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New England  
Mid-Atlantic New school in Philadelphia, 2006
Upper Midwest Northern Wisconsin 2006-10
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Southwest NM State org.
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Turkey-Glass Furnace  

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[Maps on this page were created using a public domain database of exact latitudes and longitudes which were imported into a CAD program to draw the outlines. These were exported to graphics files which were further edited.]
[There are two different distortions involved from normal map viewing. The map above appears to foreshorten New England while showing the northern border as a flat line while the common Mercator projection shows the border as a curve and Maine extending far north of Michigan. In fact, Presque Isle, Maine (46.41°), is only one degree, 60 miles, north of Mackinaw City, Michigan (45.47°) and both are well south of the long straight border (49°). The data above was massaged in a program to make the miles about right, those below use degrees as coordinates, which is "wrong" because EW degrees get smaller as we go north and coordinates stay the same. The maps below look more "normal" because they contain the more common distortions. Of course, no map on flat paper is totally "correct" because the earth is a sphere.]

New England


New England map with glass classes

Haystack, Maine

A general craft school that offers one glassblowing in each summer session after the first. What makes Haystack standout is the quality of the instructors, particularly Lino Tagliapietra who has come back year after year.

Brooklyn NY
My Studio is:Scanlan Glass
103 14th St.,  Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-3645
I am presently offering studio rentals (2 glory holes 14", 18") Weekdays 8-4pm.
Off-Hand glassblowing classes Friday evenings 7-9:30pm. No experience necessary.
Private & semi-private classes Saturday & Sunday
I have 35years of glassblowing experience and still love it. Every day is different!
I also manufacture my own line of studio art glass along with commission work for artists and lighting companies.
My 4.5 year old son is also quite active. Needless to say I sleep very well at night.
Thanks so much for listing my shop.
Kevin Scanlan

UrbanGlass, Brooklyn NY

A top flight facility in a building in the heart of Brooklyn. The site of the 2000 G.A.S. Conference.
2002-10-07 We are pleased to announce that UrbanGlass is offering three Visiting Artist Fellowships to international glass artists. The Fellowships run for 8 weeks each during the period from June 2003 to March 2004. The application deadline is December 31, 2002. A description of the program and an application form are attached. Please post the information on your site, or post a heading and link to
Thanks, Brooke
Brooke Benaroya, Assistant Development Officer, UrbanGlass, 647 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718.625.3685 x 239, fax: 718.625.3889
"We do, in fact, offer weekend workshops and week-long intensives in addition to our weekly classes. Plus, we have made changes to the curriculum, and have added a number of new classes, including juried courses and advanced courses in neon, mosaic and stained glass.
As for places to stay, we have arrangements for special rates at nearby Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels. We also have an arrangement with Long Island University, located one block from UrbanGlass, for very affordable air conditioned dormitory housing in the summer.
Further up-to-date course information is available on our website: (it recently changed from .com). Please feel free to contact me or Steven Durow, Education Manager (, if we can answer any questions. "

Diablo Glass and Metal, Boston, Mass

From: "Haddleton, Russ" <>
Subject: Diablo glass in Boston has classes Date: Thursday, March 14, 2002 10:17 AM
Another entry for your glass class list:
The relatively new Diablo Glass and Metal in Boston...
I've taken a couple of classes there and have learned a lot...
Nice site!
Thank you, I note that the place rents hot floor time at 4 hours or more.

From: "Anne Sasser" <>
Subject: Diablo Glass & Metal
Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 9:55 AM
Hello Mike,
I just saw one of our renters had posted to your site about our studio and I would like to add what else we offer.
Diablo Glass & Metal offers classes and rentals in glassblowing, stained glass, fusing, flameworking, kilnworking, coldworking, mixed media sculpture, welding, metal casting and fabrication. We also have "Gallery Diablo" which caters to artists of all levels and any medium. In addition, we have 21 workspaces and one live/work space. Check for availability!
Studio: 123 Terrace Street, Boston, MA , 02120
ph: 617-442-7444 fax: 617-442-3623
Gallery: 1514 Tremont Street, Boston, MA, 02120
ph: 617-445-6553 fax: 617-442-3623
Thanks, Anne P. Sasser

Snow Farm, Williamsburg, Mass.

Formerly called Horizons, The New England Craft Program, has been divided into two operations, Horizons to Go for overseas training activities and Snow Farm to continue activities in western Mass. The site link above is the new
one [ ].Offers 2 day weekend classes and intensives that last longer, in the case of glassblowing, 3 days + 3 days more. Also offers Art InDepth, weeklong classes that do not include furnace glassblowing.  For example: The Intensives in 2001 are a middle weekend each month April to October, plus one extra in October. Aug 11-16 (6 days) Dan Read plus 4 day addon Aug. 17-20 Norman Ed Sep. 21-24 (4 days) Inter. to Adv. Jim Holmes Oct. 6-8 (3 day) Jim Holmes plus optional Oct. 9-11 Jordana Korsen Oct. 20-22 Michael Egan "Featured Program" Glassblowing (Beginner/Intermediate)
3 days - April 23-25
Snow Farm invites you to our glassblowing studio that has been rebuilt with all new equipment and supplies. World-celebrated glass artist Josh Simpson has designed and manufactured three new glory holes, two new large annealing ovens, a new free standing glass pot furnace, and new tools, blow pipes and equipment. In fact, all of our studios have undergone extensive improvements in equipment and supplies to kick off our first year with a new name and a new director.
Jordana Korsen, Instructor

Cambridge Glass School, Boston

Weekend Paperweight Workshop
"This is the perfect introduction to molten glass! Through Demonstrations and hands on experience students will explore the colorful inner workings of the paperweight. Students choose colors to be applied to the paperweight and actually make several of them. No prior experience is needed. Two professional instructors will teach this workshop. One four hour class. limited to six students. "

Weekend Glassblowing Workshops
"If you want a more in depth introduction to glass then try this class. It is Intended for beginners with no experience with molten glass. Demonstrations and hands on experience will introduce students to different aspects of glassblowing. Day one is a paperweight class getting students acquainted with the basic techniques, tools and equipment. Day two introduces the students to the techniques involved to create glass vessels. Gathering molten glass on a hollow steel pipe and blowing into it to form a bubble are the basic steps. Two professional instructors will lead this workshop which will meet for two four hour sessions. Limited to six students. "

Private Lessons
These four hour tutorials are organized to allow students to benefit from classes based on individual needs and techniques that the students desires to acquire. There will be one professional instructor. Available to beginners and intermediate students.

Weeknight Classes (for the "addicted")
Meet on a weekly basis for six weeks. Classes are four-hour long and are intended for students with little or no glassblowing experience. This class will be lead by two professional instructors. Limited to six students.

Brookfield Craft Center, CT

The Craft Center closed in May of 2010 due to money problems. News  The Winter 2005 catalog shows no glassblowing classes which were held in artist's studios mostly in southern Massachusetts, so I have to assume the connection is lost.  Still showing lampworking and fused glass on campus. 2004-12-04

Providence, RI

Posted By: eben horton <>
Date: 2/28/2001 - 5:41 p.m.
In Response To: Providence, RI (Dan)
Hi! I'm moving soon to Providence, Rhode Island. What is the glass scene like up there? Does anyone know of any hot : shops?

: Dan
Dan, why in fact there are a bunch of studios in the Providence area.. I'm 30 minutes south if Providence in Wakefield... Tracy Glover is in Cranston ( right outside Providence) Jim Watkins is in Providence, as well as David VanNoppen, Chris Belleau, Bill Riker, Jeff Rossi (studio Scobbare) ........Neal Drobness is in Scituate ( right outside Providence), Thames Glass is in Newport ( 40 minutes south if Providence) John Bolger is in Kingston ( 30 minutes south) Jose Chardiet is in the process of building a shop in Providence... Risd has a hotshop on South Main St. in Providence... Jeff P'an (prescient studios) Is in Mystic Conneticut.... about an hour from Providence...
I rent time by the day... so does Tracy and jeff Rossi..
you might beable to find work at Chris Belleau's, Jim Watkins, and maybe Neal Drobness... but I can't speak for anybody but myself.....I might need some help in the spring depending on your skills....
good luck

Studio at Corning, NY

Many very good classes, all glass related, sessions throughout the year.
Site of 2001 Glass Art Society meeting. The link above leads to another page of mine which has a link to the Studio's site and to more info on a page when I attended.

Hands On Glass, Corning NY

Is a much smaller operation that has been around since 1990 in a couple of variations of the public access studio, now offering classes at the furnace and at the torch. Pictures at their site (above) and within my 1999 visit to Corning., Poughkeepsie, NY

41 Red Oaks Mill Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, (In the Kind Pools parking lot), Studio Phone: (845) 401-6181

Creative Glass Center, Wheaton Village, NJ
(Not Classes, but a major resource and fellowships)

The Creative Glass Center of America is close to legendary as a source of freedom to work with glass and work out ideas with the assistance of skilled glass workers over a period of weeks. Note that money is paid and the requirements are few, the most demanding, in my view, being the time that must be taken there, which has been helped by the shorter sessions. I have met a number of people who have held these fellowships and know the names of many more who are at the top of the field. The ones I have met seem uniformly good with glass and imaginative. I would like to be good enough to go.

Regardless of duration, each Fellow is provided with rent-free housing, a monthly stipend and 24 hour access to the facilities. In return, Fellows are asked to donate one piece, created during their residency, for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Museum of American Glass. Fellows are also required to work in view of museum visitors for 12 hours per week.

THE LOCATION CGCA is housed at Wheaton Village in Millville, NJ, an East Coast center dedicated to the continuum of glassmaking in America. The Village is located in an area rich in glassmaking history and is within driving distance to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

THE STUDIO The CGCA studio is housed in a 3000 sq. ft. reproduction of the original Wheaton Glass Factory, and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of glass working techniques. The studio is equipped with both clear and color furnaces for blowing or casting, each melting Spruce Pine batch. The factory contains a well-equipped cold-working facility that includes a large capacity sandblaster, a plaster mold-making area and individual studio spaces for each Fellow. The facility includes a large number of annealing ovens, each built specifically for blowing, casting or kiln-forming. Fellows are expected to be proficient in the processes and techniques represented in their application goals, and to work together, supporting one another as partners and assistants for all blowing and casting projects.

Feel The Fire - Welcome to - Glassblowing Lessons, Hand Made Glass Sales, and Glassblowing Supplies
Found while browsing, no details known beyond web site.  Located east of Hudson River, SE corner of  Poughkeepsie, north of New York City.



Atlantic States map with class sites

Hot Soup, Philadelphia

Introduction to Glass - Hands-on introduction to basic shapes and techniques, including paperweights, blown vessels, bits, and color. (8 weeks, one 4-hour session per week / $450) (Survey : 4 weeks, one 3-hour session per week / $250)
Intermediate Glass - Focus on teamwork, polish technique, and master the basic forms of glassworking while you develop your individual style. Requires prior glassblowing experience (Introduction to Glass). (8 weeks, one 4-hour session per week / $450)
Advanced Glass - Refine your glassblowing ideas and technical skills. This class combines intensive instruction with independent practice time. Requires 1 year of glassblowing experience. (8 weeks, one 4-hour session per week / $450)

East Falls Glass, Philadelphia

"preparing to open (in January 2006) my own public-access 2000 sq.ft. studio dedicated to glassblowing.
You can visit our web site at"
-Jon Goldberg

Pittsburgh Glass Center

From: "Amanda Wray" <>
To: <mikefirth>
Subject: New HOT classes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center!
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 11:44 AM

Here is our new line-up of classes!

Pittsburgh Glass Center eight-week classes begin March 12 in hot glass, flameworking (beads to bugs), medieval painting on glass, stained glass, optical crystal and cold glass!

Space still available in beginner and intermediate February and March workshops, ranging from tumblers and marbles on the torch to paperweights in the hot shop.

One and two-week intensives with visiting artists from Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, the US and Canada all summer long! Don't miss out on this chance to explore everything from Venetian cane technique and Czech cold cutting to mixed media assemblage and reflection.

Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Ph: 412-365-2145 x201, Toll-Free: 866-742-4527, Fax: 412-365-2140

Blenko, West Virginia

Glassblowing & Fusing Workshops
Learn all the beginning skills to this ancient craft.
Blenko Glass Company Inc. in Milton WV
Will be hosting workshops on June 24 – 27.
Beginning Glassblowing 24-25 $250.00
Beginning Fusing 26-27 $125.00
To reserve a space call:
Or 1-877-4-Blenko CONTACT: Don Lemley

Fenton Art Glass, West Virginia

700 Elizabeth Street
Williamstown, WV  26187

Penland, North Carolina

Penland Crafts Center is a major stimulous to modern glass working, with other crafts also involved (unlike Pilchuck) and has new furnace and lamp working facilities. Summer 2-3 weeklong classes and fall and spring longer sessions, competative and moderately costly, apply early.

South (FL-LA)


Map of states in South Kentuckey Tennessee Florida Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Alabama Georgia

New Orleans School of Glass

A gallery, school and facility for rent near downtown New Orleans. Besides furnace glassblowing, they offer casting, lampworking, and using glass plates as a printing method.  Web site linked above is out of date, 2004.  2006-04-30

Eastern Tennessee is the home of
Tennessee Tech, Curtiss Brock, Appalachian Center for Crafts "Glass studios support fully-equipped hot and cold working shops, emphasizing glassblowing." Petersons

Eastern Kentucky has Steven Rolfe Powell, Centre College - Danville, Kentucky

Gulfport FL
Hey Mike, just wanted to let you know that I teach hot glass down here in sunny Florida. I have a 1000 sq ft studio, 2 glory holes, 2 benches, a Denver furnace which is one of 3 remaining in the country!! I also rent studio time. I'd like to post on the site for teaching. Thanks Jackie Ballard Fire & Ice Glassworks 727-328-1238
 5437 29th Ave. S. Gulfport, Fla. 33707. Phone # 727-322-6427 <NEW

AL AR MS None known, tell me about some.

Upper Midwest


Map of states in mid-west


Southern Glass Works, Southern Illinois University

And a great set of links to other glass sites.


Chicago Hot Glass

"Chicago Hot Glass studio was founded in 2001 to provide the resources and creative environment where everyone from the curious observer, beginning student to the advanced artist can explore, learn, and expand their skills and knowledge of the glass arts.
Chicago Hot Glass provides glass education and bench rentals in Offhand glassblowing, Torch working both hard and soft glass as well as Fusing and kiln forming. We are a public access glass arts studio located in the West Humbolt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Beyond education, CHG supports local emerging and professional artists with the space and facilities needed for their glass art creations. We can be contacted by phone at 773-394-3252 or by email at our website is the class and rental info are there.
Chicago Hot Glass 1250 N. Central Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60651  My visit  2010-03-05

From: "Tuzson Emily"
Subject: Great site! Thanks! Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 3:54 PM
FYI - I took my class at Talisman Glass in Chicago ( )  Moved to Oregon in 2004



State Organization
Michigan Glass Month (their site)
Major celebration of glass in the state since 1981. Galleries, museums, shops, and demos.

Michigan Hot Glass Workshop

Posted by Barbara on October 30, 19100 at 06:43:01:
In Reply to: Glass Blowing Classes posted by janis hopkins on October 28, 19100 at 17:17:07:
There are several good local studios that instruct glassblowing, check with Michigan Hot Glass Workshop, owned by Albert Young on Clay Ave. in Detroit (link above,) their phone number is (313) 871-1798. Also the Glass Plant at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI teaches courses, their number is (313) 982-6100 extension 2716. In addition, Baron Glassworks (Annette Baron) teaches in Ypsilanti (don't have telephone number handy. posted later> 734-482-8829)
Center for Creative Studies. Right in Detroit.


Third Degree Glass Factory, St. Louis Missouri
5200 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis MO 314-367-4527,

Glass Axis - NPO, Public Glass Blowing Studio, Columbus Ohio

After July we'll be located at:. 1341 Norton Ave., Suite B, Grandview, OH 43212, 614.291.4250

Posted by Kirk Smith on 8/30/2000, 1:05 am
In the public access studio that I blow at, $25/hour will give you one of four dedicated glory holes, one of four annealers, use of the shop tools (pipes, marvers, jacks, shears, etc) and a 400# furnace filled with clear glass. If you want to cold work your masterpieces, you can rent the diamond wheel, cutoff saw, band saw, and/or belt sander for I believe $15/hour. (The web site has not posted the new prices yet. See link below.) There are also other charges for those who wish to perform other types of glass making such as fusing, casting, lampworking.
Now these are just the operational charges that help keep the place running. As this is a non-profit org, there are TONS of unaccounted volunteer hours such as cleaning, rebuilding, and general maintenance of the shop and equipment including furnace, annealer, and glory hole rebuilds. Also there are fund raising gatherings of members, (Yes, a membership charge applies here) visiting artists like Stephen Powell, Paul Stankard, and the likes.....We have also had some VERY generous members donate things like NEW air compressors, scrap steel, desks, motors, cabinets, office supplies, brick refractories, you name it, all to help the place prosper and grow, and promote the art.



Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Ohio (NW Ohio)
Major holdings of historical glass and glass of the history of American Glass. Toledo is the site a major developments in the mechanization of glass making, Libby Glass, etc. and the web site for the TMA is hosted by Site of the conference that began the Modern Studio Glass Movement and the Glass Art Society.

Steinert Glass School at Plum Creek, Kent Ohio (NE Ohio nr.Cleveland)

Classes offered in several glass areas on the basis of 3 hours a session daytime or evening once a week. For example, a 15 hour Beginning Glassblowing, $375, Mon. 2/26/2001 to 3/26. Also offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights and Saturday 10-1 for five weeks. Other classes in Beginning Flameworking, Jewelry, Blacksmitting, Beginning Beadmaking (one day 6 hour course) and Soldering (one day workshop).
Also offers studio rental, $30/hr with small gloryhole, $40/hr with large gloryhole, and coldworking shop, $12/hr 1 hr minimum. 1393 Mogadore Rd, Kent OH 44240, 330-677-0729, FAX 330-677-1731

From: "James M. Colvin" <>
To: <mikefirth>
Subject: Glass blowing classes
Date: Monday, September 03, 2001 6:56 AM
I know of five places to take classes in the Upper Midwest not listed on your site.
University of Wisconsin at River Falls in River Falls, WI has a full time glass program in all aspects of glass with the exception of flame working. A BFA in glass is offered by UWRF.
University of Wisconsin at Madison in Madison, WI offers a hot glass class one semester per academic year. Also there are classes offered in the early summer through the University of Wisconsin System at the Pigeon Lake Field Station.
Prairie School, a private high school in Racine, Wisconsin operates a hot glass studio.
Anoka Ramsey Community College in Anoka MN (near the Twin Cities) has a hot glass studio.
Hope this info is useful to you.


OULU GLASS - "Our site is   Sue and Anton Vojacek  1695 W Colby Rd, Brule, WI 54820. Anton is the glassblower for the most part and also the instructor. I do stained glass, lampworked glass, and fusing. We have been doing glass since the 60's building our own furnace back then. Our glass is very free flowing, organic and beautiful as you can see from our website. We teach a beginner class in June in N WI and also in Arizona in Jan and April. A week or more each time. "  MF: Far northern Wisconsin 2006-10-23

Plains to Rockies


Plains to Rockies states map with class sites

I would be happy to have further information on studios or classes in this area..

Rocky Mountain Creative Art Center, ; Lakewood
had Ed Schmid in for a January weekend class, but unfortunately, the last site update was June 2000, so that was probably last year.



Southwest ( TX-AZ)


Southwest states map with class sites

Texas (on own page)


Sonoran Glass Art Academy
633 W. 18th Street
Tucson, AZ 85701-2553
(520) 884-7814
Fax: (520) 623-9680


Philabaum Contemporary Art Glass
711 South Sixth Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701
phone (520) 884-7404
fax (520) 884-0679

Red Hot Glass, Cave Creek, AZ
N. edge of Phoenix
Red Hot Glass
(480) 575-3215
PO Box 15
Cave Creek, AZ 85327

From: "Red Hot Glass" <>
Date: Saturday, February 09, 2002 12:57 PM

I work at The Red Hot Glass Shop in Cave Creek, Arizona. We have a retail glass art gallery surrounded by working studios. We offer workshops in glassblowing, lampworking, & fusing as well as a variety of specialty classes. Details can be found on our web site at We would love to be included in your listings!

Anne Shaw

Mesa Arts Center - Glassblowing
1 E. Main St.
P.O.Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466
Phone: 480-644-6521

New Mexico

Glass Alliance New Mexico (their site)

Peet Robison, Santa Fe, NM (his site)


Blue Sage Studios
 We have a 150# Denver Furnace, a large glory hole and two annealers.
We also have a torch for lampworking. We offer classes, rental and demonstrations.
I thought you might want to include us on your shop listings.
Andrew Boatman
1218-C N. Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
2007-05-26 to 28 Open House 11-6

Tulsa - The Gathering Place 


California state map with class sites

San Diego - University of California Craft Center - 8 week, 2 hours per session

Bay Area Glass Institute, Classes, exhibits, open studio rental 401 E. Taylor Street, San Jose CA 95112. - 408-993-2244

For all interested in glassblowing classes in the LOS ANGELES area:
Come take classes at Revolution Glass Studio.
All levels taught by professional glass blower Josh Gelfand in his private hot shop in El Segundo.



Northwestern states map with class sites

Pilchuck, Seattle WA

Pilchuck is THE center for the modern studio glass working, featuring only glass, which has resulted in many studios and major museum holdings in the area. Exclusively summer 2-3 weeklong classes, much competition, apply early.

Pratt Institute, Seattle WA

Pratt is a multicrafts center that includes considerable glass work.

Tacoma WA

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest, home of the new international glass
museum going up in Tacoma. ( Opening July 2002

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 AM - 5 PM, Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM

Portland OR

Bullseye Glass Co.
Bullseye Resource Center Shopping in person
3610 SE 21 Ave Portland OR 97202
Open Mon-Fri, 10-6, Sat, 10-5, and Sunday Noon-5
(And whenever special stuff is happening.)
Tel: 503.227.2797 (local)
Bullseye Gallery 300 NW 13th Ave Portland OR 97209
Tel: 503.227.0222 Fax: 503.227.0008 Open Tue-Sat, 10-5
(the factory and central administration)
3722 SE 21 Ave Portland OR 97202
Open by appointment only
Tel 503.232.8887 Fax 503.238.9963

Eugene OR

Eugene Glass School
575 Wilson St., Eugene OR 97402, 541-342-2959,
2006 Schedule posted on site, expanded schedule.  February summary schedule HGB 48

Talisman Glass
2004-present (Moved from Chicago)
90717 Georgetown Road
Junction City, Oregon 97448
Classes, gallery, Junction City is 15 miles West of Eugene, Oregon

Ashland OR

Mountaintop Glassworks Home Page
Mountain Top Glassworks
2010 Hyatt Prairie Road
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Phone: 541.488.0986

Hawaii & Alaska




From: "mark mitsuda" <>
To: "Mike Firth" <mikefirth>
Subject: Re: Glassblowing Lava
Date: Friday, December 07, 2001 3:17 PM
While you are replying, could you tell me a bit about your program?
>Mike Firth
> Furnace Glass Web Site/Hot Glass Bits

Our program supports 70-80 high school juniors and seniors. We run a glass 1 and 2 program as well as a well attended glass club. The students learn basic glass blowing skills and strategies. Most of them spend about a year blowing glass but they do receive supervised instruction which is something that all colleges provide.
We run 8 gloryholes and have 3 furnaces, 1 furnace we charge with batch, one furnace is a dedicated cullet furnace that we throw all our recycled stuff in and the last furnace is dedicated to color. We are propane powered and we run our annealers off electricity like everyone else.
Part of what makes our shop run is that all our students have individual schedules similar to college students so they are able to rotate in and out of 8 person labs.
If you have any other questions please feel free to email me. Can you tell me something about your own program and you website address?
Mahalo and aloha

Live Arts Gallery, HI

Just thought I'd let you know - we also rent studio space and have classes regularly.  We have several people that have come over from Pilchuck Glass School to teach seminars, and there are plans on bringing a Glass Master from Italy this November or December 2002.  These classes will be available for the public to attend.  If you'd like more information- I would be more than happy to make the information available  We also rent studio space to 'vacationing' Glass Blowers that find our studio - and (as we all know ...) since we can't seem to stay away from the Glass - they end up spending a day or two (or three!) of their vacation time blowing glass in beautiful Hawaii!!  If you're every in our area - please drop in (I'll save you a glory hole!)

The Live Arts Gallery
PO Box 189
Honoka'a, Hawaii 96727
(808) 775-1240



The Glass Furnace, Istambul, Turkey Cam Ocagi Vakfi Ogumce, Cam Okulu Duragi, Beykoz Istanbul / Turkey Tel: +90-216-433 36 93 

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