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 I am using online translation so tell me if something looks wrong.
 If you would like to post a notice on the web site, please e-mail it to me in either English or Spanish and I will put it up.
Si usted quisiera poner un aviso en el Web site, favor de mandarmelo por correo electronico (email) en ingles o espanol y yo lo pondre.
Two people showed up for the October meeting, so future room reservations were canceled and someone else that Christina and I will have to carry on.
 The City of Dallas now requires a paid permit, $15, to hold a yard sale and is going to enforce a bunch of rules that many people knew about (2 sales a year) and many didn't - yard sales are supposed to be only in the back yard.   More here
Although the Santa Fe bike-hike trail appears finished on our end near Glasgow, it is officially closed until the bridges to carry it over Garland Road are finished.  Although there are access ramps from Monte Verde, other streets, and the Mata Elementary School at LaVista and East Grand, there is not and will not be a ramp from the trail down to Garland Road due to private ownership of land beside the former railroad embankment - exiting will require going down behind the buildings that face Gaston including the YWCA to the point that the rising land meets the trail. 2010-06-06
Because the Santa Fe trail runs along side our area it may be important that cities don't have the right to demand helmet wearing for adults and can't hand out tickets according to this story in the Dallas Observer.  State law apparently specifically prohibits cities from extending this.  I have heard from a co-worker of a ticket issued in Garland.2010-06-13
The Mount Auburn Crime Watch is a limited area from Martinique Ave to Wayne and East Grand to Santa Fe Ave. It was established by the Dallas Police Department and provided initial training under a program focusing on area where crime is above average but in forms that suggest neighborhood participation will help.
The Watch currently meets every even numbered month on the second Monday at Samuell-Grand Recreation Center at the end of Martinique Ave.
La Reunion del Vecindario Mount Auburn, se reune el segundo Lunes de los meses siguientes:
Febrero, Abril, Junio, Agosto, Octubre y Diciembre en el Centro de Recreacion  Samuell, localisado en las calles East Grand y Martinque.
La Reunion del Vecindario Mount Auburn, cubre una area limitada. Las calles que cubre son de Glasgow a la calle Beacon, y de la Santa Fe a la calle East Grand. Fue estableciado por el Departamento de Policia de Dallas para las areas donde el crimen esta mas alto. La participacion de la vecindad puede ayudar.


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