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The Creative Glass Center of America is close to legendary as a source of freedom to work with glass and work out ideas with the assistance of skilled glass workers over a period of weeks. Note that money is paid and the requirements are few, the most demanding, in my view, being the time that must be spent there. I have met a number of people who have held these fellowships and know the names of many more who are at the top of the field. The ones I have met seem uniformly good with glass and imaginative. I would like to be good enough to go and to be able to take off work..

In 2004, my wife and I went for a vacation in New Jersey and took these pictures at the CGCA.

The information below was scanned from the announcement brochure and seems to be generally accurate. Do not rely on specific words or numbers in this copy for making application, get an original. [revised URL 2007-05-31]


We are proud to offer 12 Fellowships for 2002 to international artists working in glass. Eight of these Fellowships will be awarded for a duration of three months, with four artists working together in each group. The remaining four Fellowships will be awarded in two separate six-week sessions, with two artists in each session. These shorter sessions provide an ideal opportunity for artists with young families, artists whose professional commitments do not afford them the option of a three-month residency, and for teams of artists wishing to collaborate on a particular project.

Regardless of duration, each Fellow is provided with rent-free housing, a monthly stipend and 24 hour access to the facilities. In return, Fellows are asked to donate one piece, created during their residency, for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Museum of American Glass. Fellows are also required to work in view of museum visitors for 12 hours per week.


CGCA is housed at Wheaton Village in MiIIviIle, NJ, an East Coast center dedicated to the continuum of glassmaking in America. The Village is located in an area rich in glassmaking history and is within driving distance to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.


The CGCA studio is housed in a 3000 sq. ft. reproduction of the original Wheaton Glass Factory, and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of glass working techniques. The studio is equipped with both clear and color furnaces for blowing or casting, each melting Spruce Pine batch. The factory contains a well-equipped cold-working facility that includes a large capacity sandblaster, a plaster mold-making area and individual studio spaces for each Fellow. The facility includes a large number of annealing ovens, each built specifically for blowing, casting or kiln-forming. Fellows are expected to be proficient in the processes and techniques represented in their application goals, and to work together, supporting one another as partners and assistants for all blowing and casting projects.


Applicants must submit the following items in the order presented. Please type your application. Do not use folders or other presentation materials (other than a slide protector). If slides are to be returned, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. Slides submitted by applicants chosen for the fellowships or as alternates, become the property of the CGCA. Applicants applying for consideration of a collaborative project must follow all application procedures as individuals. Please note in your application who you are applying with and the role you will play. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


One copy of the following
1. Ten slides, each labeled with name and title of work, indicating top of slide, and numbered to correspond with slide sheet. Please enter as slide No. 1 the work you feel is of the best quality. If applicable, please enter as slide No. 10, the work that best represents the work you would pursue as a CGCA fellow. Please do not send glass mounted slides.
2. One paragraph biography to be used for publicity purposes.
3. Application Form.

Ten copies of the following
(Please Collate each set and staple in the top left corner)
4. A current resume.
5. Slide information sheet. Please list in viewing order and indicate the title of the piece, description/technique, dimensions and date of completion.
6. Prepare a brief statement explaining how you would use the Fellowship period to benefit your artistic and career development. Indicate the primary technique you will employ during the Fellowship period. Please indicate which session(s) you are applying for.
7. Two letters of recommendation. (Letters may be enclosed or sent separately, but must reach CGCA by the application deadline. CGCA will be responsible for multiple copies of letters sent under separate cover). APPLICATION

Session Dates 2002
<> January 7 - April 5: 3 Months/4 Artists
<>April 22 - July19: 3 Months/4 Artists
<> September 9 - October18: 6 Weeks/2 Artists
<> October 28 - December 6: 6 Weeks/2 Artists

Application Deadline: September 4, 2001 Selection Notification: Early November







IMPORTANT All applicants must fulfill the following requirements. Please check.
<> Applicant is over 21 years of age when Fellowship commences.
<> Applicant has basic English language skills.
<> Applicant is able to reside in the CGCA house during the term of the Fellowship.
<> Applicant will work in view of museum visitors 12 hours weekly, not including assisting time.
<> Applicant will provide one work made during the Fellowship for permanent inclusion in the CGCA Collection in the Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village.

I will work in the following processes:
0 Blowing/Solid Working
0 Sandcasting
0 kiln Casting/Slumping/Fusing
0 Other______________________
0 I am proficient in the techniques checked above.

Check one or both: I have 0 designed 0 made all work shown in my slides. Are you a U.S. citizen? 0 Yes 0 No If not, do you have a visa that would permit you to enter the U.S. as a CGCA fellow? ~ Yes o No If so, what is the expiration date of your visa?_______________________

MORE INFORMATION Call 1.856.825.6800, ext. 2733, fax 1.856.825.2410 or access our webslte at


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