Vetro Art Glass
Grapevine Texas

2007-03-24 Rev. 2008-09-12

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Vetro Art Glass is located in Grapevine Texas in a former farmers market building across from the old train depot that is now used for the steam engine pulled Tarantula Express tourist train.  Prior to this location, they occupied the studio built next to Grapevine Art Glass gallery a couple of blocks up and over.  Floor plan is here floorpln.htm#VETRO

The building was an open, wall-less structure (like the space just to the left) farmer's market structure that was first enclosed then improved with the siding shown. Behind the windows and doors shown (see below) is the gallery that shows glass made here and elsewhere.  The glassblowing studio is behind that in this view. Vetro Art Glass exterior
Vetro Art Glass exterior detail of windows How do you preserve the appearance of an old area and expose your art?  These old doors are installed over large sheets of glass with stands for glass pushed up them inside.  Closed they protect the glass and secure the space and the view for the riders of the old train.
The other side of the windows above is the gallery.  The entrance is down the narrow way to the right center.  The gallery extends to the left about ten feet.  The studio seating is behind the camera and the studio to the right.  The studio workspace is visible from the gallery through a window in the wall to the right just out of the picture.  Glass shown is both produced here and by others Vetro Art Glass gallery interior
Vetro has an interesting ventilation system.  Any studio requires that air be supplied to make up for the hot air pulled out.  Instead of a window or door, these tubes direct the makeup air down on the two workbench sites via adjustable grills.  The intention is to add a swamp cooler (water based evaporation cooler) if needed.  The gallery is air conditioned and the seating area have vents directed at it. The sloping projections vent the glory hole openings. Vetro Art Glass studio ventilation
Overview of the somewhat funky design of the functional sheet metal hot wall. The sloping projections vent the glory hole openings.  Two benches are normal with a torch working area to the right.  The marver is centered before the viewing area in foreground (more below). Vetro Art Glass studio over view
Another view of the blowing floor showing the right side (annealers in the background), torch and moveable benches. Vetro Art Glass studio working area
The left side of the work area with the large access door. This picture was taken on a different date during a demo with more people on the floor. Vetro Art Glass studio right side
This is a cross view of the permanent seating area.  The aisle is to the right along the display wall (below).  Air conditioning from the gallery unit is also directed across the area. Vetro Art Glass seating area
Vetro Art Glass audience display shelving This is the display wall along side the seating area above.  Unlike the gallery, this glass was all produced here.



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