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I am ambidextrous. I do many things equally well (or badly) with either my right or left hand. In fact, when I am learning a new skill, I may use the other hand to analyze what I am doing wrong with what ever is my primary hand for that skill, because I have to concentrate more on the pieces. For example, when bowling, I use my right hand mostly, but I can bowl left handed and since I don't do either very much I get one ball for each.

[This note was written when I first hit the alt.lefties newsgroup]
Well, I have been wandering around looking for stuff on ambidexterity when I stumbled across this.
I am wondering what is the "correct" hand position. What is the link? I look at left handed writers who use incredibly awkward positions for writing.
I have always been able to use either hand for most things, presuming that I practice things that need practicing. During most of my life I have written cursive primarily with my left hand with the paper positioned the opposite of a right handed writer, writing below the line as right handers do. When I write right handed, I shift the paper to the "correct" position. When I was teaching, I would use either left or right hand for printing on the wall board (chalk or marker) often changing when I turned around to make a point and then returning to the board. Students would occasionally "discover" this.
Lately, I find that much of my writing is being done right handed, but it is printing for order entry rather than cursive. I used to be able to write short sentences with either hand front to back, back to front, upside down, vertically, etc. and mix them, but I haven't practiced it much and when I tried the other day, found that I had forgotten some of the rhythms and the result was rather sloppy all the way around.

Sample of handwriting on tablet, various directionsI have recently purchased a pen tablet and am still learning to use it, so when I went to it for handwriting samples, I got this result with my right hand: Each of these was written from the beginning of "Mike" without moving the tablet.



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