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Esque shop in Portland discussion of making & philosophy website with images and videos

In recent years the Internet has made available an extensive collection of videos available with a high speed connection.  When viewing videos on YouTube, also look at the choices offered down the right edge as Related.

This very nice video is posted on Glass Axis site making a large red salmon (also on YouTube) Not shown in the video are most of the reheats.  There are over 32 minutes of video with jumps and the glass could not be preserved with just torch heat.  As noted on CraftWeb, the fine class color swirling off the piece when he dusts it in Part I should be sucked into a hood as elements in glass color are toxic, including arsenic and cadmium as well as lead. 2009-06-27

Links to several videos from Lambert and Fremont showing cylinder glass being blown have been added to my Old Time Glass page

The Tacoma Museum of Glass offers live web cam of their Hot Shop when open Wed-Sun and specials of certain people, Lino Tagliapietra being expected in February 2009.  They have posted over two dozen videos on YouTube The video comes from fixed cameras that can be zoomed and recorded video that fills gaps. The images and narration are those visitors see on the large screens in the studio.  There is no camera on the narrator so items she refers to and small demonstrations - making a small one-gather horse - done close to the audience are not scene.  The cameras are well placed to show close ups on work at the bench and gloryhole and an overall shot. At one point the narrator said she taught classes at Pratt and was clearly


 knowledgeable, not just working by rote.
The ever interesting Craftweb Glass Forum has various threads with glass videos one of which is here. Login is required with a real name. 2009-01-26


Remarkable Palestinian glassblower using short pipe and about 6 marver spots to make a vase, posted June 27, 2008

Detailed view of making a rollup style

Here are some suggestions courtesy of Paul Thompson 2006-12-28 or look at YouTube search results

"I don't know if you can link directly to You-Tube, but they now have some pretty good videos. Here's some of the once I've seen recently."

Thomas Chapman (2 parts)
pt 1 :   Good explaination of basics
pt 2 :

East Falls Glass

Dawson Kellog (4 parts)
Lino (11 parts)
Here's the first. The rest should show up as related

The Great Goblet toss

Music video style, but good.

At CMOG are some pages describing the creation of Josh Simpson's 100 lb Megaplanet "paperweight". It required 16 attempts. The final one spent 2 months in the annealing oven.   2008-06-23
CMOG site changes id numbers occasionally, breaking links or referring to wrong video.
This project was also filmed (in HD) and has been broadcast by WGBY (public TV in New England) - the title is "Defying Gravity".
A DVD is available for anyone making a $75 pledge to WGBY (as of 2006-12 this is the ONLY way to get the video). Find the section that says "Please select a "Thank-you" gift in the amount of your contribution:" and scroll the listbox to "$75 - Defying Gravity DVD"

From Hot Glass Bits 2006
This video seems pretty normal, until he breaks off the piece, turns it over and tacks the bottom onto the pipe.

How to make goblets and how not to get them off the pipe

Chihuly Working with Lino Tagliapietra
Chihuly in Action
Portland Press
Length: 27 minutes $25
Dallas Public Library 730.92 C534YC 1999 VCAS
I got these two half hour video tapes from the collection of the Dallas Public Library after running into them during a catalog search. For a glassworker, Working is a much more interesting video than Action, which has mostly to do with Chihuly and a program that took kids off the street. The latter includes a lot of Dale painting. The former shows Lino working, but even more it shows the team working (and playing and eating) and everybody talking about working with Chihuly and with Lino. I think it is certainly worth seeing and is almost worth the $25 cost if it is not in one of your library systems.

Great balls of fire
Kellee Monahan
v12 Omni March 90 p58
If you want videotape of a good glassblower working solo, Glass Axis [P.O.Box 2485, Columbus OH 43216 $45.00] is offering a 150 minute tape of Bill Gudenrath. The taping was done in April 1992 during a demonstration at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The tape includes 57 minutes of a goblet and a vase being made, followed by 50 minutes of making a dragon stem goblet he is famous for and that is followed by 39 minutes of chalk talk and question and answer. I have seen part of the tape and it is well made and shows details nicely. HB#13
The video of Bill Gudenrath that I mentioned in HB#13 is also available from Whitehouse Books for the same $45 price, according to an ad in Glass magazine. They are also pushing a $60 book, GLASS 5,000 Years Edited by Hugh Tait as having a step-by-step section by Gudenrath on techniques. "Whitehouse Books maintains the world's largest selection of glass reference books." 7/18/93 HB#14

Glass bottle cutting
Cutting beer bottle with string - tie string, remove from bottle, soak in nail polish remover, put back on, light, plunge bottle into basin of water.  note very rough edge at knot in last seconds.
Cutting a wine bottle with acetone and string, plunge bottle in pot - video doesn't show knot being tied and gives only a brief glimpse of roughness of edge  good captions

Glass bottle making  Anchor glass captions 3 bottles at a time - very fast  longer version of same operation, official Anchor glass. Limited captions, factory sounds, enough time to talk about operations but no narration  big overseas factory with inappropriate rock music, no captions or narration. 2 bottles at a time, slower.
PPG Float glass factory process, superb content and narration, video a bit blurry.
Making a mold blown glass violin, including playing it. Video also shows modern high speed coffee pot making.  At one point they are filling the violin mold with glass, but rather than casting, they are heating the metal mold to reduce chill marks. The video is linked from the home site of the company  and will come up in a small window or this link to the video will open the same image in your standard browser window  2008-09-08

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