Lino Tagliapietra is at the heart of modern studio art glass, since he brought the skills of Murano to America at a key time. He is probably the most skilled glassblower (as contrasted with glass artist) in the world. He has also brought several relatives and co-workers. He has gaffed major pieces with Dale Chihuly's teams and taught classes at Pilchuck, Haystack, and other schools. He has been a feature of the annual Glass Art Society Conferences for several years and is a friendly and pleasant gentleman.

Lino created this long piece in several steps which are described in Hot Glass Bits #36

Lino reheats the end of the piece

To obtain lines running the in a U along length of this long piece, he rolled the original blown piece in stringer, then folded the piece into a bag shape and trimmed to a new opening.

Lino works the piece shaping the mouth

Further work on the same piece, which is blocked to give flattish sides to a round shape.

Lino approaches piece to flatten sides with cork pads



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