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  Jun 13 - 15, 2013
Glass Art Society 43rd Annual Conference
in Boston, MA

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CHIHULY SHOW EXTENDED-VISIT - I finally made it out to the Dale Chihuly outdoor glass exhibit in what I thought was the final two weeks only to find it had been extended to the end of the year, in part due to the sold out popularity of the evening presentations of the lighted glass.  My daytime visit is documented here. The Arboretum is much bigger than the last time I visited and massively impressive; a great setting for the many arrangements of glass. 2012-10-30
HAIL STORM - Dallas was struck by a monster hail storm June 13 that came down two parallel paths and did about $100 million dollars damage including to my roof and taking out my outdoor glass and gutters.with only slight damage to the Chihuly Show. 2012-10-30
OXY SENSOR - Sent in after an exchange about the AD595 K-Type thermocouple chip (which now has a reference to the datasheet)  is this very nice exploration of using an exhaust sniffer from an auto for lower cost oxygen measure the_kiln_exhaust_sniffer.pdf Thanks to Frederik Wentzel 2012-10-18
NEW GLASS OBJECT - Adding new objects to the Glass Objects Glossary is at a dead slow pace because most things are already on the list, but a year after the last one a Ring Holder spotted at a local art gallery offers one. It looks like an inverted mushroom with finger sized tapering stem for holding rings taken off for the night, etc. that might get scattered on a dressing table. 2012-03-28
CHIHULY OUTDOOR DALLAS EXHIBIT - The Dallas Arboretum has announced a "mega exhibit" of Dale Chihuly's glass sculptures for May 5 to Nov.5 supported in part by AT&T & Bank of America. The Arboretum is located on the acreage of two large estates overlooking the southeast shore of White Rock Lake on Garland Road northeast of downtown on the 60 bus route from downtown which starts at Union Station. Images on the web site, obviously pre-installation show hillside and water pieces which are both possible, but probably not in the lake.  2012-03-12
GLASS QUARTERLY SPRING 2012 arrived a short while back and opening it after seeing the Chihuly info above with lots of color struck me as ironic, as "The Lion in Winter" features uncolored (white) pieces the journal labels as "a more reflective mood" in his early 70's.  The pictures show pieces similar to many of his color but with inner patterns that might be milk in ice. Also several are more geometric "it felt like one of Chihuly's early exhibitions". Other major articles cover Beverly Fishman's enamel on polished stainless steel and large glass medicine capsules; Andrew Erdos' silvered glass 'mice' exhibited with light from videos; and the sharing of Navy Pier by SOFA and Outsider Art as good since some outsider art incorporates glass, with numerous example images.  Among the glorious glass in the ads, the reviews, and the notes are a profile of Karol Wight the new executive director of the Corning Museum of Glass which is expanding [while Steuben has shut down years after Corning sold it] and the curious note that a residency starting in March (now) will have 3 young artists build a duplicate of the glass furnace at the Toledo Museum of Art that "started the Studio Glass movement" 50 years ago and then work from it. [Probably with better glass.] As noted in the box above, the 2012 GAS conference will be held in Toledo to honor the semi-centennial.  2012-03-12
THREE SUMMER CLASS SITES - Information on hand for three locations offering weeklong glassblowing (and other) classes continues the trend of not sending out catalogs - referring people to the Internet.  Pilchuck 2012 is a long narrow poster showing a montage of glassblowing studio scenes and a list of instructors on one side and several detailed listings of class information - but just titles and instructors by weeks - on the back.  The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass announces on its catalog cover that it is going digital.  And Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program, in western Massachusetts, lists all its 2012 Adult Workshops and Weekend Intensives with descriptions in a glossy magazine sized catalog while also having the info online at
Pilchuck lists classes at  This overwhelmingly influential all glass campus outside Seattle attracts the highest quality producers of studio glass as instructors for 2-3 week sessions from May 21 to Sept.8  Entry to classes is competitive and the primary deadline is Feb. 13.  Fees are not in the brochure and online we find $2,380 for the shorter sessions and $3,380 for the longer plus a utility fee of $155-375 coded to the session content.  The main fee covers tuition, room and board. Most housing is multiple with an added fee for singles.  Most sessions include 3 classes using a furnace studio in some way and one each with lampworking and kiln or other use of glass.  I would expect that a person without current glass experience would find going a confusing waste of money; I never tried. Class levels vary. I visited the site during the 2003 GAS Conference to see my photos.
The Studio in Corning NY will go to a similar flier in fall 2012, referring to which lists classes now.  The site offers weekend and weekly classes in the spring and 1 & 2 week sessions in the summer from June 4 to Sept.8. Generally each session offers one class each in furnace and lamp working glass plus another that may be kiln, cold worked, or other use of glass.  A variety of experience levels are offered. Tuition is $775 for 1 week and $1,445 for 2 weeks plus room and board for $520 per week with housing at a Days Inn in 2 person rooms. Meals are done with vouchers at local restaurants with lunches brought in for class discussion time. I did a class in 1999 and the studio space has been redone since then.
Snow Farm, unlike the two previous, is not an all glass program. In addition to a glassblowing, lampworking, and kiln worked class in most sessions, there are classes in ceramics, textile art, woodworking, drawing or painting, welding or blacksmithing, jewelry metals, photography, and other media which may include basket, paper, mosaic, polymer clay or PMC. What this might mean is that a person interested in glass might take a spouse/other along to take a parallel class.  A trade off is that most of the glassblowing classes are intermediate or lower.  Some sessions are specifically aimed at older folks or multiple generation attendance. Costs vary with the instructor, materials and length of class but two examples are a weeklong Glassblowing for Everyone at $840 for tuition, room, meals and a 3 day Beginning Glassblowing with $385 Tuition, $100 Lab Fee, $175 Room and Meals.  Rooms are dormitory double occupancy with shared single sex bathrooms. Meals are from lunch the first day to lunch the last day. 2012-01-25
Other major summer programs are UrbanGlass (off line at this moment), Penland (5 sessions with various glass techniques), and Haystack (4 2 week glass sessions one with Danté Marioni), the first being all glass and the latter two mixed crafts.