Changes at The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass

Rev. 2001-03-29

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The Studio announces major changes that will eliminate the Spring session but result in an enlarged space with added features for the Summer. Some notes are further down the page.


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Floor Plan of The Studio at CMOG


In the drawing below, the box is a rough outline of the studio for the first five years. A machine shop to the left has been converted to a Satellite Hot Shop and Visitor Studio. The flow of people has been changed. The Cold Shop has been double in size and moved to the bottom edge of the drawing. The space previously occupied by the Cold Shop, expanded by a hall along side is taken by an enlarged Lamp Shop. The space marked A by me, which was four side by side rooms of varying size has been converted to a single large work room and additional office space. Across the hall, B & C take a space used as a combined classroom and lunchroom and divide it into a mold room and kiln room which had been in the space marked A. Outside the original space two separate rooms for classroom and lunchroom are provided, along with additional display space.

New CMOG studio layout



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