Trip to Victoria

2003-11-18 Rev.  2006-02-23, 2007-03-24, 2009-02-10 (image source)

Visit two homes
Victoria's Butchart Gardens

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This is a series of photos taken while going from Seattle Washington to Victoria British Columbia on June 16th, 2003,
to visit my stepmother.

The is the dock at the south end of Lake Union, basically on the edge of downtown.  These planes fly to the islands as well as up the coast and over to Victoria.  The view is east across the south end of the lake.
A view up the lake looking roughly north east as the plane at the end of the dock in the picture above takes off.
The view roughly north, left of the view above, as our plane pulls out.
I was astonished when I put my camera against the window to be able to take this picture down below of the pontoon and the plane built up speed.
The west side of the lake as we go north.
Again west as we rise off the surface. Note the kayak in the lower right corner and the varying sizes of the boats.
As we head north and start to turn, this is the view down the canal with the high bridge.  If I am not confused, the University of Washington is at the right just this side of the bridge. (Maybe the next bridge north)
A shot down into the urban neighborhoods north of the canal
Looking back south as we turn west with the hill top neighborhoods and downtown in the distance.  The Space Needle is just left of center across the shoreline.
Changing the lens to a telescopic view the Space Needle shows more clearly with the fountain effect coming, I think, from a fire boat.
I just had to take some photos for my own record.  Round house at switching yard.  
First view across the Sound to the Olympic mountains beyond the islands.  
Shot almost straight down into canal entrance, mostly for the patterns.  
In a very large ocean, boats seem small, even not far from shore.  
Out among the islands, I clearly loved the patterns.  More difficult to show were the movement of the tidal waters visible between the islands and over the shoals.  
More of same with mountains behind.  
Narrow entrance, hook, wind patterns on water, waves, shoal waters.  
These are islands not far from Seattle. I was caught by the solid green cover next to the completely cut over, near the commercial.  
Barges, logs, narrow cut, varying depth and color of water.  
Another view of same  
A pontoon bridge, the center section floating out of the way of the boats into the slot on the right.  Car traffic travels a curving path around the bay.  
More shoal waters.  
A marina among the islands south of Victoria  
Farm land in mid island near by.  
Real mountains, real snow, there below the clouds and above the green.  
Wow.  Well the picture was taken to catch the water patterns.  The rainbow arcs across the top of the picture are from using an editor to reduce the number of colors (and therefore the size of the file) so instead of smooth gradients of color, they are grouped.
When I go back and look, I see some other images have the effect.  Only on this one, by clicking on picture, you can see a much larger one, the original taken.
 Click on picture to see bigger picture with more colors.
I did take a number of pictures framed by the airplane windows, this shows Victoria in the distance.  Note the partial blurred arc of the propeller.  When viewed through the camera display, the sampling is fast enough that it stops the propeller, so in this bright light you can see it move slowly, like a strobe effect.  
Ocean, ship and shore  
Bigger ship  
Victoria Harbor from the south.  We will land from left to right across the middle of the picture and tie up near the bridge half way up the right edge.  
Picture perfect.  
Turning into the end of the harbor.  
Picture nice  
On the water, sharing traffic with water taxies, etc.  
Need a good view of old and new?  
Enjoy the view ladies and gents.  
Parliament, I believe [nope, I am told it is a hotel, with parliament off to the side].  Hard to see, but there is a plane tied up before the white house at the water line.  
Sail on this or simply photograph it against the town.  


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