Glass Art Society - Tucson 97


The Glass Art Society met in Conference in Tucson AZ, April 9-13, 1997, with additional activities before and after. The pictures and pages below show the outdoor demonstration space, the inside at Philabaums, and some of the people who did demos and some of the glass they produced along with some other places I visited.

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Stephen Powell picks up the Murrini (cane slices) that form the stained glass colors in his large blown bags. The hot clear glass is about an inch thick. The diameter of the hot glass was carefully measured to match the length of the roll up so the edges would meet (if they don't or do it badly, he makes a different style of piece, I asked at GAS Asheville.) The plate of murrini is preheated in the glory hole and heavily torched before the cylinder is applied.  [His site showing step by step technique ]

Stephen Powell picking up murrini for bag piece

Near the end of making the piece, it is inflated between two angled pipes to form the bag shape and set the bottom. The neck will be cut with a very large pipe cutter.

Stephen Powell doing final blowing of bag piece



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