Eugenia Firth
Braille Proofreading

Rev. 2012-09-12

I have used Braille since I was a child and have decades of experience while working as a teacher and for the Federal government in customer service and while reading for personal pleasure.  Since completing certification with the Library of Congress as a proofreader, I have gained several clients and have processed over a dozen thick textbooks and over a half dozen fiction and non-fiction public books. I took the Nemeth Code proofreading course after the required 6 month prerequisite period had passed and am awaiting the availability of the test. I have computers and work with refreshable Braille displays as well as paper Braille.

Certificate of Braille Proofreading from LoC, scanned, reduced


I have over 20 years experience with talking and Braille access computers and use popular computer software under Windows and Macintosh as well as a 40 character Braille display Pac Mate portable computer.  Recently, I researched methods for converting various types of computer files into well formatted Braille documents using a forty cell display with either my PacMate or my computer.

I can accept either embossed documents or computer files for proofing. I recognize that computer files are not suitable for some situations such as tables and tabular material and I also know that readers are needed to verify printed material at times. Therefore, I have available reader assistance where needed, including asking my husband to serve as a part-time reader as well as people I can use as nearly full time employees.

Eugenia Firth
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