Victoria - Butchart Gardens

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Rev. 2003-11-20

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Butchart Gardens is a former quarry built out at the insistence of the owner's wife. 
A fee is charged and as you can see below, lots of people go.  The site is a mix of formal and informal gardens. 
These pictures are in the order taken, which means there is less than artistic logic to them, but it matches the visit.

A wall of flowers near the entrance, photographed close up in a way that reflects the close up photos further down.
This and the next photo show the progress into the site.
Here the depth of original quarry is apparent.
Nice use is made of rock blocks left on the site with plantings like this tree and stuff on top.
This fountain, set well back in a side cut, changes form with time and is lighted and coordinated with music at certain seasons.
Country lawns
Hide the walls
The first of the flower close up pictures.
And closer
In the flowers shown in second image above.
And closer.
And closer - Georgia O'Keefe, here I come.
Delicate flower, very close.
Water under the walk and over the lip.
Water in the Japanese setting.
More water
Very small water flow, so nice ripples on the bowl of water.
The formal lawns and gardens closest to the buildings.

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