Seattle Studio Visits 3

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One of the most valuable reasons for me going to the GAS Conference is to visit a variety of studios that I
would otherwise have to search out and arrange visits.
In Seattle, unlike some other G.A.S. cities, almost all the studios were working glass instead of just dealing with visitors.

This page includes visits made to open studios on Wednesday morning of the GAS conference.

While some of the studios were spectacularly laid out and superbly neat (see below) this small one in the back of the gallery (below) had a normal scruffy look to it.
The rails are loose with crossbars at the end to keep them in position with the 4 wheel roller yokes.
Just working the piece.
The final piece, flash, showing the blower in full for the first time.
Furnace.  The upper door accesses the glass, the lower permits removing the pot.
Full length shot of the gallery from the door of the hot shop.
Franklin Sankar known to a number of us from messages on CraftWeb and Yahoo glass groups.
Enough annealers and buckets?
These are actually lampworked little figures, photographed because of the detailed cuteness.
More of same.  Also included figures climbing inside large light bulb.
Very nice all metal backyard studio in northeast Seattle.
Salmon on the barbee
Totally Blown Glassworks, a downtown studio in older long narrow building (shown below) with an industrial rubber coating all over the floor.


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