Contemporary Glass
by Susanne K. Frantz

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Contemporary Glass: a world survey from the Corning Museum of Glass; Susanne K. Frantz, Harry K. Adams, 1989 copyright 1989 The Corning Museum of Glass, ISBN 0-87290-120-3 (pbk) Large format catalog for the exhibition that reviews the history of art glass and the studio glass movement and presents the glass of the movement. My copy of the book was found in the Dallas Public Library, FAD, 730.0904 F836C 1989 which is history of sculpture; when I was looking for something else.  The book is available in many public libraries and is considered a seminal reference for the movement.

The primary purpose of this page is to offer copyright credit for a few images used elsewhere on my site which were taken from this book The images shown on this page are used under fair use copyright law link.

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Burnstein blown form with cane worked images


Cane worked image, detail of Burnstein piece"William Bernstein (b. 1945) US 'Woman and Fangs Face Off' 1979, Blown, hot worked, cane drawing applied while hot. 28.4 cm tall, p. 113
MF. Combines the clear that I like, with the tactile, with the drawing I would like to do. I need to pull some clear cane. 2001-08-31





Incalmo by Blomdahl"Sonja Blomdahl (b. 1952) Sphere, 1986, 26.2 cm tall. p.70"
MF - Shows incalmo technique, two cups being brought together edge to edge.






Cane work in color on blown form by Buechner"Matthew Buechner (b. 1957) US "Autumn Leaves" Scent bottle from the Four Seasons series 1987, blown cane drawing applied while hot." p.79
MF I like the quality of the drawing - blown around the bottle - and within my skills as worker. 2001-08-31





Formal shape with added hot bit by Delaney'Pauline Delaney, (b. 1959) England, now working in Australiam 'Neurot Tiara' 1982, Blown, hot-worked rim" p.174,
MF - I really like this piece, the formal shape contrasted with the multiple ribbed added bit on the lip, more striking for being clearly added because of the color difference. 2001-09-02fs





Glass with Mixed Media by Fleming"Thomas Fleming (b. 1951) US Goblet #10-AJ, 1978, Blown glass with mixed media, engraved." p.88
MF Although this is a two part assemblage with the white material almost certainly clear silicone sealant, I scanned it because I like it as a possible blown idea, although very hard (for me) to do. If you enlarge the image (click on it) you will see the footed (outer) goblet has a ragged/broken edge and the upper goblet bowl is set inside it. 2001-8-31







Glass hammer by Frabel"Hans Godo Frabel (b. 1941) US 'Hammer' 1978, Flameworked" p.165 MF - although this is lampworked, it is in the spirit of the Tool Series I sketched out to fuse, cast, or furnace work so it is here as a reminder.






Blown piece with inclusions in stem by Harned"Richard Harned (b. 1951) US 'Goblet' 1977, ... Blown hot-formed inclusions" p. 161
MF I scanned this because I like the shape and the three piece structure, which is barely within my abilities. I don't actually like the colored inclusion (don't like the shape in big wood sculptures either) but as I sit here looking at it, first liking the overall shape, that several interesting things might be done with the center section - marbles, bubbles, insert piece with bubble.






Blown vase with engraved images by Hoff"Paul Hoff (b. 1945) Sweden, Transjo Hytta, 'Brush Bowl' 1983, ... Blown, Sandblasted, engraved. ht: 13.8 cm, dia 23.2 cm" p152
MF: scanned because I really like the shape and the detail of the foot, contrasting color and slight extra stability, especially visually. The Brushes are the images sandblasted and etched across the bowl. When I entered the dimensions, I realized the image distorts or the size is wrong, because as given it is twice as wide as tall and as shown it is about as tall as wide.




Cane drawings on internal layersDavid R. Huchthausen (b. 1951) Fantasy Vessel No. 21, 1976 18.1 cm tall. p.68. Color drawn with cane on hot on various layers as piece is developed.

MF I like the multilayer concept, within my limits as glass worker 2001-08-31





Engraved Martinuzzi piece"Paolo Martinuzzi ( b. 1933) Italy, untitled, 1976, blown, inscribed 23 cm ht." p 164
MF I scanned this because I really like the effect of the simple circular scribing. With the given height (about 9.5" of which the base is about 1.5") There are about 50 lines from the center to the top rim and about 65 from the center to the bottom and looking very closely, the lines go around the shoulder, they weren't just scribed with a compass. If the glass ht is 230 mm minus 40 mm for the wood, thus 190, the lines are just under 2 mm apart, perhaps 1/16th inch!





Laminated glass blown after forming Patti"Thomas Patti (b. 1943) US 'Solar Riser Series #LH4 Laminated sheet glass, blown, cut, polished and signed. ht 14.1 cm" p.203
MF I really like the blown bubble in the two colors sheet glass. 2001-09-02







Lamp like object by Powers"Corey R. Powers (b. 1949) US, Untitled, 1981, Blown, manipulated while hot. 14.1 cm hi" p.187
MF - I was first struck by how lamplike this looked, but closer examination of the original picture showed that the clear bottom is solid and the white cone may be a color skin on a bubble. The top may be solid. There is more glass here than first sight suggests. Would like to see the original. And still like it as the basis for a lamp. 2001-09-02




Clear glass sculpture by Seguso"Livio Seguso (b. 1930), Italy, 'Particulars Extending'" p. 142
MF a stunning piece of hot formed clear glass (like the Glassblower on the same page), close examination of the photo suggests it is a plate shape bent in the middle and applied to the egg shape, although it could be that the egg was plunged into the end of a flattened bubble which was then trimmed and shaped. Since there is no visible punty mark, it was presumably ground and polished off.



Clear bubble glasswork by Simpson"Josh Simpson (b. 1949) 'Grid Bubble' 1983, Hot-formed, air trap, ht: 8.5 cm" p. 229
MF the perfect sphere, catching the grid on the back, is neat. The specs do not indicate the front is ground flat and polished, but it would seem to have to be, to me. 2001-09-02






Blown glass with color overlayed with clear streak by Valkema"Sybren Valkema (b. 1916) 'Unica' 1973, The Netherlands, 29.6 cm tall" P. 63 (used in GLOS-BIT.HTM) Like effect of dripped trail across color.










Solid work with veiling and inserted bubble by Vigletti "Sylvia B Vigletti (b. 1933) US untitled, 1977, Hot-worked glass with air trap reduced internal silver veiling" p. 128
Scanned to illustrate Air Trap, shows example that is open, and how it was made can be seen, but the perfect sphere is difficult. Also illustrates Veiling.





Solid sculpture with internal bubble by Warff "Goran Wärff (b. 1933) Sweden, Kosta Boda, 'The Glassblower' from the 'Glass is Liquid Series' 1981 " p. 142
This was scanned because it was so silly and delighted me, even if I could//would not make it. The quality of the glass, the air trap throat, the drawn on hot bits, and of course the glass slopping out of the glass bowl








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