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At one time, I wanted to find a combined craft center that would do what my college student workshop and military base USO center provided: a set of tools that I couldn't afford, a place to work, and a place to find people with similar interests who would help.  Recently, I was shaken out of that search by the discovery of a single purpose group that had very high quality equipment that was available at low cost.  So I began to look for similar operations in other crafts.

The goal of this page is mostly to connect with sites that can fill a need that costs a lot for an individual to fill. Thus the kiln needed for pottery is expensive while a bead maker may not need such a costly accessory.

If you know of a group with specialty resources, please e-mail me a link or other information to make contact.


Craft Name

Central Equip

Source in Dallas Notes
Pottery-Thrown Kilns & Firing    
Pottery-Slab built     2
Pottery-Coil built      
Ceramics Painting Firing    
Enameling Metal      
Enameling Glass      
Raku Firing     2
Polymer Clay      
Precious Metal Clay      
Soft Clay Forming Stop motion    
Doll Making   Dolls Unlimited Multimedia Doll Club of North Central Texas, 2nd Sat,, Kimber Fenili,  
Doll House Making Panel cutting, window & door making    
Doll Furniture Building Fine tools, sources    
Miniature Still Life Boxes     2
Beads Glass      
Glass Kiln Working      
Stained Glass      
Mosaic     3
Painting Glass     2
Painting, Oil      
Painting, Water Color      
Painting, Encaustic     2
Lapidary (stone/gem) Saws & Grinding Dallas Gem & Mineral Society has a workshop with high quality saws, grinding, and polishing tools available to members for a nominal fee.  
Stone Carving     3
Wood carving      
Wood turning Lathes    
Green Wood Furniture   Rustic, Twig, 2
Furniture Making      
Jewelry Making - Cast & Hammered      
Wire Jewelry & Sculpture     3
Jewelry-Beads     3
Precious Metal Clay PMC     3
Knife & Sword Making      
Sculpture Clay     2
Foundry Furnace, Mold making    
Metal working
Body Work
Saws, Lathes    
Metal Hammered      
Blacksmithing   John C. Campbell Folk School 2
Welding Gas & Arc    
Welded Sculpture MIG, Arc, Cut   3
Wind chimes      
Toys, Wood     2
Model Car Racing Tracks, Inside    
Model Aircraft Flying Fields    
Model Railroad Scheduled track running, Scale Building    
Photoshop Digital Editing    
Photography Dark room    
Weaving Paper & Cane      
Car repair & Maintenance Lifts & Pits    
Car modification and customization Cutting, Welding    
Sewing, Clothing   Make - DIY Studio & Handmade Boutique Creative
Classes, Studio, and Indie Designer Boutique
Scent & Perfume      
Typeset Printing Press, Type Case    
Woodblock Printing      
Lithography     3
Paper Marbling     2
Paper making Tanks, Mixers    
Collage     2
Quilt making      
Weaving Looms Dallas Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild
Ft.Worth Weavers Guild
Spinning Wheels Dallas Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild  
Knitting, Hand, Machine Assistance Dallas Hand Knitters Guild -  
Fabric Painting     3
Batik, Dyeing, etc.     3, 2
Painted Floor Cloths     2
Blockprinting Fabrics     2
Felting     2

Craft Classes and Topics List 2

Amy Butler Tunic Dress     4
Barware - Etching Glass     4
Big Shopper Tote     4
Block Printing for Beginners     4
Create a lined bag     4
Custom Ottoman   4
Fused Glass I - an Intro 4
Grocery Getter Tote     4
Hand Embroidery Stitches     4
Hostess Half Apron     4
Intro to Latch Hook       4
Invisible Hems on Jeans     4
Kimono Style Robe     4
Men's Boxers or PJ Pants 4
Messenger Bag     4
Metal Frame Clutch       4
Needle Felting + Take Home Kit     4
Organic Scrubs     4
Patterns 101 - Drawstring Pants       4
Pillows - Piping & Tufting     4
Screen Print Clothing     4
Screen Printing II 4
Sew A Laptop Or Diaper Bag - Unisex       4
Sewing Basics II - Home Decor     4
Sewing Vintage Apron     4
Stamp Making     4
Tea Towels     4
The Capelet     4
The Clutch     4
The Hoodie     4
The Men's Tie 4
The Personal Assistant - A Dressform     4
Vintage Style Fabric Stamp   4
Wallet Organizer     4
Yarn Dyeing       4

 1 Classes offered at Craft Guild of Dallas,
                   14325 Proton Rd, Dallas, TX 75244 (972) 490-0303
 2 Classes offered at Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program
                   5 Clary Road - Williamsburg, MA 01096  413-268-3101 - Fax: 413-268-3163 
 3 Classes offered at Creative Arts Center of Dallas,
                   2360 Laughlin Drive, Dallas TX 75228, 214-320-1275
4 Classes offered at The Make, Make - DIY Studio & Handmade Boutique Creative
Classes, Studio, and Indie Designer Boutique Dallas TX
"Classes offered" means they were offered at one point; they may not be repeated.

Craft Topics Sub-List

Clay Glass Fabric Modeling Metal
Precious Metal Stained Knitting Dolls Jewelry
Soft Clay Etched Quilting Doll Houses Wire
Slab Built Kiln Weaving Cars Foundry
Sculpture Torch Spinning Aircraft Blacksmithing
Human Figure Furnace Painting RC Models Sheet metal
Raku Fused Batik Railroad Wire
Coil Built Painted Felting   Enameling
Polymer Clay   Silk screen   Hammering
Ceramics   On silk   Bodywork
Thrown   Sewing    


Home Wood Art Images Stone, etc. Paper
Wax Turning Drawing Carving Making
Candle Carving Watercolor Brick Laying Collage
Scent Furniture Oil Stone Wall Laying Marbling
Sewing Cabinetry Digital Gem Stone Shaping Lithography
Baskets Carpentry Pastels Lapidary Woodblock
Cooking Rustic Mosaic   Bookmaking
Toys Whittling (Metal also)   Origami
Automobile Toys Calligraphy   Typeset printing
    Photography   Silk screen


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