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Rev. 2003-11-20

Trip to Victoria

Victoria's Butchart Gardens

These two sets of pictures show the interior of Virginia Firth-Mears' home, my step-mother,
and the garden and views from her daughter's home on the north edge of the island. 
Comments are beside the pictures.  Some of which are grainy due to low light conditions and hand held.

There are two entrances to the house, this alcove including the one from the garage and serving as a hall between the living room, visible here, and the bedrooms and bath around to the left and behind.
Just to the left of view above is this bedroom.
And left of that is this bath.
Back in the center of the house, the main entrance is to the left and the office across the hall.
Turned about from the photo above the living room viewed from the entrance hall.
I note the glass and the painting and the candle above the mantle, just to the left of the image above.
A piece of glass.
Living room from a few feet left of the shot above.
View out the front windows.
View in the opposite direction with me in the mirror taking the picture, mantle to right, kitchen beyond doorway.

For some reason, I did not take pictures of the back outside, which is a very nice long narrow yard bordered with garden plantings on all sides.  We ate several meals out there.

The next pictures are at the house of Virginia's daughter, Sandy and her husband, on the north end of the island.  The house is very nice with modern sculpture inside, but the light level was very low for hand held.
The deck on the back side of the house, which sits below the road, was added by Sandy as well as building out the gardens shown below from a really trashy overgrown lot when they moved in.
Under the deck, looking about 45 degrees left of the view above.
One of two formal garden areas below the deck, taken 90 degrees right from the picture above.  Note the shadow in the right foreground, which is from the deck edge in the upper left of the picture above.
View from up on deck left of image above.
Virginia (left) and her sister, Dottie (Dorothy)
Sandy and Dottie
First of several art shots across the water as the sun was setting.  West.
Right of picture above. Ferry from Vancouver comes in to lower right corner.
More sun set. And done.

Victoria's Butchart Gardens

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