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The purpose of this page is collect images scanned from New England Glass and Glassmaking Kenneth M. Wilson, Thomas Y.Crowell, NY copyright 1972, 748.2914 W749r, Dallas Pub.Lib. Downtown, ISBN 0-690-58075-4 which are used in other pages on this site, to define that they are covered by the copyright of that book and are used under the fair use provisions of the copyright law and being a minimal portion of that book.  fair use copyright law link


BandingBanding as a decoration

Pinched chain decoration on decanterChain decoration, two bands of glass applied and pinched together at regular intervals.
ne-spark.jpgA very short oil lamp, referred to as a sparking lamp, dimensions given are under 3" tall.

ne-whale.jpgBlown oil lamp with flared base

Furn-hse.jpgGlass house, showing center chimney and two high ventilation sheds to draw off hot air.
Furn-ant.jpgFurnace in the glass house showing flue and ventilation from below.
Gadroon.jpgGadrooning, additional gather placed in optic.

mold-3bl.jpgThree part mold for three mold blown pieces.

Pitkin.jpgPitkin bottle with dual diagonal optic work.










Note appearance of sawn grooves to make ribs.

ne-press.jpgPressing glass with a manual machine.




Gob-pres.jpgPressed glass bases.

Whalelmp.jpgBlown oil lamps with applied pressed bases.


ne-blopr.jpg Blown vase with applied pressed base.

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