Louise Minert Kelly
[nee Louisa Minert]
June 14 1876 - Feb. 5, 1948*

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BIOGRAPHY by Mike Firth
This page could be the story of my search for information or a record of the information on my great-aunt Louise Kelly.
It has turned out to be a bit of both. It began when I looked up information about her and found that art reference books showed no birth or death dates. The various sections of this long page, indexed above, detail my various discoveries, while this is a summary biography. The fact this page exists in search engines has resulted in contacts from people who hold some of her paintings.

Louse Minert was born in Waukon IA, on June 14, 1876, the date a late discovery on my part. She married on June 6, 1906 after teaching for several years in Waukon, Austin MN and Two Harbors MN; the marriage ending her teaching under the rules of that time. She lived with her husband, Edward P. Kelly, in Carrington, ND, till 1920 and then in Minneapolis, MN until his death in 1939 and then in Ames, IA, with her sisters until her death, Feb. 5, 1948. Any birth records for her are buried under bureaucracy in Des Moines where only children can call for them -- she had no children.

Louise (shown as Louisa on some Census sheets) had three sisters, Emily E., who died as a child, Maud, and Ella Mae, and two brothers, James G. and William, who was my grandfather, . Her parents were John Balch and Margaret J Minert and their genealogy information is included in privately published book. All are buried in Waukon IA. Her husband, Edward P. Kelly, was an increasing prominent attorney who gave a nominating speech in 1920 for Calvin Coolidge as Vice President and allowed Louise to live as a socially active lady and artist. She apparently met him in 1900 when he was the Census enumerator on her page for Austin MN.

Louise graduated from high school in 1895 at Waukon IA, which is in northeast Iowa, took some basic teacher training typical of the time and went to work teaching in Waukon. After 2 years there, she took some art training in Chicago and then taught for 5 years in Austin MN, not far north of the Iowa border, where she met her future husband. She then taught for 2 years in Two Harbors MN, way north on Lake Superior, getting married in Duluth MN shortly after the school year ended and moving to Carrington ND in the eastern part of that state. Although she and her husband traveled freely in the area, to Minneapolis MN, and back to her family's home, she lived in Carrington until 1920. During this period she and Edward were mentioned frequently in the newspaper social notices, probably partly provided by her. Also, both of her sisters married and Maud's husband, Otto Sharf, died soon after a child was born, so Maud came to live and teach in Carrington for a while. Ella Mae married Earl Duffin, at 19, (Oct. 5, 1898)  and separated from him after the 1910 census and he died 1916 (private note) (widow in 1930) Louise lived in Minneapolis in the Leamington Hotel from 1920 to after her husband's death in 1939. The three women lived together in Ames IA as widows during World War II and after.  Ella Mae died within a year of Louise and Maud moved to Pennsylvania where she died over a decade later.

Although Louise took some minimal painting training, apparently taught art, and produced a few paintings she gave as gifts before moving to Minneapolis, her activity increased considerably in the 1920's culminating in classes in Pennsylvania and sessions on the New England coast and finally a trip to France and Tunisia in 1927. A painting done on the trip was shown a painting in the Salon in Paris and returned to Minneapolis and had a show of the paintings she did there. She continued to work and interact with artists and appears in newspaper society ads "artist Louise Kelly gets her news from ..."  Content of paintings and memberships show that she traveled to the Cape Cod, Nantucket area and to the southern California & Mexico area to paint.  Other paintings probably from the 30's show scenes along the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior not far from where she taught earlier.  There are also large paintings showing scenes near Carrington ND.  She also did still-lifes of birds. According to some information she was an instructor in art at Iowa State (College at that time) which holds a couple of her paintings. 2011-01-30


I took a trip to the Upper Midwest in 2005 and took a number of Louise related pictures some of which are below and here:  2005sum.htm including grave sites, obituary, wedding announcement and paintings

An incidental look at Ancestry.com, which has an improved search return, reveals entries in the Iowa Census for 1885, 1895 & 1905 plus duplicate entries for the 1900 Federal Census for MN and IA where EPK was enumerator in MN!  1890 Census only a few states are available. 2007-04-18  I added images of the census logs now that more space is available on line. 2010-08-07
Newspaper research has found a lot of social bits that locate LK in 1914 and 1920, refuting some of the published biographical information.

The paintings of Louise Kelly, my great aunt, (right) hung in our house as I was growing up, a seashore of rocks and waves, a large green parrot and a French country road scene with tall slender trees flanking a road. She was an impressionist. At least one of her paintings in our house was destroyed in the fire of New Years Eve of 1964-65  Another of her paintings hung in Uncle Bill's (William Minert) home until his death. Several relatives hold works of hers  See further notes below. Louise and Edward Kelly in Carrington ND
As related in the message to my sister near the bottom of this page, I began looking while watching my favorite TV show, Antiques Roadshow. The entries below were copied at the library tonight (2001-11-06) I didn't copy the brief entry which is in Davenport that is the only one the mentions a price, $1200 for 36" x 48" Note that none gives a death date. [I became bugged by this lack and by the difficulty in finding a definate birth date for her which drove me to collect and research until today] Picture of Louise Kelly in women's club booklet
I don't recall if I ever saw (or if it is still there [yes]) the work in the Home Economics Hall at Iowa State during my time there, probably not. A lady reports that one belonging to her family hanging in the home provided the President of Iowa State University. She has sent me an image, but does not want me to post it. It is a country road scene with hay piles to the lower left, trees to the right and purple hills in the background. Another great aunt, Keo, was a professor at Iowa State and that may be the connection of Louise paintings to ISU. I am lately [2005-07-09] informed that Louise was a lecturer at Iowa State in the 40's, this would be after her husband died and she moved to Ames to live with her sisters. Louise Kelly while working on picture Jan 1933
In late 2002 and early 2003, I got an interlibrary loan from the Iowa State Library of the microfilms of the Ames Tribune from late 1948-early 1950, following on John Sharf's belief that she died in 1949 [my mistake] (despite the line below.)  These had to be used on the microfilm machines at the library downtown, a real pain, and were in many cases of poor quality - blurred. But the death notices seemed to appear on the front page only of the ones I looked at in detail, so I looked at every front page, looking for the story and did not find anything. Louise Kelly working on painting in ad 1930's
This picture appears in the booklet 1946 Artists of the Rockport Art Association, kindly sent by Margaret Redington, Assistant Director. To my mind it was clearly taken earlier, but it is such a nice portrait, I have included it. The caption underneath reads
Born in Iowa. Studied at Chicago Art Institute; George Elmer Browne
in France, Italy, Tunis; Leonard Richmond, London; Lester Stevens,
Rockport. Exhibited in Spring Salon, Paris and in numerous galleries
in this country. Member: Minneapolis Fine Arts; Chicago Galleries
Association; Rockport Art Association; League of American Pen-
women's first prize, Washington, D. C. and second prize, Chicago.
  Most of this information refers to events that occurred in the late 20's and early 30's. The e-mail from Ms. Redington says that this is the only time she was a member of the Rockport Art Association. 2006-05-31
Louise Kelly portrait in Rockport Art Association, Artists of


In an extraordinary bit of news, just as I was was giving up on confirming anything, the following e-mail arrived with a definite date of death. I have sent money to the state for a copy.
From: "Dorian Myhre"
Subject: Louise Minert Kelly
Date: Thursday, November 06, 2003 1:27 PM
Dear Mike:
  Bet you thought you'd never hear from me. I've been so busy and didn't want to promise anything. But I had a day off today so went to Administration Bldg. to check on Louise for you:
  Louise Minert Kelly, age 71, died 5 Feb. 1948 at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames, Story County, Iowa. They used Adams Funeral Home which is still in business in Ames, incidentally. The 1948 records (at the county level) are down to the bare bones but the death certificate from the State Dept. of Health in Des Moines should have parent's names, place of interment, birth date, etc.
Hope this helps.
Dorian Myhre
BIRTH: June 14, 1876
I have received the following note from Jean Sharf, the grand niece (daughter of John Sharf, son of Maud Minert Sharf, sister) of Louise Minert Kelly. So I finally asked in the right place. Jean has been selling books belonging to John after he has moved into an assisted living center and the book buyer found a link to me on the internet and so I called John and then called and exchanged e-mails with Jean. 2008-06-12 (could have come 2 days later!!)

In a bible imprinted maude minert sharf
"Louise Minert-Kelly
born Waukon, Ia — June 14 - 1876
Ames, Ia — Feb. 5 - 1948"

Earlier Research Chain that got Close.
Through the wonderful courtesy of Phyllis Peterson via e-mail, I have been able to look at the pages for the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses (censi?) for all the details on the originals. The pages she found and forwarded from Ancestry.com I could have accessed using their short term free access, but it would have taken me a lot of minutes to work through the links to the county and page. By taking the dates of each census and additional information offered on the lines of the people.
A curious fact is that Louise was actually enumerated twice in the 1900 census. In May she was counted in Austin MN where she was teaching and in June she was counted at her father's house in Waukon IA, where, as an unmarried woman she had to be and only unmarried women could teach. But even more curious is the name of enumerator at the top of the page for the Minnesota census - Edward P. Kelly - who she married 6 years later after finishing the school year in another district. 2010-07-28 [after spending last 4 months working on 2010 Census.]

Census page in MN in 1900

Census page in IA in 1900

Census ages, names and notes
Census of   Name Notes Date of page Location
1880 Age: 3 Louisa   1880-06-08 Waukon IA
1885 Age: 8 Louisa Iowa Census   Waukon, Allamakee, Iowa, 3 kids 3-8
1890 Records destroyed in fire in   Washington DC    
1895 Age: 18   Iowa Census   9 kids in family, 10 to 21
1900a Age: 23 (May 77 birthday wrong) Louise Enumerator:
E.P.Kelly !!

1900 - Austin Ward 1, Mower, Minnesota

1900b Age: 23 Louise A. "Born: June 1876"
"Teaches in School"
1900-06-12 Waukon IA
1905 Age: 28 Louise 1905 Iowa Census 1905 Waukon IA
  Married: 1906-06-06 Louise A. In Carrington ND paper    
1910 Age: 33 Louise "Married: 3 years" 1910-04-16 Carrington ND
1920 Age: 42 [MF:wrong] Louise M. "Occupation: None" 1920-01-15 Carrington ND
1930 Age: 53 Louise "1st Marriage at Age:29",
1930-04-08 Minneapolis MN

Note: The enumerator in the 1900a census is her future husband, E.B.Kelly!
Also, her birthday makes her a year younger, and she was counted twice.

 The dates of 1880 & 1900b censuses put her birthday after early June 1876, the second saying she was born in June. The Married line combined with 1930 census agrees with birthday after early June. Little is gained from the 1910 census other than confirmation. The age in the 1920 census has simply got to be wrong in light of all the other numbers. The writing on careful examination does not permit the copout that the 2 might be a 3 because the 2 looks like other 2's on the page.
  I am now going to be looking for wedding info to see if the birth date is given there. 2005-04-25 [Nope 2005-10-08]

"I checked the 1920 census and Edward P. Kelly (44) and his wife Louise M. Kelly (42) were living in Carrington, Foster County, North Dakota. The census was taken on 15 Jan 1920." 
I checked the 1930 census:
Ellen M. Minert, widow, 51, 1st married at 19, was boarding with her sister Maude in Ames, Story, Iowa and was employed as a music teacher with her own studio.
Edward P. Kelly (age 54, estimated born 1875) and Louise Kelly (53, estimated born 1876) are living in Minneapolis. "
   Phyllis Peterson, Nov.16, 2003

http://pubweb.acns.nwu.edu/~osmun/JohnMinert.htm this web site has this line.
"Louisa, born 1876 in Waukon, Allamakee County, Iowa and married Edward Patrick Kelly and died in 1948" under John Balch Minert.
  [Her name as Louisa appears in the 1880 census. Several places Louise A appears, including her wedding announcement in the Carrington paper, presumably called in by her new husband. I suspect she got fed up with people taking Louisa Minert as Louise A. Minert and perhaps thought Louise was more grownup than Louisa. MF]

Dates in Louise Kelly's Life [nee: Louisa Minert]
1876-06-14 Born (various dated census ages & birth date) Confirmed from family bible.
1880-06-08 Living at home, age 3, 1880 Census
1885-01-01 Iowa Census, listed as Louisa, age 8, living at home, "as of January 1"  Image from Ancestry.com  2007-04-18
1890 Census not available to me. 2007-04-17 Apparently much of the 1890 census was lost.
1895-01-01 Iowa Census taken as of 01-01, listed as Louise,18, living at home, Image from Ancestry.com  2007-04-18
1895-06 Alumni of Waukon High School Class of ’95 (1895)
1896-98 sch.yr*? Taught 2 years in Waukon Schools - obit  *sch.yr=school year - Sept-June approx.
1898-99 sch.yr* School in Chicago, Art Institute and Chicago Musical College - obit & Inst. report, one session
1899-1904 sch.yr* Taught in Austin MN (married while teaching [elsewhere] - obit) (taught in Austin for 5 years, wedding clipping)
1900-06-11 Listed as Louisa in federal census as living as teacher in Minn. in May. born May 1877 age 23, Austin Ward 1, Mower Co., Minnesota Edward P. Kelly enumerator [future husband?], Image from Ancestry.com 2007-04-18
1900-06-12 Listed as Louisa in IA pages federal census, At home in Waukon with father at 1900 census. ("Age 23, Born June 1876")
1904-1906 sch.yr* Taught in Two Harbors MN (2 years per wedding story)
1905 Listed in Iowa Census as Louise, living with family, image from Ancestry.com  2007-04-18
1905-05 E.P.Kelly moves to Carrington ND (wedding story)
1905 Kelly was active in Carrington, North Dakota, from 1905 to 1918, with time out for travel to Europe. Dawdy
1906-06-06 "On June 6, 1906, Mr. Kelly married Miss Louise A. Minert of Waukon, Iowa" 1923 History of Minneapolis
" A quiet Wedding took place in Duluth this morning when Edward P. Kelly and Miss Louise Minert were united in marriage by Rev. Father Smith" (Austin paper wedding clipping, 6/6/1906) "Edward P. Kelly, one of our popular attorneys, and Miss Louise A. Minert of Waukon, Iowa were married in the church presided over by Rev. F. Smithers of Duluth on Wed. at 9 am" (Carrington ND clipping 6/7/1906 Thur)  Honeymoon cruise on great lakes.
1906-11-06 EPK gets 29% of county vote for states attorney as a write in. (news microfilm)
1906-12-27 Mr. & Mrs. begin pattern of going to Austin MN or Waukon IA or both just after Christmas (news microfilms)


"new officers of study club … Vice President, Mrs. E.P.Kelly" (news microfilm)
1908 -08-13

"J.W.Minert, a brother of Mrs. E.P.Kelly is here from Waukon, Ia, for a visit." (news microfilm)

1908-09-03 Sister Maude arrives to teach music and art in school district. (news microfilm)
1914 A water color called "Scene in Holland" is dated 1914. Dawdy [Not likely, in Carrington area all year, war]
1919-05-08 "light case of typhoid fever at Waukon" which extends to Sept 25 when finally returns from Lakes (film)
1920-01-15 "I checked the 1920 census and Edward P. Kelly (44) and his wife Louisa M. Kelly (42) were living in Carrington, Foster County, North Dakota. The census was taken on 15 Jan 1920."  Peterson
1920-01 "maintained a law office until January, 1920, and then came to Minneapolis," 1923 History of Minneapolis [Doubtful as still practicing in Carrington on 3/25 per newspaper notice.]
1920-06-05 Attorney and Mrs. E.P.Kelly leave for Minneapolis (film) after departure parties. Kelly immediately goes to Chicago for Republican convention and gives nomination speech for Coolidge for V.P.
1925 residence at the Leamington Hotel per city directory. Minn.Pub.Lib.
1929 "Apt. 902. Leamington Hotel" Fielding's Dictionary
1930 "I checked the 1930 census:: Edward P. Kelly (age 54, estimated born 1875) and Louise Kelly (53, estimated born 1876) are living in Minneapolis. " Peterson
residence at the Leamington Hotel per city directory. Minn.Pub.Lib.
1933-01-06 Portrayed in Minneapolis Tribune working on painting of parrot with wings spread. "chair of the art section of the MN branch of National League of American Pen Women"
1934 "She continued her travels for two more decades—England in 1934, and various trips to Carmel and Laguna Beach, California." Dawdy
1935 residence at the Leamington Hotel per city directory. Minn.Pub.Lib.
1936-09 Program at Austin, MN, Woman's Club which later purchased painting. Active in 20's & 30's as club woman and officer of Federated Woman's Clubs. [MF visit to Austin]
1939-03-13 Edward P. Kelly dies suddenly in Los Angeles on street, buried in Austin MN - Sharf, obit   Buried in family plot in Austin  [Previously posted> CertID# 1936-MN-021033 04/21/1936 HENNEPIN is wrong, died in 1939 per obit.]
1939 Moved to Ames IA to live with widowed sisters - obit.
1940s Lectured on art at Iowa State [ISU curator]
1948-02-05 Died in Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames IA,  Buried in family plot in Waukon IA - obit

EXTRACTED FROM: History of Minneapolis, Gateway to the Northwest; Chicago-Minneapolis, The S J Clarke Publishing Co, 1923; Edited by: Rev. Marion Daniel Shutter, D.D., LL.D.; Volume I - Shutter (Historical); volume II - Biographical; volume III - Biographical
Vol II, pg 513-514  [The information attached to the Kelly description on the internet site http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hom&id=I2035  is wrong people, Post-Um added 2003-12-06 
http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hom&id=I2038  ]

Alumni of Waukon High School 1879-1929
- source: 1929 Walk-On (Waukon) Yearbook, Volume Two; published by the Senior Class of the Waukon High School. Class of ’95 (1895)
[Address in 1929]
Louise Minert-Kelly -- Minneapolis, Minnesota
[ 2003-08-18]

Allamakee Co. School Records - Waukon 

Alumni of Waukon High School 1879-1929

  • Class of ’95 (1895)

George H. Burton -- Norfolk, Nebraska
Ruby L. Dayton-Niehaus -- Waukon, Iowa
Maye Ferguson -- Chicago, Illinois
Evy Gibbs-Howe -- Waukon, Iowa
Watson R. Hanscom -- Deceased
Clara Helming -- New York City, New York
Mabel E. Johnson -- Deceased
Lilah McGoon-Johnson -- Waukon, Iowa
Louise Minert-Kelly -- Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ethel Mills-Goepel -- Britt, Iowa
Edward A. Purdy -- Minneapolis, Minnesota
Belle Ratcliffe -- Pasadena, California
Effie Siekmeier-Stock -- Canyon, Texas


Corrected text from obituary in Ames Tribune, Feb 5th, 1948.

Mrs. Kelly Dies This Morning

Louise Minert Kelly, 211 Beech avenue, died this morning at 8:15 in Mary Greeley hospital of a cerebral hemorrhage. She had been ill one week. Mrs. Kelly, an artist of national reputation, had been in Ames since 1939.

She was born In Waukon, Ia., the daughter of John and Margaret Minert, and the eldest of a family of five. She spent her childhood in Waukon and was graduated from the schools there. she taught for two years in Waukon public schools before going to Chicago to further her training in art and music at the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Musical college. Later while teaching at Austin. Minn.. she married Edward P. Kelley, an attorney.


They established their home in Carrington. N. D., where they were active in church and civic life and later moved to Minneapolis which was their home for many years.   Mrs. Kelley traveled extensively and gradually achieved recognition as an artist, having had a picture exhibited in the Paris Salon at one time.

It was after her husband’s death in 1939 that Mrs. Kelly came to Ames to live with two sisters, Mrs. Maud M. Sharf and Ella Mae Minert.  A brother, John W. Minert, also lives in this city, and a second brother. James G. Minert, preceded her in death.

Mrs. Kelly was a member of the Minneapolis Fine Arts club, the Chicago Galleries association, the Rockport Art association and the League of American Penwomen. She belonged to the Hennepin Methodist church in Minneapolis.

Funeral services will be Saturday at 2 p. m. in the Adams chapel in charge of Rev. G. S. Nichols.

NOTES: This is a proofread version of an OCR conversion of the scan of the article in the Feb. 5th, 1948 Ames Tribune. The spelling and punctuation curiosities of the original have not been corrected, although hyphenated words have been merged. These include (along with other notes)
1. avenue  not capitalized
2. The Sat. Jan 31, 1948, edition of the paper, on the same film, reports for Mary Greeley Hospital "Admitted yesterday Mrs. Louise Kelly, 211 Beech avenue." (sic – avenue not capitalized)
3. Ia. Old abbreviation
4. she  not capitalized at start of sentence
5. Two different spellings of Kelly/Kelley in the one article. The former believed correct in all these cases.
6. 1939 Death date elsewhere given as 1936
7. According to wedding announcement found in Austin MN paper, she was married in Duluth MN after teaching in Two Harbors for two years after departing Austin MN teaching the for 5 years.

 In 2005, I traveled in the Midwest and visited several places related to Louise. These are documented on 2005sum.htm#AUSTINMN


 [from 2005 trip report] While waiting for the Hormel House to open to follow up on an e-mail I got the weekend I left, I went to the Austin Library and asked for the microfilm for the Austin paper for March 1939. Almost by chance, I asked if the 1906 paper was on microfilm, and it was. Thus I got a funeral notice on Edward Kelly and a marriage announcement that had a lot more biographical information than I expected including the discovery that they were married in Duluth.

E.P.Kelly obituary copy  "The funeral of the Late Attorney Edward P. Kelly will be at St. Augustine's church tomorrow morning at 9:00 o'clock. The body was brought from California where Mr. Kelly died of heart disease Monday at Los Angeles. While Mr. Kelly knew about it and had taken treatment for heart trouble, he had kept the knowledge of his condition from his immediate family.
 Those here to attend the funeral besides Mrs. Kelly are Matt Kelly of Mason City, Judge James Norris of the supreme bench of North Dakota, a partner of Mr. Kelly when was located at Carrington in that state, Mr. and Mrs. P.J.Maloney and sons John and Joseph of St. Paul, Miss Kathryn Kelly of St. Paul, Mrs. Elizabeth Nash of St. Paul, G.S.Newberry of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. J.O.Minert of Waukon Iowa, Ella May Minert and Mrs. George Sharf of Ames, John M. Sharf of Washington D.C. and J.F.Maroney of Mason City. [Typed from larger original that is more readable 2008-10-14]

Minert-Kelly Wedding announcement 6/6/1906 WEDDINGS - MINERT-KELLY A quiet wedding took place in Duluth this morning when Edward P. Kelly and Miss Louise Minert were united in marriage by Rev. Father Smith. There were no relatives of either party present at the ceremony. After a short lake trip, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly will go at once to house keeping at their home in Carrington, N.D.
  The wedding is one in which Austin people are thoroughly interested. The groom is an old Austin buy and he made his home among us until a year ago last May when he removed to Carrington, N.D. He was successful in his work in Austin where is was a partner in the firm of French & Kelly, but he has met with even greater success in Dakota. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Kelly on Moscow Street. The thoughts and good wishes of not only relatives but hosts of friends were with him on his wedding day. Austin also has her claim on the bride who for five years was a popular and successful teacher of drawing and music in our city schools. She left Austin two years ago to take up her work in Two Harbors Minnesota. Austin friends have never forgotten her and when she has returned here upon brief visits she has always drawn about her a large circle of devoted friends
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly will visit at the Kelly home in Austin  next august. [Typed from larger original that is more readable 2008-10-14]

Minert Family site, Waukon IA, with plates for sisters

Grave site in Waukon, IA. Louise is nearest plaque on left. Big upright stone says Minert on this side and Arklay on other.
Minert family grave site in Waukon IA

Leamington Hotel, Minneapolis MN - in 1912
Large residential and general hotel that Louise and Edward Kelly lived in from 1920 to 1939. Some views of the hotel show 3 additional tall penthouse floors added before 1961. Torn down in 1992. 2011-01-29
 John Minert Sharf, Inventor and Chemical Engineer, Dies at 99
John Minert Sharf, of Lancaster, PA, a much loved and distinguished chemical engineer and microbiologist, died March 8, 2010 at age 99. He invented and patented over one dozen systems for transporting and protecting food and beverages, including synthetic champagne stoppers. Dr. Sharf had a passionate interest in public health, setting standards for food safety and hygiene used today in food packaging, hospitals and hotels worldwide.

Dr. Sharf was born in Richfield, Utah to Otto and Maud Minert Sharf. He grew up in Waukon, Iowa with his young-widowed mother and two aunts, artist Louise Minert Kelly and musician Ella Mae Minert.

He earned his PhD in chemical engineering and microbiology at Iowa State University, working summers in construction, agriculture, paving and as a cook in the US Forestry Service in Idaho.

His post-doctoral studies on high pressure gas systems and distillations began as a Rockefeller Scholar at Karlsruhe University in Germany. While there he helped clarify technical terms for a German/English science dictionary. He then studied the storage and long-distance shipping of fruits and meats at the University of London's Ramsay School of Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Sharf's professional career began at the National Soft Drink Association in Washington, DC representing the organization before federal and state regulatory agencies on food quality and safety issues. He then joined Armstrong World Industries (previously Armstrong Cork Company) in Lancaster, where he managed research on food and drug packaging, quality control and strategies for manufacturers to use glass packaging instead of metals during World War II. He also was a scientist-on-loan to the Atomic Energy Commission's Mercury Flats atomic test site in Nevada, analyzing food and drug products exposed to radiation.

Dr. Sharf ended his formal career as director of research for the Glass Packaging Institute in Washington, DC where he again worked with federal and state regulatory agencies. There he led a major environmental study of large glass melting furnaces.

He was a fellow of the American Public Health Association, a past editor for the American Public Health Association on Microbiology of Foods and a past president of the Society for Microbiology. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Sharf was married for 58 years to the former Margaret Helen Campbell of Chicago. Dr. and Mrs. Sharf were longtime residents and leaders of Charlotte Street in Lancaster. They are survived by their children James Campbell Sharf, PhD., President of Sharf & Associates of Alexandria, Virginia and Jean Minert Sharf, an accomplished artist and retired executive of RR Donnelley of Lancaster.

Dr. Sharf will be interred in a private family ceremony at the Oakland Cemetery in Waukon, Iowa. 2010-03-14

These are paintings that the owners have allowed me to show on the internet. The full list of paintings is below .
1I The seashore picture at Martin Firth home. This low quality color reproduction is from a slide taken for other reasons of the livingroom just before the fire. So this image comes from photographing the slide and pruning a small portion of that image.  The higher quality color of half the picture, shown below right, is all that is included in a photo taken in Lee Firth's 564 house in Crystal Lake while visiting with Jane on leave from the Army in early 1968. [2013-11-06]
The black and white below is a scan from a negative taken in a house we moved out of in the mid-1950's. 1
Louise Kelly seascape over mantle at 478 N.Shore Dr. c.1955
 Best full image taken 2015 at cousin's house.
Seascape of ocean waves between rocks view to horizon.
Louise Kelly seashore at Firth home about 1965
 Half of seascape from wedding picture.
Parrrot that was over mantle of MF growing up, now held by cousins after transfers
Parrot with wings spread standing in ring over bowl of fruit.
3I The French country side at Martin Firth home - almost a ghost image. These images come from a slide image found of the house where the painting is in the shadows off to the side of brightly lighted chair. The color is the best I can make, adjusted to square and for tone. The b&w reveals a few details, but it really helps to have seen the original. I believe there is a road down left which curves in an S between the two rows of trees mid-left. I recalled water mid right but it seems more likely to be fields. 2005-10-19 3 Louise Kelly countryside painting in Firth home abuut 1965Louise Kelly Firth french landscape image in B&W
  Two paintings below at Iowa State University where Louise taught during WWII
Pencil-sketch-like b&w presentation at request of Iowa State in protection of their copyright. In president's home, seen straight ahead from main entry to home.
4I Accession Number: U99.13
Object Title:
End of the Trail
Date of Work:
Artist: Kelly, Louise Minert
Country: USA
Description: Country scene. Oils in green, yellow, reds. There is a road in the center right front leading off in the distance over a hill. There are corn stalks and rolling fields of grain to left. A row of trees is on the lower right side of the road. In the center background is a red barn, a white house and several smaller farm buildings. There are trees and hills in the extreme background. White clouds with patches of blue showing through form the sky. There is a 3 1/2" wide wood frame, painted gold with shades of green overall. There is a brass plaque nailed to the center bottom of the frame with the following inscription: In Memory of Esther Gamble Liljidahl, presented by Laurence E. Liljedahl"  4

Louise Kelly painting, End of the Trail, at ISU

5I Accession Number: UM82.109
Object Title:
Artist: Kelly, Louise Minert
Date of Work: 20th century
Medium: Oil [MF
 The boat centered is red, the sea between the buildings right center is blue. The boat down right and the tallest building have a bright green while the bluff at left and the building at the right have a dark green. The sky is a deeper blue than the sea with lots of white clouds that are not defined in the sketch.] 5

Pencil-sketch-like b&w presentation at request of Iowa State in protection of their copyright. Found in office in McKay Hall, moved with department changes. Louise Kelly fishing village painting Truro Mass. at ISU

7I "The Valley of Saint Croix" held by Cousin Keo 7 Louise Kelly paiting "The Valley of Saint Croix"
14I Auctioned on ebay 2002-09-03

Midwest Estate Buyers

Here's a very interesting and colorful original painting by listed artist Louise Minert Kelly:

  • Title: "Pacific Coast of Mexico"
  • Signed "Louise Kelly" in the paint LL
  • Oil on board
  • 30 36 inches (76.2 91.44 cm)
  • Painted to the edges
  • Title in pencil on the verso
  • Loss of paint along the right edge
Louise Kelly "Pacific Coast of Mexico" paining sold on eBay
Louise Kelly enlargement of typical signature from "Pacific Coast of Mexico" in left corner
15I 1081. Louise Kelly (American, early 20th century), "A Day in August", c.1930; oil/canvas, 28" x 32", signed, titled, fine original frame. Kelly worked in Provincetown, MA and in Minneapolis. She was a member of the Provincetown Art Association and the Chicago Gallery Association. $1000-1500  15

http://www.treadwaygallery.com/9-11-12-99-sale/catalog/paintings/pg126.html Treadway Gallery sales leader in 20th Century Fine American & European Paintings

Sold for $1600, Sept. 12, 1999

Louise Kelly "A Fine Day in August" paintng at Treadway Gallery 1999 sale
18I According to the letter from Arlys Harmon in Carrington ND, this picture was donated by Louise Kelly to the high school in 1936 and it now hangs in the Putnam House, a historic property used as a cultural center and museum. It is about 4' by 5'. Called "Fall Harvest", it shows the hills outside Carrington 2004-01-11 A water color given by Louise to her in-laws in 1918 on their wedding is now owned by her daughter. [MF Based on further research, I have deleted previous posted statements here about this being painted before 1920 and donated at her husband's death.] 18 Louise Kelly painting "Fall Harvest" near Carrington SD
22I "Mexican Market"  Known from 2 examples, one labeled on back
Artist:  Louise Kelly
Title:  Mexican Market
Number:  1434
A Treasure Art Product
with a narrow gold frame, no signature. Denver CO
and this one with a wide white frame repainted with the painting in it per small paint marks on paper backing and painting. Brush strokes follow paint, reasonable signature (shown in another image) Ontario Canada 22
Louise Kelly painting "Mexican Market"
N1I  When I received copies of the newspaper clipping file on Louise Kelly from the Minneapolis Public Library, there were two photographs that showed three paintings. I manipulated the tilted images to square them up and the results are below

Painting she is working on in newspaper clipping photo
 (squared*  note distorted hand & brush) N1

Louse Kelly painting winter scene Minnesota
N2I  Painting she is looking at (note fingers and brush at left edge) in photo in newspaper clipping (squared* ) N2 Louse Kelly painting large parrot being done in Minneapolis
N3I  Painting hanging on wall in newspaper photo clipping (squared* ) N3


Louse Kelly painting of French landscape in her home about 1936
21I "A wonderful original watercolor Painting Signed LOUISE KELLY. This piece measures 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" in the frame. The actual painting is 20" x 14" on paper. On the back of the painting the title reads "DOCK SQUARE", "ROCKPORT CAPE ANN". The frame backing reads IRVINE PAINT & WALL PAPER STORE, 215 FIFTH ST. AMES IOWA. The painting is bright, and very colorful as shown. Signed in pencil lower left LOUISE KELLY. Really very nice! Dates to the 1930 period."  (squared* ) 21 Louse Kelly painting water color Rockport Cape Ann
Pair of paintings, late style in opinion of MF (squared* ) 24 Louse Kelly painting simple Mexican figure

Louse Kelly painting simple Mexican figure with pots

26I Water color, unknown size, probably New England (squared* ) 26 Louse Kelly painting water color house & pond
27I Water color, probably New England scene, could be Midwest or France (squared* ) 27 Louse Kelly painting farm with trees
30I This is a picture I took of the illustration in the June issue of American Magazine of Art, page 344. "The Valley of the Lot— Espalion France" hung in the Spring Salon in Paris in 1928, 30

 I went back to the April 1928 issue in the Dallas Library and found the following under Paris Notes.. I did not find any direct comment in the June issue to explain why her image appeared there.
  "The 29th annual exposition of the Artistes Independants -- the Salon which has no jury and gives no prizes -- is now on view in the Grand Palais, and is much better than usual, in fact one of the best the have ever had. There are, of course, more of the younger artists in the Independants than in the other Salons, as entrance is not difficult and the arrangement in alphabetical order shocks their pride less than that of painters who are already successful.
  Among the 4,636 objects shown, landscapes apparently predominate, with a tendency rather toward photographic accuracy than masterly interpretation. Sabbagh's "Port de Ploumauach," with its granite cliffs, its calm haven and tragic sky, is a memorable picture, and there many others worth seeing more than once.

Louse Kelly painting "Valley of the Lot - Espalion"
  In the same huge palace, eleven rooms are filled with the generally admirable though not strikingly original productions of the Union des Femmes peintres et sculpteurs. The women artists do not cultivate cubism or the green nudes, or the frightening landscapes affected by many of the men of the late years. They are efficient and conservative.
  The 23rd Salon d'Hiver is also open in the Grand Palais but offers nothing especially remarkable.
 Union des Femmes peintres et sculpteurs     = Union of the Women painters and sculptors
 Salon d'Hiver   = Show of Winter
31I Painting reported to me just as I was leaving on Minnesota trip from ad in town paper. In Hormel House in Austin MN. Purchased by Woman's Club in 1938 following 1936 program by Louise Kelly for display in the House which was used for meetings and under the auspices of the YWCA. Probably scene of northern Minnesota from trees and lake. 31 Louise Kelly painting northern Minnesota lake shore in Hormel House
32I This picture and the next are held by a couple in Denver Colorado who found them at a yard sale for about $3. They have since framed them. They are water colors about 14x18" and my estimation is that they were painted in the early mid 30's (say 1932-1934) in New England during her trips to Provincetown. I can't locate either specifically. 32 Louse Kelly painting watercolor New England village with church
33I See above. 33 Louse Kelly painting water color seashore probably New England
34I Indian Summer. Image posted to eBay, probably late 30's due to content and softer color application. 34 Louse Kelly painting Indian Summer
35I Old Mexico 35
John Toomey Gallery, Oak Park, Il
Louise Kelly (American, early 20th century), "Old Mexico", c. 1930; oil/canvas, 32" x 28", signed; titled on stretcher. Kelly worked in Provincetown, MA and in Minneapolis. She was a member of the Provincetown Art Association and the Chicago Gallery Association
US $1,500.00 - US $2,500.00
Lot number: 691
View all lots
Auction Date: Mar-05-06 08:00:00 PST

Sold on 1 bid of $750 (starting bid) to liketobrowse Mar-05-06

Louise Kelly "Old Mexico" painting sold at John Toomey Gallery
36I I received these pictures of a painting purchased five years ago in Ohio. From the content, visual aspect, and tentative signature, I judge it to be very early, probably one of the first ones painted on her educational tour of Europe in 1927. (Squared*) 36

Louse Kelly painting Early? Signature on French Village

Louse Kelly painting village probably French
37I I have received images of 5 Louise Kelly paintings held by the Maloney brothers in Minnesota, their grandparents being listed in the Edward.Kelly obituary as attending. The first painting (right) is identified with Corsica on a label and also a metal French dealers label, probably the framing company. 2008-10-14 37 Louse Kelly painting Corsica very early
38I This house could be a reverse view to the one just above (36I)  (Squared*) 2008-10-14 38 Louse Kelly painting rural road by house
39I This is the most surprising image as it is painted on cardboard and obviously oval. In the largest image, the strokes are different - broader simpler - but I see a similar taste in colors. I think it is probably from the period before her trip to Europe and may be from before they moved from Carrington. There is a chance it is from her brief stay in Chicago when she took a class at the Art Institute. 1898-99. 2008-10-14 39 Louse Kelly painting flowers oval very early
40I  (Squared*)  2008-10-14 See just above 40 Louse Kelly painting viilage street probably Europe
41I  (Squared*)  2008-10-14 See just above 41 Louse Kelly painting red barn b pond
42I "Dowling School forwarded your note ...  I [took] it to H and B Gallery to put it on consignment. ... on October 24th and it sold on November 11, 2008, for the asking price of $750.00. With the frame the painting is about 32" by 40":2011-03-05 42
43I Held by Cousin Keo Minert Teghtmeyer until  May 2011, transferred to Mike Firth. Canvas stretcher is 25 7.8" x 29.1/4". Pencil note on stretcher says "Peonies".  Faded paper note (below) on frame has words "Glads Louise Kelly" and numbers. Paper label on frame "Exhibited Iowa State Galleries"   ?Late style like Mexican above? 43

Louise Kelly paiting of large flowers in vase
45I Reported by e-mail as having been discovered on the back of a painting made by an old man in Massachusetts many years ago and "stashed away" but kept because of affection for the man. She sent a photo of the other painting also.  This is about 16" x 25" - a fairly substantial upright.  The original image she provided is quite large and shows what appear to be damaged places within the painting. Image of signature included. 2011-08-29. 45
46I Cape Cod - Whether this is the same painting as shown in the Italian auctions found without image (46) I don't know. This image from online auction report of  Jan. 16, 2013 , Size: 25 1/4 x 30 1/4 in.   including 'Cape Cod' sold at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Chicago 'Marketplace ' in 2013.


Image of painting of Cape Cod house sold at auction
47I the roses canvas is 20" wide X 24" tall

These [next 3] have been in my friends family for 3 generations. They have been in the third floor attic under cover for 35 years along with a half dozen other paintings.
This painting and the two listed next were sold at an online auction.  The result of the auction is shown just below (click to enlarge more.)
  Table from online listing of sale of 3 Louise Kelly Paintings.
48I The cottage canvas priced above is 40.5" wide X 27" tall
49I The landscape canvas priced above above is 32" wide X 28" tall
[probably Lake Superior shore of Minn.
50I Lake Laverne - image from auction reporting site, sold  December 2, 2007 , one of several, this one with frame 50 Image of painting of Lake Laverne sold at auction in
51I This painting is held by Joseph Merchant in Ames, Iowa, who writes "I recently was given a painting by Louise Minert Kelly by my father. He got the painting from his sister, who inherited it from their father, Ival Merchant, who was on the faculty of Iowa State University (ISU) in the 1930's-1960's."
I have used a photoeditor to adjust brightness and contrast on one square of the painting which is obviously very dark - he intends to have it professionally cleaned.
He is also interested in collecting other Louise Kelly paintings. He may be contacted at Joe Merchant <jomamerchant@gmail.com>  51
Painting of cut flowers in bowl
B11I Lombardy Poplars - included in Beard Art Gallery Show. B11

* Squared - The painting was viewed at an angle in a photograph, so computer software was used to square up the sides and a judgment was made as to horizontal to vertical proportions to correct for foreshortening. Horizontal to vertical proportions approximate unless dimensions available for scaling.


Louise Kelly Paintings
Title or Descr. Location Location ID Source  
1 a seashore of rocks and waves, oil maybe 30x36, see 1I Maybe lost in fire, 1965, 564 S.Shore Dr. Crystal Lake, IL [see note 2 Over piano MF  
2 a large green parrot, oil maybe 30x36 Lost in fire with 1? (2005-06-20 My sister tells me that 2 survived and were later given to uncle Bill to go to his daughters.) Over mantle MF  
3 a French country road scene with tall slender trees flanking a road, oil maybe 30x36 see 3I Lost in fire? with 1 Over TV MF  
4 End of the Trail (4I) Iowa State U. President's House U99.13 ISU Website  
5 TRURO, CAPE COD (5I) Iowa State U. McKay Hall, office UM82.109 ISU Website  
6 Unknown grandson of Lillian Bollman Winter   Virginia Gibbs  


"The Valley of Saint Croix" (7I) Keo from Uncle Bill [2] ? Denise Witte [1]  


Mary Ellen has a seascape Mary Ellen from Uncle Bill {may be same as 1)   Denise Witte  


she couldn't remember what Ann had. Ann from Uncle Bill   Denise Witte  


a Spanish Woman Left in house? when Fran moved, not recovered.   Denise, Keo 2011-02-28


oil painting of "wintry" Midwestern scene John Turnbull   John Turnbull  


oil painting of "summery" Midwestern scene John Turnbull   John Turnbull  


watercolor of church in Rockport Mass
possibly First Church - Congregational or Unitarian
John Turnbull   John Turnbull  


"Pacific Coast of Mexico [14I]" Midwest Estate Buyers on ebay.      
15 "A Day in August" [15I] John Toomey Gallery
818 North Boulevard
Oak Park (Chicago), IL 60301
  Web site  
two water colors reported by a phone call from a Denver person who saw the web site - a seashore and a village. Bought at garage sale. Unknown exactly, Denver area.   Phone call 2004-01-04
18 "Fall Harvest" Large oil of hills around Carrington. [above] Putnam House, Carrington ND   Arlys Harmon phone call 2004-01-11
19 Water color dau. of Arlys Harmon   Arlys Harmon phone call 2004-01-11
20 Unknown holding in gallery inventory Kirschner Fine Arts Image not shown. http://www.artnet.com/jkirschner.html     2004-01-16
21 water color bought at estate sale in Chicago for $3, labeled "Rockport MA" about 14x20, phone call from purchaser, to send picture (probably put up for sale on ebay 2005-05-14) Chicago phone call from purchaser 2005-04-15
22 "Mexican Market" gold frame (above) Colorado, dirty, marked Treasure Art. May be reproduction Denver   2004-05-18
23 "Mexican Market" white frame, brass label. (above) Canada, former rectory, may be original of 22 Canada e-mail from house purch 2005-04-22
24 One of two small paintings of a single Mexican figure seated next to pots, facing right with bird cage. (24I) 24-27 sent by individual, his grandparents lived near Louise and her sisters. San Carlos CA Owner 2005-06-03
25 One of two small paintings of a single Mexican figure seated next to pots, facing left. (27I) See 24 above San Carlos CA Owner 2005-06-03
26 White house on low hill above retaining wall above pond. (26I) See 24 above San Carlos CA Owner 2005-06-03
27 Farm house right with barn left,  outbuildings and corn shocks foreground. (27I) See 24 above San Carlos CA Owner 2005-06-05
28 By the Sea - 25x30" - French coastal village - sea in the background - two houses in the foreground/picket fence on the front of one house/stone wall in front of the other     Ann Minert Bottin 2005-06-05
29 Through the Village -32x36.5" -France an arched bridge in the foreground with poplars and a village in the background     Ann Minert Bottin 2005-06-05
30 The Valley of the Lot— Espalion France [note similar names below, but this was in France at time of Beard show Book image 30I above   MF  
31 Shore line with birch & pine trees and rocks (31I) Hormel House, Austin MN   MF 2005-07-29
32 New England neighborhood with house right, church up left, Water color, 14x18" (32I) Home in Denver Colorado Area Denver E-mailed image 2005-08-14
33 Sea shore with small boat sails in center back, Water color, 14x18" (41I) Home in Denver Colorado Area Denver E-mailed image 2005-08-14
34 Indian Summer 34I Colorado after eBay sale from Iowa City area   Posted image 2005-10-
35 "Old Mexico" titled on stretcher (35I) sold on eBay by John Toomey Gallery, Chicago for starting bid of $750   posted image 2006-03-05
36 French village scene 36I purchased in Ohio ca.2002 at gallery   E-mailed image 2007-04-04
37 Oil painting Corsica village scene per label  37I Held by the Maloney brothers in Minnesota, their grandparents being listed in the Edward.Kelly obituary as attending  5 Louise Kelly paintings 37-41 this listing   E-mailed image 2008-10-13
38 House beside road, may be reverse of 36 38I Held by the Maloney brothers   E-mailed image 2008-10-13
39 Floral still life 39I Held by the Maloney brothers   E-mailed image 2008-10-13
40 40I Held by the Maloney brothers   E-mailed image 2008-10-13
41 41I Held by the Maloney brothers   E-mailed image 2008-10-13
42 Still life with vase & flowers 42I Reported by e-mail at Michael Dowling School in Minneapolis as donated.  Deaccessioned and sold 2008 see above Minneapolis email report 2008-10-16;2011-03-05
43 Still Life with Pink Flowers 43I Held by Cousin Keo; shipped to Mike Dallas TX email image 2011-03-14


Mexican Fair Reported purchased 17 years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, still there   email report 2009-07-10
45 Mexican Beach w/Palms vertical 45I Found in Sharon MA having been painted on the back by an old man.   email with images 2011-08-29
46 Cape Cod 46I Description: Oil painting CAPE COD by Louise Minert Kelly, 30" x 36"
An Italian museum (?) 22

?Ricerca=KELLY%20Louise%20Minert   2003-08-18
[Neither page still around 2011-03-14]
?ricerca=KELLY%20Louise%20Minert 2005-05-12 no image

, including 'Cape Cod' sold at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Chicago 'Marketplace ' in 2013."

Italy online, found in 2003,05 moved in 2011 from above, no image 2003-08-18
47 Roses the roses canvas is 20" wide X 24" tall
These have been in my friends family for 3 generations. They have been in the third floor attic under cover for 35 years along with a half dozen other paintings.
48 Cottage the cottage canvas is 40.5" wide X 27" tall      
49 Landscape Minn the landscape canvas is 32" wide X 28" tall      
50 Lake Laverne Sold at auction and image 50I Found on line 2014-02-24
51 Red flowers in Bowl Painting inherited within family from probably co-worker of Louise at Iowa State. Much more detail above above 51I 2014-03-03
N1 Winter Scene Painting on easel in newspaper image from promotional ad for paper in clipping file N1I
N2 Parrot wings spread Painting on easel in newspaper image from promotional ad for paper in clipping file N2I
N3 French landscape Painting on wall in newspaper image from promotional ad for paper in clipping file N3I
B1 Sibley House, Mendota 1 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B2 Brownsdale Mill 2 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B3 Peonies 3 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B4 Cosmos 4 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B5 French Peasants 5 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B6 Village Street 6 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B7 A Winding Path 7 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B8 Eighth Century Church Interior 8 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B9 Espalion 9 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B10 The Valley of the Lot 10 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list 30I and Beard Show brochure   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B11 Lombardy Poplars 11 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list
Held by Pat Hartsock per e-mail 2011-09-30 from her mother and aunt being friends with Louise B11I
  Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B12 Willows 12 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B13 French Village 13 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B14 Eighth Century Bridge 14 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B15 Rialto Market, Venice 15 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B16 Venice 16 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B17 Venice 17 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B18 Venice 18 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B19 Sartene 19 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B20 Eucalyptus Trees 20 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B21 Corsican Home 21 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B22 Walled Town 22 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B23 Entrance to Cloister 23 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B24 A Bit of the Mediterranean 24 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B25 Twelfth Century Bridge 25 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B26 Arabian Quarter 26 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05
B27 Kairouan, Tunis 27 on Beard Art Galleries 1928 list   Clipping copy 2005-06-05

[1] Denise TeghtmeyerWitte
"Mom did say that Grandpa (William
> Anderson Minert) had 4 of the paintings. Mother has
> one named "The Valley of Saint Croix", Mary Ellen has
> a seascape, and she couldn't remember what Ann had.
> There was also a Spanish Woman and mom does not know
> where that went upon Grandpa's death. "

[2] MF's Uncle Bill = William Anderson Minert father of Keo, Ann, & Mary Ellen

[3] Dawdy book below

Brochure for Kelly show at Beard Art Gallery 1927
Beard Art Gallery show brochure (rearranged for viewing)  Painting is Valley of the Lot 30I


Artist Reference Book Entries

Mantle Fielding's Dictionary American Painters, Sculptors et al

KELLY, LOUISE. (Mrs. Edward P. Kelly). Painter and lecturer. Born in Waukon, IA, June 14, 1879*. Pupil of Art Institute of Chicago; Penna. Academy of Fine Arts: George Elmer Browne. Member: American Federation of Arts; National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors; Chicago Galleries Association: Provincetown Art Association; Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts. Address in 1929, Apt. 902. Leamington Hotel. Minneapolis, MN; summer, Provincetown. MA.

* MF this is error as every other reference says or implies 1876. Only entry with a specific day of month. [See above, turned out to be correct.]

Who Was Who in American Art

KELLY, Louise Minert (Mrs. Edward P.) [Painter, lecturer] b.1879*, Waukon, LA.

Addresses: Minneapolis, MN/Provincetown, MA. Studied: AIC; PAFA; Lester Stevens, Rockport, MA; Leonard Richmond, London; George Elmer Browne, New York-Paris; Italy. Member: AFA; Chicago Gal. Art; Provincetown AA; Rockport AA; Minneapolis SGA; Nat. Lg. Am. Pen Women. Exhibited: Spring Salon, Paris; Nat. Lg. Am. Pen Women, Chicago, 1933 (prize), 1934; Washington, DC, 1934 (first prize). Work: Home Economics Hall, Iowa State College. Sources: WW4O; Ness & Orwig, Iowa Artists of the First Hundred Years, 122; Artists of the Rockport Art Association (1946); Petteys, Dictionary of Women Artists.

* MF this is error as every other reference says or implies 1876.

Dawdy - Artists of the American West

Kelly, Louise Minert (1879*—

B. Waukon, Iowa. Work: Foster County (North Dakota) Historical Museum. AAA 1929-1933 (Minneapolis. Minnesota; summer, Provincetown. Massachusetts); Benezit; Havlice; Mallett; WWAA 1936—1941 (Minneapolis; summer, Provincetown); Ness and Orwig, 1939; Barr, 1954; Robinson, 1966; Agnes Olson, North Dakota Retired Teachers’ Association; NMAA-NPG Library, Smithsonian Institution. [MF-These last entries may be notes or books that mention her, NDRTA has no paintings, and NMAA-NPG shows no returns on search]

Kelly was active in Carrington, North Dakota, from 1905 to 1918, with time out for travel to Europe. A water color called "Scene in Holland" is dated 1914. She continued her travels for two more decades—England in 1934, and various trips to Carmel and Laguna Beach, California.**

By the late twenties Kelly was a recognized landscape painter. "The Valley of the Lot— Espalion France" hung in the Spring Salon in Paris in 1928, and is reproduced in the June issue of American Magazine of Art, page 344. Artist Paul Barr wrote that her oils and water colors "are notable for their excellent composition, their brilliant coloring, and their fidelity to nature."

* MF this is error as every other reference says or implies 1876.
** MF-This information is very likely in error. Careful inspection of the 1914 newspapers in Carrington, which contain lots of social bits about her make it clear that she was in the area all year and never went to Europe and for almost half of that year Europe was at war. The information following - apparently the high point of her career - is, according to an article in the newspaper, the beginning, as she says women should take up new activities in middle age - she was 50 in 1926. I will be looking at newspapers from Minneapolis in the 20's and 30's when I can.

2001 Davenport, Ray Davenport's Art Reference And Price Guide
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1985 Dawdy, Doris Artists of the American West A Biographical Dictionary (3 vols)
1982 Opitz, Glenn Dictionary of American Artists
1948 Mallett, Daniel Trowbridge Index of Artists International Biographical (2 Vols)

Mike Firth wrote:
  I am watching the British version of Antiques Roadshow and decided to take my wireless earphones to the computer and look up Louise Kelly Painter  found this http://askart.com/artist/K/louise_minert_kelly.asp a link from this page shows 3 auctions, but it costs $9.50 a day or $19.50 a month to see the numbers Below is the listing of books that mention her is copied below.
Mike Firth  

Your search returned 6 books for this artist.
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The Artists Bluebook: 

24,000 North American Artists




Davenport, Ray

Davenport's Art Reference

And Price Guide




Opitz, Glenn B (editor)

Mantle Fielding's Dictionary

American Painters, Sculptors et al




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Artists of the American West

A Biographical Dictionary (3 vols)




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Dictionary of American Artists




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Index of Artists

International Biographical (2 Vols)



Other Bibliography

"Gerhard Henrich Meinert: His Ancestors and His Descendants" Roger P. Minert, Ph.D., A.G., Roy T. Minert, Jean P. Minert, Virginia M. Gibbs, GRT Publications, Woods Cross, UT, 2000, LOC# 00-191900

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