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Rev. 03/04/01, 2004-04-27

I don't do a good job of exploring the web and keeping track of links, but here are some links to places the do that well along with a couple of suggestions about useful places to go,  There are dozens of links scattered across my site at topic locations.

Steinert Industries Links Page

Southern Illinois University Southern Glassworks Links
(not updated recently, I see on checking)

Glass Encyclopedia (New Zealand)
Articles and Links with a lot of good information more for collectors of glass

Corning Museum of Glass

Canadian Glass Site with Glass history information

From these you can collect some key words and use to explore
for more.

Discussion Sites

Web Crafts Hot Glass Forum
(not links, but a very good hot glass discussion BBS) 
the Glass Art Society started its own discussion group in 2004 for members to share information
(again, not more links, but a newsgroup, use subscribe from your browser mail handler)
(but there is a good links page and further info at FAQ site)

Other Reference Sites

Jarar Windows Systems - Glossary of Window Terms


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