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Glossary List
Master Index of All Our Listed Glossary Words
Glossary of Hot Bits & Other Details
Glossary of Blown Glass Objects
Glossary of Materials & Terms Used in Furnace Glassblowing
Glossary of Tools and Equipment
Glossary of Other Words
Glossary of Machine Shop Tools and when they are used
Basic names and uses of tools
Coldworking including drilling & cutting glass
Glossary of Sources of Tools, Materials, Info, etc.
Glossary of Glass Terms - Art Nouveau to Art Deco
Glossary of Paperweight Identification Terms
Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Glass
Glossary from Illustrated Guide to Collecting Bottles
Other people's pages
Spectrum Glass Glossary good on glass types
Delphi Glass images of modern clear textured glass
a site oriented to stained glass with lots of other glass terms
Huge Site of Glass, Window, & Stained Glass Terms
a site with archaic chemical names
one of metal working terms from a blacksmith's site
one of metal working terms
Glossary of Terms at Global Flamework
Wonderful Glossary of Collectable Bottle Terms


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