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2000-12-03 Rev. 2005-12-08, 2006-11-14, 2008-12-06

I am bemused by this 10" tall glassblowing Santa, which is part of the Clothtique Collection from Possible Dreams. I first saw it at the hardware store where I work. Many sites on the internet carry parts of the Clothtique collection but I had to search a bit to find the blower. Now, do I buy the figure or get another glassblowing tool for my own use? The figure is cast resin, as is the pipe and bubble at the end. The ornaments hanging from the table appear to be very small mirror glass items.

Santa glassblowing doll 
Called Glassworks 2008-12-07

Another glassblowing Santa $56.00 W10010  The Glass Blower  Fabriche Santa by Kurt S. Adler Santa Blowing Glass 10" Height 208-12-07

My sister, Betty Firth, bent up this figure of a glassblower (with glasses) that now hangs in the corner near a window, the pipe is heavier wire with a blob of clear resin on the end to represent the glass.  It will stand as photographed, but looks better hung with the pipe held out in front of it. 2006-11-14
Betty Firth's wire sculpture of a glassblower

And other Gifts

Steinert, the maker of good pipes and other tools offered jewelry in the form of a small pipe with a bubble at the end and of tools, as the shears below.  No longer 2008-12-07

Shears as jewelry from Steinert


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