EB Glass
The long article on glass in the 11th edition of the
Encyclopaedia Britannica

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This is my scan and proofreading of the long article on Glass in the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
I own a copy of the onion skin 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, this being the last edition which had very long signed articles expressing views of opinionated experts. Before this time encyclopedias were published over several years and after this time they had much shorter articles written anonymously as we now expect. It was published in 1910-11, just before WWI and updated with 3 volumes printed just after WWI. The onion skin edition makes each volume much thinner but also harder to scan. I refer to the EB much more often than one might expect because its comments on stuff that hasn't changed are still good and often it has comments on events and places of the previous 100-150 years that would be much harder to find in a modern library. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, considering how a British writer would look at the colonies, etc.
 [A volunteer (wiki) proofed scan of the much of 11th EB is available on the internet with the glass article at http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/Glass  without pictures.  A set of images of the pages with included figures is at http://ia311327.us.archive.org//load_djvu_applet.php (longer version in link) select page 99 in the page number drop down.]

The article on Glass, actually several articles pushed together, is very good, very complete, and especially useful as it was written just as the entire world of glass was changing with the introduction of mechanical bottle and sheet glass manufacture and the end of hand blown mass production. 2001-01-10

I have just added the article from the 1922 added volumes, considered with the 1911 Eleventh Edition to be the 12th Edition.  Instead of separate pages, the whole article is together. EB Glass 1922 2005-09-23

As mentioned, scanning an onion skin edition can add a lot of garbage. (The table on page 91 and Fig.15 on page 87 indicate the problems)  In cleaning up the files, I have used the Microsoft FrontPage spell checker. In many cases, I left the British spellings (colour) intact, but some were changed where I felt the British usage was very dated or confusing to American readers.  Some changes were made on the basis of logic (tha became the, or that, or than, depending on context) while others, especially dates, were corrected based looking in detail at the original document.  Normally, names, titles of documents and foreign words (Latin, German, French) are not proofed too closely.

Beginning of Articles EB Glass Page 86 Clean
Overview, Optical Glass EB Glass Page 87 Clean
Optical Glass EB Glass Page 88 V.clean
Table 1 EB Glass Page 89 Clean
Blown Glass, Optical EB Glass Page 90 V.good
  EB Glass Page 91 SC good
Tube, Table III EB Glass Page 92 good to poor
Sheet & Crown Glass EB Glass Page 93 clean
Mechanically Blown Glass EB Glass Page 94  
Mechanically Pressed Glass EB Glass Page 95 Very clean, few details
Rolled glass, plate glass EB Glass Page 96 Clean
Pressed Glass
History of Glass Manufacture
EB Glass Page 97 Very Clean
Egyptian, GraecoRoman EB Glass Page 98 Very Clean

Full page Illustrations

Plate 2, Plate 1

2/3 original size
Roman EB Glass Page 99 Very clean, few details
1st - 4th Century EB Glass Page 100 Spellchk, still typos
Venetian Glass EB Glass Page 101 V.clean scan
German, Low Countries, Spain EB Glass Page 102 clean
History thru 1400's EB Glass Page 103 clean
English Glass History EB Glass Page 104 clean
World Hist., Bibliography EB Glass Page 105 clean
Article from 1922 added volumes EB Glass 1922 98% clean

2005-02-16 Repair references to file and image names with Upper case letters, that new server objects to.  Add links to Plate references.  Repair some small scan typos found along the way


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