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The purpose of this list is to merge all sources for glass blowing related materials, tools and equipment, for your convenience and for mine in that my pages refer here and all corrections to addresses and web pages are made here rather than on multiple pages. Bibliography references go straight to the book entries, in most cases.  CAPITALized tags are used throughout site for links.

Material and Equipment Sources:
Equipment: Abell Combustion, Correll Furnaces, Covington Grinding, Denver, Digitry, Durlite Elements, Engineered Ceramics Pots, Fireright Controls, Fuji Controls, Fixtures displays, E.C. Crucibles, Giberson heads & elements, HIS grinders, Ipsen pots, Kanthal elements, K&S metal & tubes, Laclede Christy pots, Metal Supermarket, Omega thermocouples, Thorpe refactories, Wetdog equipment, Wilton burners
Tools: Arrow Springs, ARTCO, Blockhead Tools, Cutting Edge Products, Cherrywood Molds, CR Laurence, CRM Pipes, Carlo Dona, Fantasil... wood molds, Gott pads, GraingerHot Glass Color, Hot Block blocks, HUB tools, Hot Head, McMaster-Carr tools, MSC metals & tools, Moore tools, Putch tools, Red Hot Metal, Inc., Somaca tools, Spiral Arts tools, Steinert tools,
Glass, Color, & Chemicals: Best Mold MixBudget Casting, Blenko, Ceramics Database, CR Loo, Delphi, Eclectic Products Glues, Fairview Glass, Gabbert Glass, Hxtal glueKerr Labs investmentNorthwest Pitchworks, Olympic Color, Roseco casting & metal, Spruce Pine batch, Thompson enamels, Zircar moldables
Museums, Supplies, etc.: Corning Museum, Elliott's Hardware, Carlyn gallery, Glass Dynamics LLC, Kittrell/Riffkind Gallery, Teccor Electronics, Texas Sign supplies, Woodworkers

Alphabetical Sources List

Abell Combustion, P.O. Box 198, Kimberton PA 19442-0198, 610-827-9137, Fax:610-827-7156  is a supplier of combustion trains - plumbing, valves and controls - for furnaces.  They have been around glass for a number of years.  Use major brands of equipment.
Arrow Springs, 4301A Product Drive Shingle Springs, CA 95682, Phone: (800) 899-0689, Local Phone: (530) 677-1400 Fax: (530) 677-1600, E-mail: , Hours Monday - Friday 9 AM  - 5 PM Pacific Time, Arrow Springs Primarily a supplier of lampworking equipment, a useful source when needed, including the Hot Head Torch.
Malcolm W. Spann, 348 North 15th St., San Jose, CA 95112, 408-288-7978, Hand tools- Essemce shears, diamond shears, jacks, tweezers, & footing tools; heat resistant gloves;
Budget Casting Supply, Foundry Metals, 60 East 40th Ave - Unit C, San Mateo, California 94403, Phone: 209-694-8601, East Coast Fax: 419-710-9609, West Coast Fax: 209-694-8601 e-mail:
Best Mold Mix for Kiln fusing and sagging.  Stated to last hundreds of firings.  Not tried by MF.  Also sell plastic molds for common mold shapes for using the mix Best Mix Mold Mix Aquila Glass School, 1628 N Columbia Blvd, Unit A, Portland, OR 97217 503-240-9449  2006-09-21
Maker of glassware, supplier of Dalle de verre, glass slabs of colored glass for architectural work Blenko Glass Company, Inc.   P.O. Box 67, Milton, WV 25541, Phone: (304) 743-9081, Fax: (304) 743-0547 2004-04-04
Blockhead Tools,,  1-888-329-0263 Fax: 877-471-0362 Standard and custom computer generated fruit wood molds and blocks in several styles.  Distributed by Olympic Color Rods, Seattle 2003 prices: 10 cm block (about 4") $62.40.  Standard molds include many styles of glassware, tumblers, amphorae, seafloats, etc.
Correll Glass Studio, 66 Hidden Ledge, Conway MA 01341, 413-369-4283, fax 413-369-4769, Garage tools, cork pads, furnace construction & consulting 
see Red Hot Metal
Ceramic materials database reference to companies that supply things. 2008-03-14
Corning Museum of Glass (and Rakow Library)
Walter Evans, Cherrywood Mold Shop, 2725 Mill Branch Rd., Kenova WV 25530, 304-453-2279 Wooden tools, blocks and molds for glassblowing (molds mostly discontinued 2002) See Hot Block for successor
COVington Engineering
Covington Engineering, source for lapidary and glass grinding machines 715 West Colton Avenue -- P.O. Box 35 -- Redlands, CA 92373 U.S. Toll Free (877)793-6636  Outside U.S. 909-793-6636  Fax 909-793-7641 Email us at
 C.R. Laurence Company, Glazing, Industrial, Construction and Automotive Supplier C.R. Laurence Company of North America,2503 East Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90058, Phone (800) 421-6144 • Fax (800) 262-3299, International Phone (323) 588-1281, International Fax (323) 581-6522 One of two major national sources (SOMACA) for equipment and materials for the (flat) glass industry, buildings and cars. Glass drills, grit, safety gloves, grinders, etc.
Long time suppliers of color bar and now Essemce tools, Skutt kilns, etc.  C&R LOO, INC, 1085 Essex Ave, Richmond, CA 94801 Phone: (510) 232-0276 FAX: (510) 232-7810 Toll Free:(800) 227-1780, Toll Free Fax:(800) 996-3939 e-mail:  
C.R.Machine, 30 Danforth Road, Rindge NY 03461 603-899-9871 FAX:603-899-6591 (new June 2001) (online 2001-09-07 not complete) Nickelite high nickel stainless steel Pipes and Punties
It is my habit to find what seems good source of information, even if I buy little or nothing from them. In the past I would have gotten paper catalog and kept it on the shelf, now I keep links. Delphi Stained Glass - Your source for patterns, supplies and mosaics is a good source of all the choices for doing stained glass - windows, lamps, mosaics - and a modest amount of lampworking stuff. Physically, they are at 3380 East Jolly Rd., Lansing, Michigan 48910, phone: (517) 394-4631, toll-free: (800) 248-2048
Denver Glass Machinery, Furnaces, Glory Holes, Annealing Ovens-Denver Glass 2800 S. Shoshone St. Englewood Co 80110 303 781-0980 / fax. 303 781-9067
Digitry Company, Inc., 188 State Street, Suite 21, Portland, Maine 04101, 207-774-0300 FAX: 617-484-5220,  Makes annealing and temperature controls for glass work, GB1, GB4.  2003-10-10
Carlo Dona, Tools for Glass Blowing, Murano - since 1923, for brochure Spiral Arts, or below [sent by previous contact 2004-08-09]
DURALITE, Inc., 15 School Street, Riverton, CT 06065, Tel: (860) 379-3113 Fax: (860) 379-5879, TOLL FREE in US: 1-888-432-8797, Duralite, Inc. -- Heating Elements
EDWards Industries
Edwards Industries, PO Box 2463 103 Webster St. Pawtucket, RI 02861, Tel: 800-599-5779 or 401-727-0380(local) Fax: 401-722-4949, E-mail:  Graphite blow molds.
Elliott's Hardware Store, 4901 Maple, Dallas Texas 75235, 214-634-9900, and Coit and Park, Plano Texas.  A legend in the north Texas area, everyone refers people to Elliott's because it is no embarrassment not to have everything the Elliott's has since it has 100,000 SKU's (scan items) compared to 40,000 at Home Depot. At one point, they had 5% of DFW hardware sales with 2 stores. Also legendary for service, but personnel much reduced in the past couple of years.  I worked for the Store for 8 years to 2004 after shopping there starting a few days after arriving in Dallas in 1971. 
Engineered Ceramics, P.O. Box 365, Gilberts, Illinois 60136
Toll free: (800) 756-8794, Fax: (847) 428-0158, Supplier of crucibles claimed to have a much faster heating cycle than LaClede-Christy
They are marketed to the glass community by Pete Vanderlaan at
Guadalupe Glass Corporation, 420 Los Pinos Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87507 V: 505-471-1194 F: 505-982-4233
ECLECTIC PRODUCTS, INC, 995 SOUTH A STREET, SPRINGFIELD OREGON, U.S.A. 97477, Telephone: 800-767-4667 (INFORMATION) From E-6000 MSDS posting on Internet Makes widely used adhesive sold in hardware, glass and hobby shops. Glues & Adhesives
Eclectic Products, Inc., Willamette Valley Company, Southern Division, 101 Dixie Mae Drive , P.O. Box 4450, Pineville , LA 71360, Phone: (318) 640-5116 ,Fax: (800) 546-4669 [From the Adhesive and Sealants Council website.] Company Website: ECLECTIC Products Inc. Springfield, Oregon 800-693-4667
Fairview Glass is a Maryland company dedicated to historic preservation through salvaging and recycling antique window glass.  Supplying Restoration projects with Authentic antique window glass. 2006-08-21
Wood molds: Fantasilaboratoriet Sodra Orsjo 210, SE-38297 Orsjo-Sweden Phone/Fax +46(0)48120040  Fantasilaboratoriet - 
FireRight/Warner Instruments, 1320 Fulton Avenue, Mail: PO Box 604, Grand Haven  MI  49417-1534   USA, Toll-Free: 877-842-7658, Tel: 616-842-7658, FAX: 616-842-1471, E-mail:
Site: FireRight/Warner Instruments - Controls for Kiln, Furnaces and Test Chambers
The Fixtures Group [Mission Valley, P.O.Box 711501, San Diego CA, 92171 (858) 292.4745, (800) 642.9929 FAX (800) 466.3920] is a source of brackets and clips for building display and shelving units from tempered glass, which they also sell.  Various shapes allow rectangular or hexagonal cells as shown on web page given. 2006-08-30
E.C. Crucibles are available through Pete VanderLaan at 354 Washington Hill Rd, Chocorua New Hampshire. 03817 . Phone 603-323-7900 . E mail is new address 2008-03-11 sells colors, Engineered Ceramics crucibles, adhesives, etc. 2005-04-08
Fuji is a brand of controller which is sold by a number of suppliers.  I bought mine from a company that changed its name and is now at I use the small 50x50mm (~2x2") version. see also Digitry
Gabbert Cullet Co., 700 Cherry Ave. Williamstown, WV, 25187 Phone: 304-375-6435. Long time supplier of cullet (broken glass) from the commercial glass industry (pressed glass mostly) to artistic glassblowers.  Web site features colored cullet/slag for landscape and decorative purposes.. 
Carlyn Galerie and annual shows "A Galerie of Glass" while rest of year always includes glass items in seasonal shows (Valentines, Mothers Day, etc.), 6137 Luther Lane, Dallas TX 75225, 214-368-2828
Glass Dynamics, LLC,,  2662 Hance Bridge Road, Vineland, NJ 08361
Tel: 856-205-1530 Fax: 856-507-1471, A large variety of glass services, quality unknown, shown to my by a caller, looks promising. Vineland is the next city north of Millville in the heart of the old NJ glass industry.
Dudley Giberson, Joppa Glassworks, Inc., [P.O.Box 202, Warner NH 03278 603-456-3569 FAX 603-456-2138,] is a source for custom wound Kanthal A-1 electrical elements (higher temp) and quiet burner heads he designed as well as great information.  He will take your description of annealer or kiln construction and specify an element and keep a record of what he sold for re-supply years later.  His book, A Glassblower's Companion, is a useful one to have. 2005-11-05
Northern Heat,  123 Sunmills Place SE, Calgary, Alberta T2X 2R1 Canada Email:  403-256-6079 Fax: 403-256-8533 Source of graphite based steamer pads (which I own) and protective clothing. HUB Glass Blowing Tools, Equipment and supplies - Gott Html    2004-04-13
Grainger, major supplier of maintenance tools, supplies and replacement parts.  Best known in glass circles for Dayton blowers used on furnaces.  Big red catalog.  Outlets in major cities (ie 2 in Dallas)
HIS Glassworks, Inc., 91 Webb Cove Road, Asheville, NC 28804 USA 800-914-7463, 828-254-2559, FAX 828-254-2581 source of diamond grinding wheels, grit, adhesives and plans for flat grinder.
Hot Glass Color & Supply, 2227 Fifth Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, 206-448-2181, 1-886-448-1199, FAX 206-448-0469,,  Cutting Edge Products tools, Kugler Colors, Ed Schmid's books, gold leaf.
Hot Block Tools, a new company supplying blocks and other wood tools. quite a variety of block styles, identified by country. (412)-683-1700 by Gary Guydosh:  "As a glassblower, I understand the importance of finding the right tool. With this belief, I want to preserve the art of handmade wooden blocks for glass. To hone my skills, I have been working with and learning from the best, Walter Evans. While Walter continues to make his blocks, he has encouraged me to start making blocks on my own. Therefore, in the event that he chooses to retire, I would like to carry on his wonderful legacy."
Hub Consolidated Incorporated, 988 Route 100, Weston, VT 05161, (802) 824-4255, (802) 824-4209 fax,,(being rebuilt, 2001-09) tools, equipment including furnaces, kilns, glory holes, combustion trains, benches, pipes, punties, yokes, ladles, pastorelli, pipe cooler, pipe turner, torches, gloves. MF This equipment is probably very solid, but the catalog gives me sticker shock.  Also furnaces are priced without combustion train, which is priced without blower and burner head. Pipes sampled are very heavy and very coarse textured outside. 2003-07-09

The Hot Head torch is a oversized version of the tank mounted torches used for copper pipe soldering.  It is noisy and gets hot to hold, but it is very hot - I use mine for braising, melting small Pyrex tube, etc.  It is widely used in teaching beadmaking.  Contact Cindy Jenkins at Hot Head Glass in Chicago.  “For more information, or to sign up, email us at, call us at 800-FIRED UP (1-800-347-3387), fax us at 708-763-0795, or write us at 1218 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302. We look forward to hearing from you!”

Conservation Resources International L.L.C., 8000-H Forbes Place, Springfield, VA 22151, 1-800-634-6932, Fax: 703-321-0629, Vulpex and Orvus Detergents, Hxtal Epoxy widely used water clear UV curing epoxy. Conservation Resources International Home Page
Ipsen Ceramics, 325 John St, PO. Box 420, Pecatonica, IL 61063, 815-239-2385, one of two long time makers of crucibles, with Laclede Christie, that are good to the glass, but considered brittle and requiring slow warm up.
K&S ENGINEERING, 6917 West 59th Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60638 Tel: (773)586-8503 Fax: (773) 586-8556 Producers of telescoping brass, stainless steel, copper and aluminum tubing, sheet and rod, available in many hobby and hardware stores.  SS tubing is 304 alloy in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, rod is 303 alloy 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2; 302 alloy in small.  I have used for molding knobs and sword handle.  Brass tubing makes bearings and mechanisms for wind whirlies. Do-It-Best listing 2003-10-31, 2011-02-22
KANTHAL GLOBAR, 3425 Hyde Park Boulevard, Niagara Falls, NY 14302-0339, Toll Free: 877-GLOBAR-2, Phone: (716) 286-7600, Fax: (716) 286-7601, E-mail:, Globar(r)/Silit(r) Silicon Carbide Electric Heating Elements from Kanthal Globar renamed source of Kanthal high temp version of nichrome and even higher temp (and trickier to use) Globar silicon carbide elements.
Kerr Labs [KerrLab Corporation, 1717 West Collins Orange, CA 92867, Phone:(714) 516-7650 Fax (Order):
(714) 516-7649] KerrLab | Jewelry] is a major supplier of wax and investment for casting jewelry and other metals.  Rather than experimenting with various mixes reported in articles, I just buy the stuff in 33 pound (15kg) boxes.  Sold through dealers which are listed on the site.  I use Roseco in Dallas because I can pick it up and save shipping of the heavy stuff. 2005-11-05
King Architectural Metals, Dallas, Baltimore, Los Angeles. 800-542-2379 Wondrous source of things steel - all those grapes and leaves and stuff you see welded to gates, plus all the structural stuff plus a lot of interesting shapes - hollow steel and solid iron balls, perfect rings made of square 1/2" tubing, balusters with twisted welded iron work. 2004-01-24
Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Village on the Parkway, 5100 Beltline Road, #820, Dallas, TX 75240, Phone: 972.239.7957, Fax: 972.239.7998, eMail:, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass has a Web site located at Gallery for blown glass mostly, studio with stained and fused glass supplies, beadmaking classes. web addr.changed 2006-04-04
Laclede Christy, PO. Box 580, Owensville, MO 65066, 314-437-2132, one of two long time makers of crucibles, with Ipsen, that are good to the glass, but considered brittle and requiring slow warm up.
McMaster-Carr Major supplier of tools, supplies and replacement parts, competing with Grainger.  Almost very building and company maintenance person will have their catalog at hand.  Major centers in Atlanta, Cleveland, NYC area, Los Angeles.
Metal Supermarkets, 2010 Century Center Blvd., Irving TX 75062 and other locations nationally.  Apparently a franchise operation with indoor rack storage of metal that can be sold in less than full pieces. Promising no minimum charge, cut and ready, Aluminum, Stainless, Tool steel, Brass & Copper, bearing bronze, etc. Bending and plate cutting.  Had 5/8" square tubing when everyone else in Dallas said it would have to be ordered from Houston. 2004-01-24
MSC Industrial Supply Co. is a national source of machinists supplies, tools and equipment. The catalog is wrist breaking, but it is available on line and the site is generally easy to search although the first term to come to mind for a non-machinist may not be the one in the index (e.g. all-thread vs threaded rod).  Centers in Dallas and many other cities.
Jim Moore, PO Box 1151, Port Townsend WA 98368, 360 379 2936  His Site Some of the best American jacks, parchoffi, paddles, shears, tweezers, crimps & prunts, puffers, pi divider, fin mold, ring tool, metal blocks. Address & phone number changed 2003-10-31
 Northwest Pitchworks,, 1317 Roland St. • Bellingham, WA 98226 • 360-715-1772, resin pitch instead of asphalt pitch for forming metal Repoussé  2003-12-24
Olympic Color Rods, 818 John Street, Seattle, WA 98109, Tel: 206.343.7336 or 800.445.7742, Fax: 206.343.2292, Email: Olympic Color Rods - Huge inventory of glassblowing supplies including glass color rods from Gaffer, Reichenbach and Zimmermann.,  Glass Colors - Dichroic Waterglass; Gaffer Casting, Opals & Trans; Kugler Opaque, & Trans; Reichenbach Casting, Opaque, & Trans;   Zimmermann Opaque & Trans; Precious Metal Leaf; Spiral Arts Gathering Irons, Punty, & Blowpipes;   Blockhead Tools, & Blocks; Correll Paddles & Tools; Jim Moore Tools; Steinert Molds; The Battle-Axe (heat shield); Footing Tools; Exact Torches
Omega supplies measuring instruments and controllers of many kinds, often similar items from different manufacturers relabeled as Omega. They have reputation for being higher priced, but my experience has been not - the Love Controls 1/4 DIN controller was the same price from Love as the one from Omega - although other brands may be cheaper. Their Temperature Handbook - a catalog with a fair amount of extra data - is a good source for a glassblower. 1-800-TC-OMGA or They have nichrome and Kanthal-like wire listed as "resistance heating wire" 
Thermocouple extension wire
ORR - Keith Orr Blowpipes Skeels Glass/Keith Orr Blowpipes,101 South Coombs D4, Napa CA 94559, Tel/Fax 707.253.2287, Tel Toll Free 888 633 9708
Palmer Tools, 10506 Crestridge Dr., Minnetonka MN 55305-1610, 952-546-6025, "since 1974" Jacks, parchoffi, tweezers, diamond shears, steam stick, wood tools, pipe, punty, paddles, footing tool. MF: jacks are blunt ends; short tip tweezers also through Spruce Pine Batch
Paradise Paints, prepared enamels for painting glass and firing. Paradise Paints email PARADISE & CO..
Phone: (530)872-5020    Fax: (530)872-5052     Address: 2902 Neal Rd. Paradise CA, 95969  2006-03-30
Paragon Industries, Inc. Mesquite Texas, 2011 South Town East Blvd., Mesquite, Texas 75149, 972-288-7557, 1-800-876-4328 Paragon Industries, Inc. - Makes kilns and supplies items for warm glass work, including a kiln shelf wash that I like a lot.
Paoli Clay, mentioned severally throughout this site as source of glass tools, has gotten out of the glass tool business.
Putsch, P.O. Box 5128, Asheville NC 28813 828-684-0671 1-800-847-8427 FAX:828-684-4894 ?German company site, area code changed 2003-07-09 MF Very stiff jacks. Jacks, tweezers, yokes, shears, pipes, punty, gathering irons.
Red Hot Metal, Inc (formerly Cutting Edge Products) 24 Bellarmine Court, Suite 1, Chico CA 95928, 530-342-1970 Davide Salvadore jacks, Dante Marioni & Roger Parramore shears. 316 stainless steel and 4130 carbon steel pipes with 309 SS heads, shears with rod handles edge welded to flat head, spring steel jacks with oval blades, metal paddles, tweezers with a brass end that I don't like - heavy. Cane cutter. Discount on pipe and punty set.  2008-06-09
Roseco Inc. / Dallas, 972-991-9731, 800-874-9436 is my source for Kerr Labs investment, wax, and other casting supplies for lost wax work. They are listed on the Kerr Labs site  They are wholesale only and have reasonable rules to avoid the hassles of retail operations. I walk in to pickup my supplies to save shipping on the fairly heavy investment.  The catalog can be requested on line and has a huge selection of tools, equipment, supplies, and books as well as jewelry findings and raw precious metals if that interests you. 2006-08-23
Sommer & Maca, Effective March 20, 2008, owned by C.R.Laurence (CRL) for equipment and materials for the (flat) glass industry, buildings and cars. Glass drills, grit, safety gloves, grinders, etc.
Spiral Arts, 2940 Westlake Avenue North, Suite #100, Seattle, Washington 98109 206-768-9765 fax:206-768-9766, "over 30 varieties of blowpipes, counterweighted punties, and gathering irons" [GLASS Mag. Suppliers Directory] Seen in 2003 at GAS, following a new trend for (cheaper?) carbon steel tubing bodies with stainless ends.  Brochure has very good graphics showing which steel where, including pipes with 5" of SS tubing near head. 310 SS heads.
Spruce Pine Batch Co. PO Box 159 2490 Burnsville Highway (19E) Spruce Pine,NC 28777 Phone: 828-765-9876 Fax: 828-765-9888 E-Mail: which goes direct to Tom and that goes to the office, new e-mails 2005-03-08
Steinert Industries, 1000 Mogadore Rd., Kent OH 44240 ( 216-678-0028 Sets standard for blow pipes in USA, also provides optic molds and other tools.
(2003-06) Swest is being folded into another company, Stuller, with different rules, wholesale, (and in a different town. More later).  I now use Roseco because Stuller has very strange wholesale requirements. 2005-11-05

Teccor Electronics, 1800 Hurd Drive, Irving, Texas 75038 USA, 972 580 7777 Fax 972 550 1309 Teccor Electronics Home Page A maker of SCR's and Triacs, solid state control devices, that supplies good application notes on using them. Now Part of Littelfuse  2003-10-10

Texas Sign Supply Co, 304 N Walton St, Dallas, TX 75226, 214-741-3324, Fax: 214-748-3167, a source for neon tubing (soft) and gold leaf.
Thompson Enamels, 650 Colfax Avenue Bellevue, KY 41073 USA P.O. Box 310 Newport, KY 41072 USA 
Phone (859) 291-3800 Fax (859) 291-1849  1-800-545-2776 Lead free enamels requiring firing to be used on various glass formulas as well as various metals. In business for years, not sure why I didn't list before. 2006-03-07
Thorpe Products, 2200 Regency Dr, Irving, 75062 - (214) 638-8990, just east of Texas Stadium
Supplier of insulating refractory products, blanket, brick, cement, etc., now (2002) carrying IPS (formerly AP Green)
Wet Dog Glass, 3924 Conti St., New Orleans, LA 70119, phone: (504) 483-1195, fax: (504)483-3059, Equipment - furnaces, glory holes, garages, pipe warmers - and tools for use with these - heat shield, marver,  bench. since 1996.
WHITEH, BOOKEX  [No longer in business - 2008]
Whitehouse Books, The Book Exchange, P.O. Box 16, Corning, NY 14830, 607.936.8536, open by appointment only, excellent source for glass books, new and used. 2006-12-27
Paul Wilton, Wilton Technologies, 2932 Via Loma Vista, Escondido, CA 92029 < >or call at 1-800-928-7637 or call locally in Escondido (San Diego) at 760-745-5956 fax 760-745-1944 Wilton Technologies: Ceramic Burner Nozzles: Furnaces & Glory Holes
Woodworker's Supply 1-800-654-9292 (505-821-0574), source of cherry wood dowels and transfer balls for yokes.
ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc , P.O. Box 489, Florida,  NY 10921, (845) 651-2200    Fax (845)- 651-1515 ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc: Luminar moldable materials for glass fusing & molding.


Online Reference Links

World Art Glass WAG
A reference site with links to many glass resources. major source of links to galleries, studios, museums, schools, various retailers and other links, including us.
Glass Online
Self described as the "World's leading glass industry portal" it has a very busy home page and some useful information.  Look down the left side for information links 2006-12-10


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-> Site Bibliography contains book reviews & descriptions

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Oxford English Dictionary, a huge classic old work with specific dated references to virtually all the meanings of all the words in the English language at its publication. 23 volumes, or the 2 volume tiny print version I have.
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Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass, Helen & George McKearin, Crown Publishers 1949, 50 BIBLIO.HTM#TYABG


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