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Deadlines and Event Dates
GAS 2008
Portland OR
Jun 18-22, 2008
GAS 2009
Corning NY
June 11-14, 2009

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SAWING GLASS - If you have a considerable desire to saw glass, you might be in the market for a couple of items featured by C.R.Laurance in their flier (no recommendation given or implied.)  For $170, you can get an 18 volt cordless circular saw with Hudson sprayer type feed of fluid, charger 5-3/8" diamond blade that is supposed to cut to 3/4" glass [misc. Mann Glass tells me 1" is no longer on the market.] Cat.No.LD172.
For $535 you can save 10% and get the DNS1 Kit for cutting notches in glass including "Mouse Ear" paired holes for mounting hinges.  The thing is a hand held ring saw using a diamond wire blade 5-3/4" (146 mm).  A sponge provides moisture. Kit includes saw, guide that fits the templates and a jig tool with 1/4" radius corner notch templates. Additional templates for hinges or all 4 corner radii are $20.25 each while the replacement blade is over $70. Ad fails to indicate how far into the glass you can cut. 2007-12-18

DALLAS & DALE - Dale Chihuly is being shown at Peters Gallery, 1019 Dragon Street, Dallas, thru Jan 5, per ad.

GLASS FOR SALE - Well, several years after going to craft shows, I am putting some glass for sale, in this case fused glass on eBay. Auction closes next Sunday, 12/16. Glass info, here  2007-12-10

Paul Stankard botanicalSTANKARD BOOKS -  [Press Release] Whether you are an artist in glass, a collector, an educator, an art historian, in the business of selling glass and/or glass art, or interested in the lives of American artists, you will enjoy No Green Berries or Leaves--The Creative Journey of an Artist in Glass by world-renowned master glass artist Paul Stankard.


The book was published by McDonald & Woodward Publishing and was

released last September to rave reviews in the art world!



Paul Stankard Book coverNo Green Berries or Leaves--The Creative Journey of An Artist in Glass is a collection of autobiographical essays by Paul J. Stankard, recognized widely as one of the world's master glass artists.  Stankard is particularly renowned and respected for his flameworked floral motifs expressed in crystal paperweights, rectangular columns, and orbs. 


 No Green Berries or Leaves presents the author’s record of his life as a struggling, then highly successful, artist; reveals insights into the challenges he faced as a dyslexic and how he came to understand, then circumvent, his disability; and records his perspectives on the history of the studio glass movement in America as he witnessed and experienced it during the past 45 years. A 32-page full-color photographic essay documents Stankard’s creative journey and the evolution of his glass art from early works through the present.


No Green Berries or Leaves is more fully described at


Also posted here are comments from readers and excellent pre-publication reviews from people who know and understand the world of glass art. 

 In the new year,  you can expect to see numerous (more than 20 at today's count) articles and book reviews which will be published in national glass magazines and in glass organization newsletters. These articles will no doubt inspire you to order Paul's book. 


 McDonald & Woodward Publishing's policy to allow a special discount on new books for a limited time extends to No Green Berries or Leaves..., and consists of a 30% off special discount on both Hardcover and Softcover bindings.  This special offer will last only through December 31, 2007. 

 See the details at

Additional Special Offering!  Only 300 copies of the hardcover binding of No Green Berries or Leaves are dated, numbered, and autographed by the author on the date of release and are available on a first-come, first-served basis only from the publisher. 

Sorry – but these copies are not available to retailers and dealers at this time. 

 As a bonus – M&W also allows the same 30% discount on any other title(s) that we publish or distribute, in any quantities, if purchased at the same time as a new title--in this case, No Green Berries or Leaves....


Paul Stankard Catalog coverA limited supply of the 2004 catalog from the Museum of Arts and Design's exhibit:  Paul Stankard--A Floating World: Forty Years of an American Master in Glass, is available at a 45% discount,with the purchase of a copy of No Green Berries or Leaves....

 This beautifully illustrated 48-page full-color catalog features many of Paul's early works in combination with his paperweights, orbs, and botanicals through 2004.

For the discounts to apply, orders must be placed directly with M&W. Orders may be submitted in any format as long as you provide complete shipping instructions, the name and telephone number of a contact person, a clear indication of what you are ordering (titles, quantities, and costs) and payment information if prepaying. A standard shipping and handling charge (also posted on our web site) will be applied to all orders.

 Orders will be accepted by surface mail, email, telephone, fax or secure on-line submission from our web site. M&W accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and personal checks. We will invoice agencies, institutions, or businesses. Individuals are requested to prepay. Please call us at 1-800-233-8787 if you have any questions. 

 We would be grateful if, after review and as appropriate, you were to forward this information to others in your network who might have an interest in knowing about the availability of these resources, especially at the terms under which they are currently available. 

Thank you for your consideration!  And...Happy Holidays!


 Trish Newcomb

McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company

431-B East College Street, Granville, Ohio 43023 1-800-233-8787 (voice) 1-740-321-1141 (fax)  [End press release]

DALLAS MUSEUMS At 65 - Every couple of months, usually on the first Tuesday when the Dallas Museum of Art [ ] is free, I go downtown to sample what the current exhibitions have to offer as well as getting my favorite lunch of a gyro at the corner of Field and Main. Tuesday's trip had the added feature of wandering into the DART [ ] transit offices to get my 65 & over ID card for reduced rates on our pretty good and improving system.
At the DMA, I was delighted to discover that the Decorative Arts Study Room, which has been 'Closed of Installation' for many months beyond a year, has finally been reopened although items have not been completely labeled.  Despite the name, the room consists almost entirely of glass and ceramic items (no drapes, tapestries, lamps, etc.) and while its majority is ceramics, both are have representatives of almost all aspects of American making.  The glass ranges from tiny hats to huge cut crystal bowls with bottles, tableware, canes, and a rolling pin.  Most of the objects are displayed on multiple well lighted glass shelves behind large frameless glass doors in 8 or 10 tall cases with drawers below the shelves presumably holding additional examples.  A few large pieces are in standard walk around museum display cases. [Funky wide base brown bottle sketched below.]
My occasion for going this month and not last was the opening of several exhibits during November. Each was mildly interesting and I made several sketches of objects or ideas for glass that objects gave me, which is one of the reasons I do these trips in Dallas and Ft. Worth.  The DMA featured an exhibit of jewelry and miniature art from the Indian Continent.- the jewelry being a traveling exhibit, the paintings from a collection of the DMA which is usually only shown in larger examples.  The jewelry was actually more interesting as it included some samples of techniques and attitudes, while the miniatures were hard to look at from my cart or aching legs but showing incredible detail.
Across the street, the wonderful Nasher Sculpture Center [ ] is showing the Woman works of Gaston Lachaise who produced many many representations of the heavy busted and hipped woman he lived with and finally married. Some of the neatest stuff is in the downstairs display room.  And across the street from that is the Crow Collection of Asian Art [ ] tucked in at the base of a skyscraper named for the same real estate mogul.  The feature show is 5,000 Years of Chinese Ceramics.  I found a couple of delightful forms to sketch for possible use. 2007-12-05

Drawing of bottle before and after editingDRAWING PAD - Speaking of drawing, as I was above, Wacom dominates the market in small digital tablets and I have one their smallest and cheapest. [ I find the current version is bigger than the 3.6x5 active area one that I have and now has got Bluetooth as well as USB connection. Still comes with mouse and pen.]  I love it and have enhanced it with springy little accessory points that spread the pressure movement over greater distance so it is more like a brush.  Pressure can be used to change the width, the opacity, or color of the drawn line.  With tool options in Paint Shop Pro I can make the brush build up as I go over an area.  Although my area is small, I find I can work as I wish, doing line drawing and enlarging to do editing.  I can see that someone used to arm movements for drawing as opposed to my wrist and finger, would find my size very limiting. When I do drawing when traveling as above, I commonly use a black ball point pen which does not erase, so I do over drawing.  After scanning, I can edit, smooth, and modify to better represent the object I am recording. The pen has a drawing point and an eraser end.  This is really handy when editing, because it means using it like a pencil instead of selecting the erase tool with the pen end and then selecting the draw tool to continue.  Since I am often sketching in a hurry or in an awkward location (and I am not wonderful as artist), I produce drawings with multiple lines to get proportions right, etc.  The drawing shown is of a wide based brown bottle at the DMA.  The first sketchings produced an image much more slender than the funky wideness of the bottle so I redid the base and adjusted the left and lightly sketched in a heavier mouth.  On the computer after scanning, I erased unwanted and too thick lines.  By taking a selection of the original mouth and flipping that, I was able to widen and raise the mouth to a more correct proportion without trying to hand draw the symmetry again.  I can see a few more changes I might make for a more symmetric bottle, but this works.  2007-12-05

REEEALLLY BIG Christmas ornaments blown at Wheaton Village to set record. Story 2007-12-03

GAS 2009 CORNING PROPOSAL deadline extended 2007-11-29

GAS 2008 CONTENTS - The announcement brochure from the Glass Art Society ( for their 2008 Conference in Portland OR, June 18-22 has arrived.  As would be expected from the city with Bullseye Glass, the conference is especially strong on kiln formed, warm glass.  There will be about a dozen gallery shows during the Conference and a bunch of torch and kiln workshops before and after with locations stretching to Seattle to include furnace work.  Both the Corning Museum of Glass and the Museum of Glass (Tacoma) will have their mobile units at Elements Glass hotshop  for demos along with three Flameworking sites. All the demos are scheduled in the morning.  Wednesday includes open studios and factories and Sunday is to be all day torchworking demos.  An all day, all zones, bus pass is included in registration for bus use. 2007-11-28.  I strongly recommend attending GAS at least once, especially when it is near.  Having been to four, I now judge their content against my cost on limited income.  The technical display allows hands on with a variety of tools that is unique in the glassblowing environment.

URBANGLASS SPRING 08 - UrbanGlass ( Brooklyn NY) announces its spring schedule with details available on the web site.  Unlike weeklong summer classes, the majority offered in spring and fall are held once a week and thus useful only for people in the immediate area.  They do, however, offer several weekend classes that may be of interest to experienced workers wanting to expand knowledge.  I notice in particular an Introduction to Neon Weekend, March 8-9, $400, and an Open-Mold Glass Casting Weekend, at the same time, $300. Other weekend classes are beginner or special session including Valentine Beads and Easter Egg paperweights. 2007-11-29.

BROADNAX SHOW Randy Broadnax is a pottery instructor at the community college who has sponsored craft shows for years and this year's Christmas Art Sale will be Dec. 7-9 again at the Sons of Herman Hall at 3414 Elm, just before the street turn toward Fair Park.  Evening hours on Friday, 10-6 on Sat. and 10-5 on Sun.  Music provided and MarrsArt will be there having sent me the notice and I expect Jim Bowman who has been there in the past.  Crafts include pots, fabric, painting, photo, jewelry, wood and glass.  In the past, there has been some nice stuff with reasonable prices in a small venue of an old 2 story building. 2007-11-20

MARRSART FIX - well, I completely blew (ha!) the fact that MarrsArt moved to a new location sometime since my last look and are now a couple of miles south of their previous location.  Now at 11126 Shady Trail, Suite 103, Dallas TX 75229 shown correctly on the image copied below. Just south of Southwell, well north of Walnut Hill. So I went by the wrong place and not having taken the phone number (and not having a web enabled phone - so old fashioned) I didn't see anything.   Did go by Kittrell-Riffkind Gallery - lots of neat stuff as usual.

KITTRELL-RIFFKIND OPENING RECEPTION  for the gallery's Ornament show and sale will also fall Nov. 17 from 10-5 along with the other activities below.  K-R is at the corner of Beltline and the Tollway, on the southeast corner just south of Bed Bath & Beyond.  2007-11-14

BOWMAN OPEN HOUSE - Jim Bowman Hot Glass [1419 Griffin St. East, Dallas 75215] joins two other glass studios with an open house November 17, 10-6, as part of the Cedars area Open Studios which involves 30 or more artists scattered around the area just south of downtown in an area near the Cedars DART station that has seen an explosion of redevelopment following the reuse of the old Sears distribution center and construction of new Police Headquarters on donated land. shows locations and media which range from fabric to paint to jewelry to pottery to glass. 2007-11-13

MANN GLASS - For years I have driven by a place about a mile away called Mann Glass that does mirrors and table tops and has a big sign facing I-30, but had figured that what they REALLY wanted was a guy wandering around looking on pathetically, especially one begging for information about beveling and cold working.  Well recently I have been fusing plate glass and decided I wanted some thicker stuff, so I got on their web site and e-mailed a query about scrap glass.  I got a nice e-mail back inviting me over and went.  I was even able to suggest a fix for a devit problem on some bowls they were sagging.  I picked out some nice scrap and watched operations for a while.  From the labels, this place is cutting thick plain glass for a lot of places in town to fit into windows, etc., so wonderful oval and round tabletops around.  After watching a digital cutter zip through rectangular panels in seconds, I stopped to watch a guy hand cutting gothic arch pieces from thick glass for a window.  He asked if I wanted to know what he was doing, and I replied, "I know what you are doing, I just wanted to admire it!"  Laying a piece of 1/2" glass about 8"x36" on the cartoon, he scribed the length, then walked smoothly and evenly both of the outside curves of the gothic arch.  He then flat turned the glass and tapped with a round brass knocker to take off the end and turned again to align the cutoff over the edge of the table and tapped in the center of the cut until the crack started and worked it to both ends and dropped the cutoff into his hand.  Then he turned the glass 180 and repeated on the other side.  He then aligned it on the cartoon and scribed a line down the INSIDE of the cartoon line (i.e. 1/8" over) to guide grinding to exact size and beveling.  So slick.  Upon being asked, he showed me that he used a 135° 1/4" wheel from the digital cutter reinforced to a longer handle.  The tapper looked so useful I looked it up and found it cost about $50, so I have made a wax model to cast in brass and did a clay model and plaster negative and poured a lead model with a dowel handle. 2007-11-11.

ALLISON GLASSWORKS - I am informed by his brother Henry via e-mail that Art Allison has closed the glassworks north of Pottsboro and has left the area.

MarrsArt Open House 2007

VETRO (DFW TX) HOLIDAY BASH -  Nov 17th  GRAPEVINE, TX – "VETRO Glassblowing Studio & Gallery will kick off the 2007 holiday season with its Holiday Bash from 10:00am – 10:00pm on Saturday, Nov 17th at 701 S Main #103 in historic Grapevine, TX. This event offers a unique opportunity to mix and mingle with local artists, patrons and guests while experiencing the ancient art form of glassblowing. Vetro's team of skilled artisans will be providing live glassblowing demonstrations throughout the day. The festivities will swing into full gear at 6:00pm. Complimentary hors d’oeurves will be provided at that time as well as various wines.
Vetro is known for its unorthodox, edge-of-your-seat “Truth or Consequences” game. They will begin the game at 7:00pm by allowing their guests a chance to freely win art glass simply by answering a particular question correctly if their name is drawn. If the guest answers incorrectly, the piece is ‘held for ransom’ and immediately auctioned off for 30 seconds. If the secret reserve price is met, the piece is sold to the highest bidder. If the secret reserve price is not met, however, the Vetro artists feel the piece ‘doesn’t deserve to live’ and they smash it on a concrete floor! “Our guests find it excruciating to see such exquisite art just be shattered like that,” says David Gappa, Vetro owner, “but they really get into it and have a deep-rooted desire to save that glass. And that is why this has become such a popular and intense event.” 
Vetro opened its doors in May 1999 about a mile away from their current location. They moved to the Heritage Center in the Historic District of Grapevine in April 2004 and now share parking lots with Grapevine Vintage Railroad and Visitor Information Center.
In addition to their art, entertainment is one of the primary services Vetro provides. Vetro has become a significant destination point in Grapevine…or as they say, the ‘hottest’ place in Grapevine. “We are one of the rare glassblowing facilities in the United States that can host a private venue event that ranges anywhere from an upscale formal dinner party to a casual gathering,” says Shannon Shumate, the gallery manager. “We have quickly become not just a tourist attraction, but an extremely popular venue destination in the DFW metroplex because our facility is totally unique.”
Since opening, the team has encouraged a unique 'Open Studio Policy' at VETRO. “There is no better way to educate our clientele about glassblowing than to allow them to see the creative process first hand” says Gappa, “each piece of art is truly unique and seeing the process of its creation can be awe-inspiring.” The public is always welcome to watch the artists during the creation of the works of art.
Visit  or call 817.251.1668 to learn more about the ‘hottest’ place in the Grapevine. 2007-10-22

GIFTS FROM PITTSBURGH GLASS CENTER  has a Give Glass NOW program "This year it is easier than ever to give glass gifts made right here in Pittsburgh. The artists at Pittsburgh Glass Center have funky, fanciful and functional glass items for sale. All items are hand-made in our studios by local artists and can be personalized and purchased in large quantities!  Blown Glass Ornaments, Hand-sculpted Paperweights, Beaded Zipper Pulls,  Event Mementos: Unique Tumblers, Colorful Swizzle Sticks,  Fused Key Chains Customize It! Logo, Company colors, Special message or date
Give a great gift as "Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass!" Call 412-365-2145 ext. 202"  Pittsburgh Glass Center [5472 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Tel: 412-365-2145 Toll Free: 1-866-742-4527Fax: 412-365-2140] is a nonprofit glass studio and gallery dedicated to teaching, creating and promoting glass art. Learn more about our artists, classes, exhibitions and studios at . 2007-10-22

A GALERIE OF GLASS - Carlyn Galerie [6137 Luther Lane, Dallas 75225, 214-368-2828, ]  will have their annual show, A Galerie of Glass, from Oct.18-Nov.11 including almost three dozen artists from across the country.  Reception Oct.18 6:00-8:30 pm. Scott Amrhein WI, Leon Applebaum NY, Pat Bako WA, Ed Branson MA, Cal Breed AL, Andrew Brown NM, Susan Clark WA, Karen Ehart OR, Raya Friday NY, Keith Gabor OR, Barbara Galazzo NY, Justin Ginsberg CA, Bryan Goldenberg CA, David Goldhagen NC, Kyle Gribskov WA, Scott Hegan CA, Elodie Holmes NM, Rick Jarvis WA, David Keens TX, Tim Lazer CA, David Leppla VT, Michael McDougal TX, Callahan McVay WA, Peter Muller VT, James Nadal NY, J & R Nicholson CA, Karen Pester CA, Chico Raskey WA, Vera Sattler FL, Matt Seasholtz VT, Steve Sizelove IN, Sumo Glass CA, David Thai CAN, Robert Kelly NY  2007-10-16

AT MY SHOP - While not working much molten glass, I have been fusing and working on the waxes for and casting metal goblet stems to blow glass into.  Did three aluminum that came out pretty good and have three brass almost ready to go.  I followed the Satincast burn out schedule exactly - no short cuts - in the annealer and melted bulk aluminum in a cast iron pot in my glory hole. 2007-10-04

PITTSBURGH 2 DAY - John Miller is known for his super-size glass hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, but HOLD the fast food!
JOIN US for his weekend workshop "Melting Pot."  October 6 & 7 9 am - 5 pm
Don’t miss this exciting two-day workshop with John Miller at PGC. Anyone who has ever met John will tell you that his energy and enthusiasm for hot glass is contagious. His work pays homage to Claes Oldenburg, whose larger-than-life pop sculptures of everyday objects inspired John to investigate the translation of everyday goblets and glassware to oversize proportion. His jumbo wine and martini glasses (some holding as much as five gallons) have been exhibited nationally. The whimsy of John’s personality really comes through in these works and in his workshops. He can help you translate your WILD ideas into hot glass.
In the "Melting Pot" workshop, John will cover cane and murrine. Although demos will be based on traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques, he will also cover mold-blowing and large-scale glassblowing. The workshop will include demonstrations where the students help John with his extravagant work, but will also include plenty of hands-on work time for students.
Cost: $375 PGC Members
Contact Sam TODAY to register at 412-365-2145 ext. 208 or
Don't miss this rare opportunity to "Super-size It" with master glass artist JOHN MILLER
See all classes and workshops at PGC by visiting our Web site at

CHEAP GLASS RUNNING TOOL -  I built a simple gadget for reliably running breaks on 1/4" plate glass that I am fusing.

AIR VELOCITY MEASUREMENT - I get a weekly e-mail from Sensors Product Picks [] that mentions various new products being introduced in the sensing market.  One that caught my eye this week is USB probe that will measure air velocity from 0 to 6000 ft/minute [0-30.00 m/sec., 0-68 miles per hour] which is sold as a kit with a Window PC handheld or will work with a laptop or desktop PC.  The probe is 3/8" (9 mm) diameter and thus could be inserted in a hole in a duct with removable or taped over cover.  Knowing the velocity and the size of the opening or duct, air flow in cfm can quickly be calculated and I suspect the software can do this. I have requested cost and features information.  A pdf of the features and specs can be found here  Uses in the glassblowing studio include air supply in burner feed ducts, air flow in safety hoods for fuming, velocity and supply in room ventilation and replacement air supplies.  2007-09-12  And of course it costs too much - $1675 for the full set with HP IPac PocketPC or $1255 for versions for your own pocket PC or lap top.  The software does data logging, velocity and flow measurement, graphing.  The company has vent hood software and other probes for various noxious gases. 2007-09-21

KITCHEN GLASS - One TV, I stumbled across info on a show on the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show back in June.  Unfortunately, wanting to sell the DVD, they don't put the whole show up as they do other episodes and the clips don't show what interested me.  There were an astounding number of glass basins, including some brilliantly colored ones and clear ones in the raised bowl style that put nice lighting patterns on the counter below.  They came in round, square and oval.  A neat use of one was a unit (image) from Kohler where the "faucet" was in the bottom of the cabinet above, the water falling in a nice arc into the middle of the bowl. [A while back there was a tub on a show where the water to fill the tub fell in a column from the ceiling into the middle of the tub.] A lot of "spouts" on the market either flow the water out a channel or have a tube, but the water is aimed outward rather than down. The show showed a faucet that used water flow to generate electricity to run the hand detection circuitry, turning on and shutting off the water as hands approached. They also showed the hand blown spiral glass spout that feeds from the bottom and costs over a thousand dollars as shown here .  Also found in looking on the Internet Cast rectangular glass basin and Glass Vessel Sinks 2007-09-09

COLD-WORKING CLASS -  "My kiln glass studio ( ) in Austin is hosting a 5 day cold-working class taught by Jane Bruce ( ) in October. If you’re not familiar with Jane, her blown glass is in many top museums (including Corning) and in most of the best private glass collections. She is also creative and technical director of North Land Creative Glass in Scotland." Paul Tarlow
Instructor: Jane Bruce Date: October 6-10 (10 AM - 6 PM each day) Class Size: 8 students (max) 
Tuition: $875 - includes all materials, use of tools and firings Details: 
Contact: Helios Kiln Glass Studio / 512-996-0960 /
"Though our studio is usually 100% dedicated to kiln forming glass, this is clearly a cross-over class and a unique opportunity for Texas glass blowers to get top-tier instruction close to home. Our studio is very well equipped – including having a Spatzier lathe."  2007-09-08

GLASS ALLIANCE NEW MEXICO - For people looking for information or connections in New Mexico, check out this organization's web site. 2007-08-28

Glass Art Society 39th Annual Conference: Local Inspiration, Global Innovation Corning, New York, June 11-14, 2009
For more than 150 years, Corning, New York, has been an important center for glassmaking artistry, innovation, and research. Through the programs and collection of The Corning Museum of Glass and the work of artists in the local community, Corning continues to be a profound influence on the world of glass art. Whether you are an artist, collector, scholar, student or educator, don't miss the return of the GAS conference to Corning in 2009, where you'll have an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others, and to participate in shaping the future of glass.
The Glass Art Society Board of Directors is requesting proposals for lectures, demonstrations and panels for the Corning, New York conference that incorporate the theme, " Local Inspiration, Global Innovation ". Proposals are due December 15, 2007.
1. Download and fill out the presentation proposal form found on our website at: 
2. Send the completed form and support materials no later than December 1, 2007 to: Glass Art Society, 3131 Western Ave., Suite 414, Seattle, WA 98121, USA.
If you wish to use the form for simply suggesting ideas for topics or presenters you'd like to hear, or subjects you think should be addressed, please feel free to do so.
If you have any questions please contact: Glass Art Society Tel: 206-382-1305 Fax: 206-382-2630 3131 Western Avenue, Suite 414, Seattle, WA 98121
The Glass Art Society is a professional organization whose purpose is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass. 2007-08-28

CLEVENGER FOR SALE - I have received the following message and have asked for more details. Google on the subject for more info on the factory. "Subj: Clevenger Bros Glass Works in Clayton NJ  Can you direct me to some glass-making enthusiasts who might be interested in purchasing the subject property.
It is the oldest glass making factory in the state, over 100 years old. It is Gloucester County's historic site #87. I will try Wheaton in Millville, NJ and someone associated with Rowan University. I'm asking you because I found your web site, telling me you have an interest in antique/art glass. I would greatly appreciate any information you have to share.
Sincerely, Agnes M. D'Agostino, GRI  Agnes D'Agostino, GRI []  Realtor Associate
Coldwell Banker S. Kelly Real Estate, LLC, 811 Landis Ave., Bridgeton, NJ 08302, Office phone 856-455-8820 Home phone 856-455-6733
More details "What is being sold is a delapidated old barn containing the factory, an old house next door that had been used in the business and is on the Gloucester County historic register as site #87, and a trailer containing $8,000 worth of boxes. There's also a lot of their products, old pictures and the likes." 2007-08-23

LOOK AT THIS - Marver, shield, furnace all within a couple of cubic feet!     An amazing list of defined tasks and materials connected with ceramic refractories and pot casting

FORT WORTH MUSEUMS - About once a month or so, I get out my mobility scooter and $4.50 and roll onto the local bus for bus, train, bus trip to Ft. Worth to visit the three world class museums within walking distance and the nice community center gallery across the street.  This month the Amon Carter is closed for the summer for fire system repairs, but the Ft. Worth Modern has the amazing over- and under- sized photo-real sculptures of Ron Mueck and the Kimbell has a nearly overwhelming show of portraits in the age of Picasso. But the small Ft. Worth Community Arts Center had three very nice displays - silver point, large pencil drawings of heads, and gallery nominations - that included a gem of simple creation.  At first it looks like a decorative set of tables done in red and white.  But closer examination reveals that each table has round ripples in the surface: from a white leaf on the top one and from unknown source on the others.  Then a closer look finds red drips on the white rails in line with the center of the ripples and above the red pool on the floor.  And a look at the materials and a closer look again discovers that white leaf, ripples, red drips, and puddle on the floor are all wood carved exquisitely and fitted in an understated concept.  Delightful.[Cascading Tables, by Chris Cunningham, The Upstairs Gallery, Purpleheart and Ramin woods]  2007-07-19

STUFF TO SELL - I was visiting Creative Water Gardens  in Garland, TX, out of curiosity to learn more following my visit to another store and a couple of gardens last month that were part of an open house.  While I do stuff on a very small scale, it is obvious that building these compact water features is a thriving business and hobby. North Texas Water Garden Society  While looking at the various display water ways and devices, the Eugene Glass School catalog suddenly came to mind because the cover headlines begin with "Blow Your Own Float" but it is very hard to find inside - not featured at all.  Oregon is on the Pacific Ocean and glass fisherman's floats from Japan come ashore and are part of the thinking there.
  But anyone who is making ornaments for the holiday market or witches balls as a smaller scale sale item could easily make sealed floats that I think would sell well at a local water garden shop.  The common ornament size 3.5-4.5" is very nicely scaled to these water features and having several bobbing in displays would make obvious their play of color and light against the moving water. Check Yellow Pages under Water Gardens, Fountains, & Ponds, visit and if you feel the same, take a half dozen along on a second visit.   Color selection is one factor, since the water features are designed to look natural, so decorative colors might not work as well as even tones (like fishing floats) or might be desired for a splash of color like the gold fish and koi swimming below.  Also, since these are decorative, colorful mounted balls as garden features might also sell. 2007-07-13

GOBLET INVITATIONAL at Kittrell-Riffkind Art Glass in Dallas opens tonight and runs through August 11th This is the 13th annual and opening on Friday the 13th can only be propitious. 2007-07-13

EUGENE GLASS SCHOOL - announces its classes for the second half of 2007, July through December. The school offers lampworking and furnace working in 2 and 3 day classes during daytime, a total of about 3 dozen with a longer sculpture class with Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen at Thanksgiving. The school is located in SW Oregon and more info can be found at Additional features are classes on 4 successive Wednesday nights in various topics. The school has various special events and activities, one of which is a $65 one-on-one to make a glass float, paperweight, or garden art in a single session during the day. 2007-07-13.

HOLES DRILLED - I finally got around to actually using the 1/2" core glass bit that I bought years ago, drilling my first two holes successfully in a bowl and a dark plate glass sheet.  Assembled into a burble desktop fountain, here. 2007-06-12

GAS & ELECTRIC RATES - I went to look up newer information than my out of date electric rate table, and found data only a few months old for gas, electricity and oil here Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

GAS is this week in Pittsburgh.  Huge rain storms here in Dallas over last several days.  Reservoirs are full again after drought (all but one lake in Texas are man-made.)  I have been working on house wiring and updating page including the cast goblets page  And next month we can look forward to 7/7/7 the lucky date in demand for weddings.  2007-06-04

WHEATONARTS - If you have references to Wheaton Village as I do here Creative Glass Center of America [creative.htm] and here Summer 2004 visit, then you might wish to change them as they have relabeled as WheatonArts and Cultural Center 2007-05-31

OPEN HOUSE - Memorial Day Weekend - Sat. Sun. Mon. Oklahoma City 2007-05-25

ANNEALING FAILURE? - "IKEA recalls PARODI glass vase from supplier #18347
parodi glasses recalled for likely annealer failureIKEA has received reports of incidents where the base of PARODI vase broke for no apparent reason while the vase was being lifted. Seven customers worldwide sustained cuts and in five cases hospital treatment was required.
Following investigation a number of PARODI vases have been found to have too high internal stresses which may increase the risk of breakage, especially if the glass is damaged in some way, for example knocked or scratched.
PARODI vase stand 70 cm (28 inches) high and weigh approximately 5 kg (11 lbs). Base diameter is 15 cm (6 inches); top diameter is 23 cm (9 inches). PARODI vase is produced in black (art. no. 20110234), white (art. no. 50112199) and clear glass (art. no. 00079545).
IKEA logo, the article number and the supplier number are printed on a white sticker on the underside of the vase and on the store receipt.
All glass is fragile and even robust, thick-walled designs should always be handled with care. When returning your vase, to avoid risk of breakage and possible injury, avoid placing your hands at or near the base and ensure that it is securely packaged.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. For more information, please contact your local store or call IKEA toll-free at (888) 966-4532."

PÔLE GLASS NEWSLETTER - This is an international electronic "glass and crystal" newsletter that shows up in my emailbox once a month.  The May issue starts off trumpeting an exhibit The Crystal Garden of 5 major crystal makers in Lorraine from June 9th through August 12th. (  Various sections point to other sites or download files (pdf interview) like Headlines, Glass People, Events.  Under events we get lengthy paragraphs on a Venini exhibit at the Finnish Glass Museum and Rockford Art Museum and an exhibit (10,000 sq.ft., 125 pieces) of Vallien and Ulrica Hydman-Vallien at the Rockford Museum of Art thru July 8. along with ten or so shorter items.  Competition discusses glass competition results and upcoming contests. While Networking lists a museum night in Europe and studio rental in Canada.  The issue concludes with promotional items that pole verrier offers.  The presentation is nice with the minor errors that indicate it was translated to English ("more informations").  subscribe contact :   2007-05-23

GLASS FORUMS - "Your friend Mark considered our new website, Glass Forums , interesting and wanted you to have a look.
Site Name: Glass Forums Glass Forums for art glass, antique glass and paperweight related discussions and questions Site URL: "  I went to have a look and you have to sign up to see more than names of the groups of messages. [Later] Having signed up, I find that in a survey under areas of interest, the majority (51%) said "Paperweights".  The site seems to be primarily collector oriented with some warm glass. 2007-05-15  For those that are not familiar with it, the CraftWeb Glass Forums are currently the highest quality and most active in the area of hot glass with several equipment makers and many knowledgeable people on hand. CraftWEB Message Boards -

On Thursday, April 19th in a ceremony held at the State Capitol in Austin, the Texas Legislature passed resolutions presented by Rep. Harvey Hildebrand in the House and Sen. Bob Deuell in the Senate in honor of the 2007 and 2008 Texas State Artists.
Damian Priour was formally and officially designated State 3-Dimensional Artist for 2008. (David Keens, master glassblower and professor at the University of Texas-Arlihgton, was chosen for 2007.)
Other categories included State 2-Dimensional Artist, State Poet Laureate, and State Musician.
The Legislature received assistance from the Texas Commission on the Arts in making their selections for the coming two years.
On view through September 3, 2007, One of a Kind features approximately 50 works by 47 artists from the The Metropolican Museum of Art's collection, including furniture, cramics, glass, metalwork, jewelry, and fibers.
The Exhibition surveys the studio craft movement in the United States beginning in the post-World War II years to the present, focusing heavily on the 1970s.
In the January 12, 2007 art review in The New York Times, Grace Glueck called One of a Kind " of the liveliest shows of this field that the MET has put up in recent years."
Ms. Adlin's many other accomplishments include being guest juror for The Corning Museum of Glass' annual New Glass Review 22 (2001). More on competition and here

HAND GLASS SYMPOSIUM - Tom Babbitt of Fenton Art Glass is the contact for the 39th symposium sponsored by the Society for Glass Science and Practices will be held in Williamstown WV on May 9-10.  Most of the glass activities will be on Tuesday with the board meeting and cookout on Monday. This is primarily for executives, engineers, manager, supervisors, and vendors of hand glass for world markets and costs $150.  Contact Tom at Fenton, 700 Elizabeth St., Williamstown, WV 26187 304-375-6122 2007-05-01

GAFFER GLASS SALE - Gaffer Glass announces a sale for the month of May. These include Transparent and Opaque Cane Sampler Pack: 13 colors including clear, white and black, plus 2 new veiled canes and 3 bags of sample frit mixes.  $24.50, 20% off; Duo Veiled Cane Sampler Pack: 22 combination colors plus 3 bags of sample frit mixes $52.80, $19 saving; Veiled Cane Sampler Pack: 16 colors over enamel white, plus 3 bags of sample frit mixes; $38.40, $15.00 savings; Hot Block Tools: All Swedish Style and Round Blocks Made from real Cherry Wood, on sale at 20% off. All Paddles and Parchoffi sticks at 20% off through the month of May. Make sure you specify inches or centimeters when you phone in your order, otherwise you can order online at and click on tools;  Sampler Frit Bags: Every Color in every size frit, 2 tablespoons for $2.00 (not available in powder). New Frit Mixes included; Purple Passion, Victorian, Pansy and Turquoise Oceans.  20% off each bag.  Frit Jars: Every size and Color in 4oz Jars. Perfect for the glassblowing student, the lampworker who does not need a half kilo or a glassblower wanting to try a new color. Frit Mixes also included; Purple Passion, Victorian, Pansy, and Turquoise Oceans, 20% off.  Also, new, G-150 Opalo Duro - Stiff White: Nothing comes close to the stiffness of our G150. Perfect for all kinds of cane work, especially Latticino. Extremely clean lines that stay perfect to the end of each piece. The demand for Opalo Duro has been enormous, please call. (Rod only) 2007-04-29

UPDATE - I have been working on various files in the site.  If you would like to peruse pages that have been worked on and perhaps see some you haven't looked at recently, go here.  They are listed in order with most recent work at top.

OFF TOPIC - COMPUTERS - Recently my wife got a new Braille based portable computer and we went shopping for CompactFlash memory cards to provide extra storage.  For $40, we got a 4 GB unit that is actually a tiny little hard drive in a package the size of a paper match book. (4 GB = 4,000,000,000 Bytes where each printed page takes about 2,000 bytes and a sound file of a movie is about 144,000,000 - so it will store about 28 2.5 hour sound tracks)  When I went looking on the internet for CFII devices, I was bemused to find where an entire Linux computer ready to run can be had in the same package.  Alongside are a backplane, bus expansion, Bluetooth card, and power supply.  Putting the hard drive, computer, bus expansion, and Bluetooth into the backplane it would be easy to make a computer in a cube under 2" on a side that could use Bluetooth to interface with keyboard, earpiece and microphone, for control without wires of very complicated tasks. All this for half the price of a 48k Apple II with 135k floppy drive just under 30 years ago. 2007-04-22

"TEXAS JURIED GLASS 2" 2007 COMPETITION/EXHIBITION TO OFFER THREE CASH AWARDS TOTALING $2,625.00 Galveston Arts Center ( ) will award cash prizes totaling $2,625.00 to three artists from among those individuals selected by a trio of jurors to exhibit their work in GAC's "Texas Juried Glass 2" 2007.
FIRST PRIZE (Davis Ryan Glass Prize): $1,500.00 SECOND PRIZE: $750.00  THIRD PRIZE: $375.00
In addition, it's anticipated that several works will be chosen by GAC curator Clint Willour to receive non-cash Awards of Merit.
For those of you who are not already familiar with the particulars of "Texas Juried Glass 2," here's a very brief rundown of a few of the basics.  All Texas-affiliated artists who use glass as a medium are eligible to enter.  THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ENTRIES IS MAY 8, 2007.
 The three jurors are: JANE ADLIN, Associate Curator, Department of 19th Century, Modern, and Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City DAMIAN PRIOUR, internationally recognized glass artist residing in Austin and the recipient of the Davis Ryan Glass Prize, "First Ever Texas Juried Glass Exhibition" 2005 CINDI STRAUSS, Curator, Modern and Contemporary Decorative Arts and Design, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Ź The event is scheduled to run from July 14th through August 19th, 2007.  The setting will be GAC's first floor main exhibition space, 2127 The Strand, in the heart of Galveston's historical district. You can get information about the show and an application form by clicking  If you have any questions and/or would like to have a copy of CALL FOR ENTRIES mailed to you, contact GAC at 409-763-2403.
As far as I know, "Texas Juried Glass" is still the only major show of its kind held in Texas that focuses specifically on the use of glass as an artist's medium. Regardless of whom the jurors select to participate, all Texas-affiliated artists who employ glass in their work will reap the benefits. Someday perhaps, "Texas Juried Glass" will have succeeded in establishing itself as a biennial event held in Galveston while at the same time achieving statewide prominence. 
Neil (Ryan)  7700 Seawall Blvd., #211 Galveston, TX 77551 Tel. 409-744-0175

HOT ANTENNA - Having nothing to do with glass except the temperature, in a NASA Tech Briefs I was reading for the fun of it, I found an item on a report which discussed making a measurement antenna for a satellite in the heliosphere [within 3 solar radii - 2,100,000 km - of the photosphere which is 1.4 million km diameter] [the earth being 148 million km from the photosphere].  The antenna has got to function without being messed up by the electronics in the satellite nor conducting too much heat to the satellite body.  It will peek out from behind the heat shield and reach 2,000°C (3632F).  It will be made of carbon-carbon composite and the hot part will shade an identical cold part with "yttria-stabilized zirconia spacers".  "Carbon-carbon composites consist of highly-ordered graphite fibers embedded in a carbon matrix " 2007-03-31

RETTICELLO WORKSHOP In this 5 day workshop we will focus on the Venetian Retticello technique, May 14th to 18th 2007. Students will pull cane and assemble Retticello vessels and tradition Venetian goblets. Daily demonstrations with close hands on instruction on this difficult technique. Students will make garage assembled Retticello goblets with blown stems and feet. Intermediate/Advance experience required. Class schedule 9:00 to 4:00. Tuition: $950.00 Call for more information. 860-738-9464  Greenwood Glass, 3 Robertsville Road, P.O.BOX 242, Riverton, CT 06065, 860-738-9464  

GLASS MAGAZINE #106 - Completing a trifecta - this issue is one of the better ones, lacking any theoretical art vs. craft discussion.  Labeled as the Annual Education Issue, it features articles on leading students nominated by heads of glass programs, casting class at Ox-Bow school in Michigan and Penland School. There is a guide to Glass Programs, a debate on copyright protection, and an editorial on high art prices by William Warmus, one of the debaters.  There is also a strong promo to Pittsburgh's glass events tied to the June GAS Conference.

WORLD ART GLASS QUARTERLY - I have received an e-mail from this periodical offering a $5 gift card if I put in the promo code STARBUCKS by March 25th. Pity I don't drink coffee and have never been in Starbucks. The web site has good images of glass and beginnings of articles while not giving images of pages.  Subscriptions are $39/yr, $72/2yr.  Curt Walton, Founder / Editor-in-Chief, World Art Glass Quarterly, 1650 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126, 408-834-8945 2007-03-20

PROFITABLE GLASS QUARTERLY - I have received a copy of this magazine which says it is Volume 10, No.1, although I had missed it before.  And to be honest, I almost passed on looking at it with that title.  It turns out to be a slender, 58 page, article based mag well supported by ads.  It covers all glass including beads, fused, stained glass and furnace.  An early article is how Mark Collins designed a ball point pen, a fountain pen, and a letter opener with a 3/32" shaft to take beads, thus The BeadPen Group.  The International Society of Glass Beadmakers raises money with a raffle that involves voting with tickets and a chance of winning the devices voted for.  Ten 2006 entries and winners are shown about life size.  Another article discusses Cathy Claycomb's flat glass work where she uses copper foil and solders on as well as at the edges of the pieces and how she uses the bubbly edges from rolled Kokomo glass from near where she lives.  Several examples are shown.  A shop in my home town, O'Rielly's Stained Glass in Crystal Lake, IL, is profiled as is the Salem Community College School of Glass two year scientific and art glass programs which are supported by Paul Stankard and are due for expansion from 5000 to 22,500 square feet.  Under the Marketing section, a long article on working with printers to make good materials shows some very nice work by the author Milon Townsend.  All the pages either face a full page ad or have ads along the side.  The mag is nicely printed with a lot of good color.  Profitable Glass Quarterly, $29/yr, $48/2yr, P.O.Box 69, Westport, KY 40077-9900, 1-800-719-0769. 2007-03-0769.

HABATAT GALLERIES VIRGINIA - having their Grand Opening on March 31, 7-10 p.m. 8020 Towers Crescent Dr., Tysons Corner, VA 22182, The web site is shared with Habatat Florida. Habatat Galleries hold a historic position in art glass with major galleries around the country [MI, CO, IL, CO, MA, FL at various times] that strongly support glass. This location is seven miles west of the Lincoln Monument on the Capital Beltway. Visit for the original Michigan and do a Google on Habatat Galleries for the other active sites - points to now. 2007-03-15

OKLAHOMA CITY STUDIO - From CraftWeb "Andrew Boatman, Member New Studio Location  I have posted up some photos of the new studio location at 12th and Western in Oklahoma City. It is just under 2000 sq. ft. with 12 ft. ceilings.  to take a look see." 2007-03-14

SOUND FILES - Lately, I have been involved in shoving sound files, mostly audio recordings of radio and described TV shows. I have found that I keep coming back to a company in Australia that gives away small fast applications in hopes that you will buy larger fancier versions. NCH Swift Sound Software The three programs I have used are Express Rip, Express Burn, and Switch.  Express Rip will pull a big audio file off an audio CD in one third to one eighth the time other programs would estimate.  Express Burn makes audio or data CD's or DVD's just as fast. Switch converts between almost any sound format, including outputting WMA which four other programs I had would not do except by listening to the source in real time.  Simple to use. Fast loading and clean. 2007-03-13

 Glass birds being sold at the Nasher, $445 & $620GLASS AT MUSEUMS - Last Tuesday I did an expedition to see the Matisse as Sculptor at the Nasher and Dallas Art museums which are across the street from each other.  The first Tuesday is free at the DMA (but not the $20 Matisse special) and I had been given a pass to the Nasher for pointing out an error on their web site.  The Matisse in the Nasher was pretty good and I had not been in the DMA which has on display now a lot of Contemporary Art in local collections which is in line for partial gifting to the DMA including several pieces I have seen before in the Fort Worth Modern.  I think the DMA is trying to update.  I skipped the $20 bucks. The glass room sponsored by the Dallas Glass Club was closed for an installation, the Chihuly wall still looked good and the Nasher does not exhibit any glass.
  In the Nasher gift shop window as I passed was a strikingly simple glass bird about 8" long.  In Friday's paper was a story about new products at the Nasher gift shops at the Museum and in the North Park shopping center - source of his wealth.  The one I saw is the lower one in the picture at right.  Perhaps not readable in the image are the source (Tolkka & Vigna) and prices: $445 for "Red Ibis" and $620 for "Colori"!! 2007-03-11

GAS PITTSBURGH - The deadline for the lowest rate for GAS Conference Registration is April 2.

S.TEXAS WORKSHOP - Once again, two Beginning Glassblowing workshops will be offered on the south coast of Texas in late May. Jayne Duryea will teach the $250 classes May 21-25 and May 28-June 1 in the studio at Coastal Bend College, Beeville, Texas, where she is chair of the Visual Arts Program.  2007-03-04.

WINDY DAY - We had winds here all day with a lot of dust. Some weather watchers recorded gusts near 60 mph and over 35,000 are without power tonight   The ones whipping our backyard broke the glass in my triangular whirly when its tip was blown offline and hit the mounting post repeatedly.  No trees down fortunately. 2007-02-24

URBAN GLASS SUMMER '07 - UrbanGlass ( Brooklyn NY) announces its Summer Workshop schedules for 2007.  2 ($400) and 3 day ($600) weekend workshops begin in May and include lampworking, kiln working and casting, and furnace work.  Five day ($800-850) sessions running from Wednesday to Sunday start in mid-June and include a glassblowing camp for ages 12 and up in late June.  Weekly classes, meeting one or two days a week for 8 or 4 weeks also start in May and include Beginning and Intermediate Glassblowing.  There are no one or two week classes shown in the schedule.  2007-02-13

ANTIQUES OF THE FUTURE - this book is a fun read.  I found it at the library.  It is very good photographs of the collection of the author, Lisa S. Roberts, with brief commentary and statistics (designer, manufacturer, date, size & cost).  The items are modern in design and in the collections of museums (i.e. validated).  They are "highly designed" in that they clearly make a design statement, but most of them also are a uniquely interesting solution to a problem and nice to look at. [Stewart, Tebori & Chang, an imprint of Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2006 ISBN 1-58479-560-3  Dewey 790.132 R645A.  2007-02-13

GOODBYE WHITEHOUSE - "whitehouse books is closing its doors (both virtual and physical).   take advantage of the buy 1 get 1 free offer while there are still books on the shelf.  see website for details
yours sincerely,
julia whitehouse          BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE - see website for details"

VIRGINIA HOT GLASS FESTIVAL - April 28-29 in the town of Staunton just west of the southern tip of the Shenandoah National Park a bunch of people are getting together for a hot glass festival.  Details and info at this site  All kinds of hot.  Would be fun to get there, a bit far from Dallas. 2007-02-02

Double bubble piece by Hong Sung-HwanDOUBLE BUBBLE - Hong Sung-Hwan (exhibit last year link) got his 2nd masters for developing a multi-aperture blowing iron.  At first thought it would be extra holes drilled in the head.  But looking at his art (sample right) makes it clear that the pipe has got to have each hole surrounded by enough metal to hold a chunk of color with clear cased around it. A picture here (top right) when enlarged a lot (capture the picture and enlarge it in an editor or viewer) suggests the dual hole pipe has a disk on the end with two spaced holes. 2007-02-02

The Galveston Arts Center, which two years ago held the "First Ever Texas Juried Glass Exhibition," is following up with a second Texas Juried Glass Show in July-August of this year.
(You can check out the 2005 exhibit by going to )
The purpose of this early e-mail from CGIT is to bring this exciting upcoming juried glass exhibition to your attention to give you a headstart toward preparing your submission(s). Look for an official communication from Galveston Arts Center in your e-mail box sometime within the next few weeks.
A strong response from Texas-affiliated artists who use glass in their work is absolutely essential if this juried show is to establish itself in Galveston and eventually to achieve statewide prominence. The exhibition can provide an excellent opportunity for showing the public the marvelous glass artwork being created in Texas.
(1) Guidelines for the show and a downloadable entry form will be posted shortly on the GAC website, .
(2) The juror(s) have not yet been announced, but arrangements are being made to bring in nationally known name(s).
(3) There will be at least three cash prizes totaling more than $2,000.00, along with (probably) several non-cash Awards of Merit.
(4) There will be a CD-ROM produced to document the event, with free copies made available to all participating artists. There will also be a free full color exhibition checklist available at the GAC door.
If all continues to go well, then it is to be hoped that Galveston Arts Center will commit to scheduling a Texas juried glass exhibition every two years. I urge you please to show your support for this 2007 event by entering it. Regardless of who is elected to participate, all Texas-affiliated artists who use glass as an artist's medium will reap the benefits.
Neil (Ryan) Galveston, TX 409-744-0175 "
  "The Galveston Arts Center has exhibited emerging and nationally known artists for more than 30 years."
Galveston Arts Center, Clint Willour, Curator,  2007-01-29

GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS - Two postcards in the mail bring good news and bad news. Getting the bad news out of the way, Fire Island Glass in Austin is closing permanently with sales on Feb. 3&4 then Feb.10&11, selling glass 25% then 40% off.  They are selling color, frit and powders by the ounce and will sell all the furniture, equipment and tools they can.  No reason given yet, more specific sales stuff on What a way to start the year!
Better news, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass here in Dallas is showing their 14th Annual Scent Bottle Invitational Feb.2 - Mar.3 with an open reception 5:30-8:30 on the second. 2007-01-27

GLASS MAG #105 features the new addition to the Toledo Museum of Art to house their glass collection and exhibitions.  The Glass Pavilion has mostly glass walls outside and in and thus it celebrates what it shows off.  The building houses a hot shop as well. (Visit a slide show inside )

G.A.S. CONF 2007 - Is being held in Pittsburgh, PA from June 7-9.  As usual there are Pre and Post Conference activities at extra cost, including tours of Falling Water, Industrial Glass, and two building tours, and workshops at Pittsburgh Glass Center (Cane Pick-Up, Honeycomb Molds, Text and Imagery on Glass before and Vessel Making after) and at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Electroforming, Box Casting) Registration on line is possible and doing it by April 2 cuts fees by 9%.  Various fee levels apply to students, etc. Glass Art Society membership is required 2007-01-16

CALL TO ARTISTS from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon, with a deadline of 10 February (postmark) for exhibition April 2-24, 2007.  Application from, send 3-5 jpg images on CD (label each with a number and last name), resume and SASE for return. "Submitted works are not to exceed 24” in any direction and/or 50 lbs. All work should be pre-assembled. Any sales from this show will be based on a 50/50 split." the money going to student support in the glass program. Application calls for price of piece.  Send to: Laurel Marie Hagner (Art Glass Coordinator) Chemeketa Community College, 4000 Lancaster Dr. NE, P.O.Box 14007, Salem OR 97070.  Contact 503-365-4717 or  2007-01-16 

THE STUDIO at the Corning Museum of Glass has announced its spring summer 2007 schedules. Spring involves weekend workshops including beginning and continuing glassblowing and 10 week courses meeting once a week from March 4 to May 6.  Summer 1 and 2 week sessions begin June 5 and end Sep. 8 with session 9. Each session includes glassblowing, lamp working, one or two other activities like kiln casting or smaller scale glassblowing.  Among interesting choices are William Gudenrath doing an introduction to Venetian Techniques, 5 people including Gudenrath, Tina Oldknow, and David Whitehouse looking at Glassworking Through the Ages (1 week Session 2), Josh Simpson making canes and doing fusing with Gabriele Kustner, Sculpture, Murrine, Larger Pieces, Roll-Ups, Minimalism, Cold Construction, advanced Venetian Glassblowing, and Glass Carving.  Courses cost $675 for 1 week and $1250 for two (10% off for CMOG members).  Room and board is $495 per week in double rooms at Days Inn and meal tickets for local restaurants with lunch brought in during week.  Other complications, details and refund policy plus details of the courses are then click on The Studio on left, and See Classes Offered by the Studio in mid-page and summer classes or try this (in the past CMOG used frames and going direct did not work. 2007-01-16

EMPTY BOWLS is a project to raise money for food banks by taking donations of pottery, wood and glass bowls and restaurant food which are then given to people who pay a fee to sample the food and collect a bowl.  In North Texas, the simultaneous events for Dallas and Ft. Worth will take place on Friday, February 16, at noon, in the lobbies of Meyerson Symphony Hall and Bass Performance Hall.  Glass artists willing to donate bowls should bring them by Feb. 5 to Trinity Ceramics for the Dallas event and by Feb. 7 to the Tarrant Area Food Bank (2006 addresses & 2004 images)  Consider pulling off some simple bowls between now and then, trying something funky or looking over the bowls you have in stock that might be passed on.  Many of the pottery bowls donated are done by students making dozens as training exercises, so great detail is not necessary.  Better bowls will be auctioned to increase income from the event. 2007-01-10

NEW READER - A copy of Edward T. Schmid's new book, The Glassworker's Bathroom Reader, has arrived in the mail and is a delight to peruse. Ed is the author of the two best books about actually manipulating the furnace glass - Beginning Glassblowing and Advanced Glassblowing Techniques.  Like those two, this one is hand written and drawn, but unlike them, it is filled with contributions from dozens of stores from other glassblowers (including one from me.)  The stores range from dumb customers to equipment failure to stupid glassblower mistakes.  Among the dozen chapter titles are Blowing for a Living, Living for Blowing; Famous Scars; That Kind of Assistance I Don't Need; School Daze; and It's the Equipments Fault.  Most of the items are a page or less and even those with more length are made of related subsections - appropriate for the title location and time.  All three books are available on the web site or from Glass Mountain Press, 927 Yew St., Bellingham WA 98229, 360-733-3497.  This one is $24.95 and has ISBN# 0-9638728-3-4  2007-01-05

AIR FLOW SENSE - Over the last month or so, I have been looking at what I thought was a neat idea - a small sensor that measures air flow and temperature and feeds it directly via USB to a computer.  I had seen the product in a small ad in the magazine Sensors ( and getting more detailed info seemed like pulling teeth with web site that loops on itself and has obscure links and ignored e-mails. Much information is in the pdf manual on the hub.  The good news is that the small sensor, about half the width of a little finger nail, comes on a 5 m. cord with a USB connector that handles the data formatting and can be plugged into an ordinary USB hub or s special one from the same company that allows up to 36 sensors to be plugged in (the company also makes thermocouple USB interfaces in the same style.)  The air flow sensor uses a pair of thermistors one of which measures the temperature while the other is gently heated and the reading compared to discover how much heat is being carried off by the moving air, thus gauging the air flow.  The sensor comes in three ranges that cover 0.15 m/s to 20 m/s (30-4000 fpm), at 5% or 10% accuracy.  A provided program gathers data which can be graphed and saved to Excel format spreadsheets.  The bad news is that the 10% sensors are $395 each and the 5% are $495 (5 & 10 percent of reading or 1% of full scale.)  The company is DegreeC (Degree Controls)  2007-01-02

Clay form coated with wax on left, wax shell on right, sitting on halves of mold.OLD YEAR WAX - I finished off the old year working with wax for lost wax casting.  I have been making slip cast clay forms to put wax on and reduce use of investment cores.  It occurred to me that I might be able to use the same plaster mold to make a wax shell for greater creativity when working the wax not backed by the core.  So, having made another clay core after dropping and breaking a previous one, after dipping the clay core in wax, I wet down the plaster mold and poured wax inside and turned the mold to uniformly coat the inside and came up with a lovely wax shell. Clay form coated with wax on left, wax shell on right, sitting on halves of mold. 2007-01-01