Bowman Glass, Dallas

Rev. 2002-10-22, 2006-06-17

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  This is not an alternative to Jim Bowman's own site, but records a few pictures from my visit to his open house.
Jim Bowman's gallery during open house

The two pictures to the left are adjacent (the round plaque partially appears in both) and are taken from just below nearest word "Gallery" in the drawing.
Floor plan of Jim Bowman studio

Jim Bowman's gallery during open house
Hot shop floor from gallery level overlook

The hot shop picture was taken from the gallery level just up from the S in Shop. The rectangle to the right of the stairs in the drawing is the upper platform to the left in the photo.

The building is a large U around a parking/court area that once was a garage repair business, but now houses several artist's studios.  Bowman occupies a bit less than half the back and all of the right arm.  The balcony is a feature of the location on both ends.

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