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Firth is not all that common a name, although Mike (Michael) certainly is (#1 Social Security baby name for over 30 years).
There are even two Mike Firth's in Dallas, the other being an auto mechanic.

I have been contacted by people sharing my name for various reasons, usually because we share an interest like glass. Recently, when I went looking for my own name on the Internet, so I could correct any remaining links to my glassblowing web site. In the process, I came across a few links to Mike Firth around the world, so I decided to make this links page.

Even Dr. Seuss wrote to Mike Firth (possibly my father, I am checking). You will have to Ctrl-F or otherwise Find "Mike Firth" in several places in this long document. (Since deleted)

Mike Firth in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, Great Britain (a cute web site)

This one only has Mike Firth as a band member, but the site is the alumni of the high school at Clark Air Force Base, the Philippines, now closed. Exact page with Mike Firth

Preston Helicopter Services is a Western Australian-owned helicopter charter company that has been in operation for 10 years. Over this time the owner and Chief Pilot, Mike Firth, has built up the company into a four-helicopter operation. Bases include the head office at Jandakot Airport, Perth City Helipad, and Auski Roadhouse (Karijini National Park).

Subject: Re: Keep up the good work
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 15:07:31 +0800
From: Preston Helicopters <info@prestonheli.com.au>
To: Mike Firth <mikefirth@ticnet.com>
Well, you must be a nice bloke!!

thanks for the friendly hello. You were very sensible stopping your licence! It is hard work and increasingly regulated, with little return!
Thanks for your interest.

Jo Firth
At 11:59 PM 20/07/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Mike Firth
> I was looking for errors in search engine listings of my web site and
>found you listed. Mike Firth appears around the world (there are two in
>Dallas Texas where I am.) I once was working for a pilots license, but
>stopped when I realized how much maintenance of it would cost through
>college, etc. Keep on flying.

This high powered math Mike Firth has a number references like this, but I can't get a look at the document because the page is bad. But I really want to know what lazy functions are! Colin Runciman, Ian Toyn, and Mike Firth. An incremental, exploratory and transformational environment for the lazy functional programming. Journal of Functional Programming, 3(1):93-115, January 1993.

This Mike Firth is a Morris Dancer in England, contact for at least two groups. I have actually done Morris Dancing, at Berea College's Christmas Country Dance School in the mid-60's, an event that is still going on. Berea student crafts are very nice.

Banker, non-executive Director of British Netrail system that owns and operates the infrastructure

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Michael Firth - Director. Michael Firth's debut feature, 70s ski movie Off the Edge, was the first New Zealand feature to be nominated for an Academy Award.