supplied with a 24" piece of 9 gauge aluminum wire which has the ends bent up to hook the bottom and a center bend to form a U with 11-1/2" on each leg.  If bent at 5" from the bent end, as shown in the pictures, a stand will support the plate at about at 45 degree angle.  If bent at 2" from the bent ends, it will form an upright stand for use as a light catcher or the glass can simply be leaned against the window glass.  A more complicated bending will raise the glass above the water while putting the stand below the stones.




We do not sell the pumps. One source is http://www.kineticfountains.com which is offered as a suggestion, not a recommendation.  The pump shown in the pictures has a heavy 3-prong cord. The one at the link has a 2 prong with a lighter cord.  The pumps have suction cups on the bottom to hold them in place and reduce sound effects.  I place my fountain on a towel to further reduce transmission of vibration noise and, by folding the towel, to level the tray. The pump only needs about 12" of lift and I run mine on lowest flow setting.
The hard plastic tubing is 1/2" OD, 3/8" ID and can be purchased for about $5 for a six foot length from plastic supply companies, which unfortunately often have a $25 minimum.  The soft plastic tubing is 1/2" ID, 5/8" OD and can be purchased at any hardware store or home center. The light grid is sold in 2x4' units at hardware stores and home centers for about $16.  We sell a 9x13" piece for $7 and a kit of hard (9") and soft (1.5" & 3") tubing for $7 when requested at time of glass purchase.



Round Sun Catchers

These two sun catchers were fused and sagged in one operation on a thin clay mold.  The unique shape of the glass comes from the breaking pattern of hardened glass used in scrounged popcorn popper. Each is about 7" across and is signed on one side near the edge with small initials MF and S1 (left) or S2 (right) As with all clear sun catchers the appearance changes with the lighting on both sides. These photos were taken on a window ledge where the glass was shaded from direct sun. Top side in fusing is very smooth, bottom side is slightly textured from brush strokes of kiln separator. Further pictures and details of making
First signed sun catcher for sale on eBay Second signed sun catcher for sale on eBay




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