G.A.S. 2003
 Glass Art Society Conference
 June 10-15
 Seattle WA

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The Glass Art Society met for its annual conference June 12-15 in Seattle, with workshops and other events before and after. Through the courtesy of a home placement, I was able to stay for free with a manager at Spectrum Glass while I rented a car.  I attended a workshop by Fritz Dreisbach at Seattle Glassblowing Studio before the Conference, drove around to visit open studios on Wednesday, attended a charity event involving the Tacoma Museum of Glass, attended sessions, demos, and the tech display during the conference and visited Pilchuck afterward.  I followed up with a visit to Victoria BC with my stepmother that included stopping by Starfish Glass Studio.  Besides images on this page, links are provided to pictures and comments posted elsewhere on the site.
5 June Thur First day off work, final packing  
6        Fri Fly to Seattle, rent car Find Seattle Glassblowing, guest house
7        Sat GAS Pre-Conference Class at SGB, Fritz Dreisbach
8 June Sunday   Class
9        Mon   Class
10 June Tuesday   Seattle
11      Wed. Outdoor Demos Indoor Demos
  Visit to Glass Museum Open Studios (4 pages)
12 June Thursday Start of Conference Martin Blanks Hot Shop
13      Fri. Photosensitive Glass Symposium  
14      Sat. Final sessions, ending party  
15 June Sunday GAS Conf Ends, Pilchuck Tour Seaplane to Victoria
16      Mon. Victoria BC, Starfish Glass Victoria - Butchart Gardens
17      Tues.    
18      Wed. Fly Home, Seaplane from Vic.  
19 June Thursday End Thur-Thur vacation  

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