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This page is mostly a nostalgic look back at a time when I did a lot of driving, usually alone and created long complicated expeditions.  Often these began as a need to attend an event, but my desire to see things along the way, take breaks while driving, be efficient, led to expansion of plans, perhaps to an absurd degree.




Family - Florida and Cuba

National Air Model Meet

Various air bases with Civil Air Patrol



College - Skiing, VW in New Hampshire, fly out train back to Mt. Tremblot? Quebec
 VW "Camper" Big Western Trip - Seattle Expo, Summer Camp & Round Lakes, more Skiing Aspen

New York Worlds Fair twice with AFS once with Jane?, AFS travels 1964 & 65?

Army - Montreal Expo with Jane, Thailand

Rental of camper, Missouri, New Orleans, East Texas, Dallas, back to Des Moines



School bus camper: East Coast, Moving, Big Bend etc. with kids,
  Isle Royal, Skiing in winter in NM, ice on floor
  Dallas to New England, buying Klepper Aerius on way, Cape Cod,
Spokane Expo with Jane, first days not finished, rental car, Oregon shore, fried fish place

Long Greyhound bus trip to New England with crying baby and threat from driver on way back.

Trips to ATA Conferences, Theater, San Diego, Minneapolis, Washington DC - Rush run to Louisville to see plays but one hour off on time zone, sharing driving with hitchhiker
Winter via Vail and VW Squareback? sleeping in

Active in computer groups



Marriage, teaching, trips to LA for week, work on house, teaching classes



Driving to Junction Class at last minute

Trips to Glass Art Society Conferences,
Driving to Toledo and Camping, going up into Michigan
Driving to Ashville, camping, deciding to work at Elliott's or other hardware.

Flying to Corning NY for class, Lyme disease



Trips to Glass Art Society Conferences,
Tuscon - Flying in and rental minivan, driving/camping
Seattle - Flying in, car, staying as house guest, Spectrum Glass, fly to Victoria




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