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2012-01-03  Rev. see below


2017 Edits
2017-01-01 Marty Parish RIP CLCHS
2015 Edits
2016 Edits
2016-02-23 Add Preston & River to 1019 Dogs, modify
2016-06-09 Add images of paintings from 564 now with cousins.
2016-06-17 Wishlist - remove Lumiline source link at guy's request.
2016-09-19 Repair, modify guide dog listings, mfirth/myblind.htm, adjust dates/tense firthm/1019.htm,

2015 Edits

2015-02-22  GAS.HTM  add 2014, 2015 summary data,  hotbit55.htm  change dates, add GAS 2015, add GLASSDYN to Sources.
2015-02-12  CIS-ADDR  add Gigi Visa 
2015-02-05  CLCHS1960.htm add two new deaths       
2015-07-05  CLCHS1960.htm add new death
2015-07-27  CLCHS1960.htm add new death

2014 Edits

 2014-02-25  Louise.htm add two new images, learn    

 2014-03-03  Louise.htm add Merchant image, 03-06 add e-mail address
 2014-04-06 CLCHS; Vanderwalker
 2014-05-29 CLCHS; Michels
2014-10-14 meltmetl.htm add link to YouTube series on casting after discovery.


2013 Edits

2013-01-14  Add all of glenda.htm in subdirectory

2013-01-15 Art Giovannoni death to CLCHS; 2013-01-20 corrected to Art's son dying.

2013-01-28 Add link to Casteline for Modeling
2013-02-13 Add hotbit55, update hotbit54 & hb-toc, correct hb-toc for missing local link symbols and issue part of tables 53-55
3013-02-15&16 Add Glassweekend and Glass Journal to hotbit55
2013-03-09 Add lid band image to Firehole directions and internal links
2013-06-02 New Glass Review to hotbit55  Ma
2013-08-30 Add images and comment to projects on things missed - Gutter & cleaner, Apple backpack, frame usage, In Ideas.htm add ceiling outlet stored cord.
2013-09-05 Add obits & lost to CLCHS1960
2013-11-05 Kathy Montrym Eisenmann death to CLCHS;
2013-11-06 Add better color half picture of seascape with note to LouiseKelly,
2013-11-27 Change HB link on Sitemap, check Chicago dates in HB55, adjust review dates.


2012 Edits
2012-01-03 Setup Hotbit54 (2012), modify Hotbit53 to point to new file. Setup firthg/2012note.htm   Fix mixed date order in firthg/2011note.htm;  Update Hot Glass Bits Table of Contents, not done since 2009, correct & update summary contents table of links since 2008;  Insert Tables of Contents from file for 2009-2011 (51-53), Add Bookmarks for HB numbers,
  Update sitemap.htm to HB54 & Changes;
2012-01-15 Add notes from Y!A  to Modeling, plus image of 3hands, small notes to CastGobl
2012-01-25 Hotbit54 Summer class sessions
2012-01-28 whirljig Add image of real windmill to mine with link
2012-01-29 Huber/Geske update CLCHS60; 2012 Note
2012-02-08 Add auction prices to LouiseKelly, fix link errors (../ in front)
2012-02-14 Change capitalization of AuctionPrices.jpg and Beard Gallery brochure to lower case and conform
2012-02-23 Start work on Polymer page, Adj. clay-gls.htm & metalctr.htm
2012-02-24 Continue Polymer related changes.
2012-02-25 Repair ToolsBuilt on Projects.htm - just a couple but fairly heavy reedit. Continue Polymer/Snow church
2012-03-08 Add lazy susan bearing to tool making ; power strip to Ideas
2012-03-12 CLCHS1960 add deceased, correct notes at bottom to match previously changed column headers;
    hotbit54.htm post Dallas Chihuly show and Spring 2012 Glass qrtly.
2012-03-20 Add Sagara to Favorites Books
2012-03-28 Add Ring Holder to Glos-obj.htm
2012-04-08 Add links to polymerclay.htm to metalctr.htm, add Mesa Art Center to Classes
 -06-18 Polymer clay B&W church images and narrative. Hail damage to glass whirlies. Dallas Water fountains Favorites
 -06-28 After receipt of complaining e-mail, removed phone number for Zero Gravity Glass from hotbit36 and texasgls
 -07-11 Add reference to Delphi Band Saws to bottle/saw and size notes
 -07-29 Add Barb Davidson death to firthm\clchs1960.htm
 -08-31 Add video link to CHS District 155 video  firthm\clchs1960.htm; add image and description to craft MakerSpace item crftdal.htm
2012-09-03 Add Meclizine to Ideas
2012-09-12 Revise firthg\nlsbrlprf.htm to update to current conditions.  Edit and rearrange lines firthm\1019home.htm Change links there and on Sitemap to Other Mike Firth's Around World
2012-09-24 Add to factual books in Favorites
2012-10-02 Add larger and detailed view of furnace pictures, links; change size of GIF drawings in doors.htm
2012-10-03 Add links to building images to housing.htm, add Allison to hotwalls.htm
2012-10-10 Links within polymer clay, move Polymer clay up in metal center.
2012-10-12 Start Clay & Clays in Modeling.htm and add to and rearrange index table
2012-10-18 Change link to Analog in Control.htm and add link to data sheet. Back up data sheet to backup/ Add ref to HGB of OxyProbe; Refer to 2013 GAS conference
2012-10-27 Begin image page and notes of visit to Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum.
2012-10-30 Add to Chihuly page and link on Hot Glass Bits, Add Dan Conway death to CLCHS1960 page, Hail storm add glass image & link to Chihuly.
2012-10-31 Further changes of text on Chihuly and links to 1019.hail.
2012-11-09 Update password file with Ceramics Monthly and Kelloggs
2012-11-19 Add English Wheel to repousse.htm and sheetmtl.htm
2012-11-22 Joanna Debeer deceased firthm\clchs1960.htm
2012-12-06 Fix Pratchett link from Sagara in favorite.htm

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