Hot Glass Bits 2000 Notes

(Hot Glass Bits #42)

Rev. ... 2002-03-08, 2003-02-14

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These notes are starting rather late in the year, but it has been a long tough year (see below) Unlike previous issues of HGB, this one is in reverse date order (for online reading of the newest stuff at the top.)


TRIP TO POTTSBORO - [Rewrite] I drove up to Pottsboro to see Art Allison, who has been most generous to me. He is just south of Lake Texoma, 5 miles north of Pottsboro. I confidently drove right past the exit from US-75 and had to turn around just over the bridge in Oklahoma. The sedate little exit with a Burger King where I used to pickup used 5 gallon pickle buckets for 50 cents has turned into a mini-plex with several gas stations, one hiding the BK, and [if I recall correctly] a motel.
Since the last time I was there, Art has rebuilt, putting the hot wall at the end of the building instead of along the side as shown in previous pictures. I didn't have my camera along [I don't think, maybe I should look.] Art showed me some of the glow in the dark (or UV light) glass from Spruce Pine and we chatted about the kinds of stuff he is doing. He gave me some cullet and batch to play with - thanks again.

STUDIOS IN NORTH TEXAS - [Rewrite] Diane Flynn, shown in the Kittrell-Riffkind gathering page has opened her own place, which I haven't seen yet. Hansen's Grapevine Art Glass, 334 S.Barton, Grapevine, TX 76051-5355 in Grapevine has turned into a different operation as the Hansen's divorce and she keeps the gallery. Someone is supposed to rent the studio. [Did, David Gappa and David Elliff who rebuilt the studio since the pictures below were taken. It is now called VETRO Contemporary Glassblowing Studio. They work with Betty Hansen but are independent of Grapevine Art Gallery. David Gappa is at 817-232-9436 ] Only links found are not too good. Shown in Grapevine Art Glass, Texas 98 Visit

PAIN IN THE LEG - [Rewrite] Most of spring and summer spent in increasing panic as dead (to pin prick and hot water) area on feet spread up legs. My increasing nerve deadness was defined as Lyme disease and is being treated with heavy antibiotics. Lots of coverage in medical.htm

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