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2010 CLCHS Reunion & Crystal Lake Homes 2010 Chicago Glass visits  
New Jersey Errors Upper Midwest 2005
 including glass & class reunion
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New Jersey High Points 2004 New Jersey Glass 2004 New Jersey Seeing Eye 2004
GAS 2003 Seattle Seattle Studios 1 Seattle Studios 2
Seattle Studios 3 Seattle Tacoma Museum Pilchuck Glass School Tour

Trip to Victoria BC June 2003

Two homes near Victoria BC Gardens near Victoria BC
Glass Art Society Conferences [My GAS visits were Toledo '93, Ashville '95, Tucson '97 & Seattle '03 (& above)]
  Earlier Travels & Trips  
Dallas Glass Studios Map
Texas Glass - Studios [texasgls.htm]
Dallas Hot Shop Visits [dalgls05.htm]
Vetro Art Glass, Grapevine, 2004
Bowman Glass, Dallas [bowman.htm]
Creative Glass Center of America [creative.htm]
 [and Summer 2004 visit]
Corning NY Glass Class
Drew Ebelhare Makes a Weight [ebelhare.htm]
Grapevine Art Glass, Texas 98 Visit [texas98.htm]
Kittrell-Riffkind Glass Blowout 98 [texas98.htm]
Texas A&M Student Center 98 Visit
Scarborough Faire, Waxahachie Texas 1998 Visit
Wimberly Glass 98 Visit
Wimberley Texas 98 Visit P.2
Zero Gravity 98 Visit
Houston Glass [houston.htm]
Divas Art Glass [divas.htm]


Early Travels Timeline

50's - Eight week summer camps. Florida summer vacations with family, to Cuba finally. National Air Model meet. Civil Air Patrol encampments southern Illinois & near Chicago. Girl Scout summer camp, meeting Lindsay Brown.

60's - Drive to MIT with mother. Mt. Tremblot ski vacation and train home in monster snow burying Boston.  Driving to MIT with second CLCHS grad admitted. Driving to New Hampshire, pull starting jeep in -40F temps.  Driving home from MIT, accident in Canada trapping gas tank.
1962 - Major tour of western US after summer session at Iowa State - Ames to Salt Lake City, down to Monument Valley park, then across Nevada desert at night seeing Las Vegas to Tanya in Santa Barbara, up 101 coastal to Crater Lake & hitchhiker giving place to stay at Seattle World's Fair then east to Grand Coulee dam inside tour then home via Mt. Rushmore.
Aspen skiing while swimming show prep

70's - Camper trip south to check out residencies - Bus loop from Iowa to east coast with cats - Kids on Southwest loop tour in bus - Isle Royal
 ATA extended trips - San Diego/Vail overnight - Crater Lake return/Yosemite
80's -
90's - Glass extended trips - Toledo/Loon Lake - Asheville/Trail - Tucson/South/Phoenix - Seattle/Victoria
00's - Midwest by car loop/Minn/IA/Wis/Milw/Chi/CL/Minn - Loop ending with Betty.


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