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Like other online issues of HGB, this one is in reverse date order (for online reading of the newest stuff at the top.)

Deadlines and Event Dates
GAS 2010 Submission Deadline
15 January 2009
GAS 2009
Corning NY
June 11-14, 2009
26 December,  16 January
GAS 2010
Louisville KY
June 10-12

View Google Map showing Dallas Studios and Galleries

Many studios have a glass open house about Thanksgiving time.

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Deadline - December 26, 2008:
A Leading Edge Contemporary Art + Design Exhibition
Call to Artists + Designers from all countries:
  A call for submissions of the world's leading edge contemporary art + design that happens to be fully functional. We're seeking what's new + what's next in the categories of one-of-a-kind and limited edition highly innovative furniture and related accessories, lighting, haute couture and related accessories, body adornments and other functional presentations.  (Think new ideas + applications, cutting-edge materials, unconventional use of existing materials, etc.) The works selected will be featured in the gallery group exhibition, 'NEXT' presented by BECA gallery in New Orleans, LA with possible future national and international travel exhibition opportunities. Works submitted must be priced within the range of $1,000 - $25,000 USD. This exhibition will open February 5, 2009 and run through February 28, 2009. Email and physical CD submissions will be accepted according to the guidelines listed through December 26, 2008.

Deadline - January 16, 2009:
2nd Annual Gulf-South Regional Contemporary Art Exhibition
Call to US Gulf South Artists:
  A call for submissions of 2-D and 3-D works for a group exhibition featuring leading edge contemporary art by innovative emerging artists and also established artists exploring new ideas, mediums and/or processes from TX, LA, MS, AL and FL.  Exhibition dates: March 5 – 28, 2009. Email and CD submissions will be accepted according to the guidelines listed through January 16, 2009.

G.A.S. 2009 SCHEDULE has arrived in the mail listing the venues, lectures, demonstrations, and panels and how they are distributed over the four days in Corning NY.  As usual there are events each evening, some free, some costing. Four preconference tours are offered including Tiffany Windows and Finger Lakes Studios.  Several pre- and post-conference workshops, both one day and multiday are described, including wood-fired glassblowing. not available online at this writing, should be about Dec.8.  2008-11-18

URBANGLASS EVENTS - Urban glass announces an Open House on Sunday Nov. 23 from 12 to 5 which includes paperws eight making ($50) and ornament sandblasting ($15) and the opening 3-5pm of the Artists of UrbanGlass which runs through December 24th.  Details including artists in exhibition are online as is the Spring class schedule. Download PDF Spring 2009 Catalog here!  2008-11-17

NOVEMBER 22 OPEN HOUSES - Many craft and glass studios have taken up the habit of an open house before Christmas, tending earlier for open houses and later for 2nds sales. 
Dallas Cedars area arts studios are holding theirs Nov. 22 from 10 am to 6 pm Covering a roughly 10 by 15 block area next to downtown Dallas and adjacent to the DART Cedars rail station. The map flier mailed by participants includes locations of sponsors in the area who are not open like a sheet metal and a plumbing firm.  Jim Bowman is the glassblowing studio in the mix while other artists cover photo, metal, jewelry, ceramics, painting, fiberglass and cement.
Not far away EtsyDallas will be holding their Jingle Bash. is the online craft sales operation with low cost "shops", easy search capability, and thousands of participants.  EtsyDallas is local people banding together to have more impact, this being their second event.  It is being held in the venerable Sons of Herman Hall at the east end of the Deep Elum cultural district; a place with a history of arts/crafts shows that I find awkwardly put together.  2008-11-15
Kittrell-Riffkind will open their Ornament Extravaganza 10:00-5:30 and continue through December
Vetro Glassblowing Studio is launching the first annual “Celebration of Glass” in Grapevine, Texas 4pm to ? "The event will showcase glassblowers creating large art glass décor from the furnace, lampworkers creating art glass jewelry on the torch and flameworkers creating advanced, detailed handblown sculptures. Glass masters Wil Menzies and Christian Luginger will ... demonstrate their skills.... The Grapevine Bead Society will show their art glass jewelry in a silent auction, and firefan dancers will be performing during part of the event. In the evening, Vetro will host its well-known “Truth or Consequences Auction” where the artwork either takes the highest bid or else shatters into pieces."
A later show is the Austin Texas Armadillo Bazaar Dec. 12-24 this year.

GAS 2010 LOUISVILLE -  CALL FOR PRESENTATION PROPOSALS - Glass Art Society 40th Annual Conference, "Ingenious Possibility", Louisville, Kentucky, June 10-12, 2010, DEADLINE: January 15, 2009, Download Info & Proposal form at  Presumably, Louisville Glassworks is going to be an anchor of the conference.  [I discovered in scanning the rules that presenters and demonstrators (but not panelists) from 2007-09 are not eligible in 2010 - 3 year rule - which means they have so many people they can exclude the most active ones. Do they consider the huge CMOG portable one presenter and exclude?]   2008-10-25

DALLAS GALLERY - "Kittrell/Riffkind is marking our 18th Anniversary with a gala celebration starting this coming Saturday, September 27th, and continuing through the entire month of October. We hope that you'll join us for the fun and festivities on Saturday from 10am until 5pm --- and all throughout the upcoming month! 
For our anniversary we are featuring an exhibit of unique One of a Kind pieces created especially for this celebration by 50 of our favorite artists who have shown in the gallery over the past 18 years.
Artists whose work will be featured include Greg Fidler, Steve Sizelove, Matthew Patterson, Bryan Rubino, Afro Celotto, Paul Labrie, Neal Drobnis, Stephanie Trenchard, Bandhu Scott Dunham, Charlie Miner, Susan Gott, and Kenny Pieper just to name a few.
Enjoy a 18% discount on all purchases* in both the gallery and the studio all day long on Saturday, September 27th as we kick off our month long celebration.
email:  phone: 888-865-2228  web: " 2008-09-21

GLASS VIOLIN - Someone asked where they could get a glass violin they saw someone playing.  Here is an answer  While he just blows a violin in an amazing video  (it doesn't matter what she is saying, I'm in love.) Linking to the video off the site does a smaller window. 2008-09-08

GLASS HOUSES -  I encountered this neat book (details) while cruising the library shelves looking at interesting possibilities.  Published in 2006, it does a brief history of the houses that established glass walled buildings as home and then presents twenty places from around the world with design details and extensive high quality pictures.  Most of the places are variations on glass walls with invisible mountings to make a see through house where nature provides isolation, but how well this is done along the variations of scale (and unlike many books, people appear in the house photos) make the book more interesting.
Two houses in particular are astonishing. The Laminata House (p.96) uses glass as a structural element, not by edge gluing the glass, but by laminating window glass, thus the name.  As anyone knows who has looked edgewise at a stack of glass, window glass is green from the iron in the sand.  Well, this house has walls 4 to 12 inches and 8 or more feet all where every 1/4" there is a new vertical piece of glass down 4 side walls for 24 meters/yards plus a fireplace wall. And they vary in thickness!  Which means the intensity of the green varies.  The end wall is clear and there are clear windows set flush to the outside in the thick walls. It appears they were built in about 4 foot wide modules with wider clear glass slabs between each module extending higher to provide white clerestory lighting.
While many of the houses are handsome and obviously expensive, the last one is simply strange.  Called the Green Treefrog house (p.183) it is built on slope and the floor of the living space matches the slope!  So you walk down hill to the wall and uphill to the door.  To make judging it a bit stranger, while there is a core with the bathroom and kitchen with a level floor in the middle of the living space, the bedrooms are raised up into the middle of the space, also with level floors, but no furniture is in it so it is very hard to see how it works.  It is built as a huge shed with glass boxes inside and gravel under the shed around the boxes and neon tubing between layers of the shed walls.  It does have shutters on the long walls where people might see in, but the ends are clear.
The house I like the best is a relatively small one with a lap pool in the middle which has a glass roof and glass walls that are lightly frosted.  It was designed for a couple to grow old in and is wheel chair accessible.  Large panel shades fold up on the south side to control privacy and light/heat load. 2008-08-15

GLASS ART SOCIETY MOVE - G.A.S. has moved to a new location Glass Art Society 6512 23rd Ave NW, Suite 329, Seattle, WA 98117 Phone: 206.382.1305 Fax: 206.832.2630,, 2008-08-09

HOTSHOP HOEDOWN - East Falls Glassworks July 26th, 3510 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 19129 (215) 908-7924  Join Us for the Hotshop Hoedown!
East Falls Glassworks is holding its biggest party ever on Saturday, July 26th! There will be live music, refreshments and plenty of activities. It is our first ever "Hotshop Hoedown"! The Hoedown starts at 3:00 and ends at 9:30. 2008-08-21

CALL TO ARTISTS- TX, LA, MS, AL and FL"A call for 2D and 3D submissions for a group exhibition featuring the works of emerging artists from TX, LA, MS, AL and FL. **This exhibition will open Jan. 3, 2009 during the upcoming biennial, Prospect 1: New Orleans, "the largest biennial of contemporary art ever organized in the United States" which runs from Nov. 1, '08 – Jan. 18, '09.  Email submissions will be accepted according to the guidelines listed below through Nov. 10, 2008. Physical CD submissions will be accepted through Nov. 14, 2008.

On its 1st Anniversary, BECA gallery presents the '2nd Annual Gulf South Regional Contemporary Art Exhibition' from January 3 – February 28, 2009. This competition for group exhibition is open to all visual artists, without representation in New Orleans, residing in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and working in 2-D and 3-D mediums. This Call is being issued well in advance of our November deadlines because we want to give maximum time for artists to adequately prepare. Due to the rare nature of this opportunity to exhibit works during a contemporary art biennial, we expect the competition to be strong. Our gallery location is directly across the street from the primary Prospect 1 biennial venue. Plan to put forth your best work and please make sure that you are presenting high quality images of your work for consideration.

The purpose of the annual 'Gulf South Regional Contemporary Art Exhibition' is to discover and highlight new emerging Gulf South contemporary artists, their current work and the ideas that are motivating their creative processes. The exhibition is juried by the gallery's Co-Directors who are seeking the most engaging and innovative works to feature during this group exhibition. 

GALLERY INFOBECA is an acronym that stands for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art. We strive to serve as a bridge by which emerging contemporary art flows between New Orleans and the larger national and international contemporary arts community. The artist run gallery is an 1100 square foot renovated warehouse space situated in the heart of the New Orleans Warehouse Arts District. Our gallery program exists as a place for both innovative local, regional and international emerging contemporary art to grow and flourish in an environment that is accommodating to both artists and collectors. Half of our exhibitions feature local and regional emerging contemporary art and half feature international emerging contemporary art.

ELIGIBILITY:  This call is open to all visual artists, without representation in New Orleans, residing in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and working in 2-D and 3-D mediums including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, mixed-media, drawing, printmaking, fiber, textiles and photography. We are currently unable to accept the mediums of performance art, film or video. All works submitted must have been created within the last 2 years and must be original works or limited editions of no more than 10. Artwork submitted must be for sale and not previously exhibited at BECA gallery. All selected works must be made available for the duration of the exhibition. SALES: Submitted works may have a maximum retail gallery price of $10,000. (BECA gallery receives 50% of the retail price and the artist receives 50% of the retail price). Selected works must be made available by the artist for exclusive sale via BECA gallery from January 1 – February 28, 2009.

Complete information and submission guidelines may be downloaded from  --
BECA gallery - Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, 527 Saint Joseph Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 566-8999"  2008-07-15

EUGENE SCHOOL HOT SHOP - Although the Eugene [OR] Glass School is predominantly torch work, they offer 3 levels of beginning furnace work classes on weekends several times during the year plus having Wednesday and Thursday night paid evening workouts. 

RED HOT METAL is the new name of Cutting Edge Products still at the same phone number in Chico CA. 530-342-1970  now selling Davide Salvadore jacks, Dante Marioni & Roger Parramore shears [my source listing] 2008-06-09  I never much liked the name as cutting edge can mean knife like - but they were selling pipes or it can mean advanced, which I suppose they meant, but do we need tools on the cutting edge in glassblowing - how about just better?

ALL ABOUT GLASS - The Voice of the Glass Collecting Community - seems to have been around for about 5 years as they are showing a cover for volume 5 on their website and have indexed articles for 1-3 as web pages.  The place is part of  The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia [newly located in Weston, West Virginia at 250 North Main Avenue.] which is a bolder name than The West Virginia Museum of American Glass which used some places on the site.  Of course, WV has a long history of producing factory glass.  I stumbled across the site when I used Google to look for content of an old patent on glass which is quoted in one of the articles. Nice informative site serving the purpose stated. 2008-05-22

KITTRELL RIFFKIND DALLAS MAY 24 -You are invited! We hope that you will join us next Saturday, May 24th, from 1 - 5:30pm for the opening reception of our upcoming Featured Artist Series 2008 show. We will be showcasing the latest work by Alex Brand, Susan Butler, Brad Copping, Susan Rankin, and Yaffa & Jeff Todd. We have some really outstanding pieces for this event --- we think you'll agree!
The exhibit will continue through June 22nd.
Visit the Exhibition
Our 14th Annual Goblet Invitational will be from July 11th through August 17th this year. We'll have all sorts of new goblets this year, it's going to be a blast! The gala Opening Reception and Wine & Cheese Tasting will be Friday evening, July 11th from 5 - 8:30. We will be featuring handmade cheeses from the Mozzarella Company and some very special wines from the folks at Foster's Wine Estates.
Here We Go, Tootin' Our Own Horn!
Wow! We were bowled over to find out that we have been nominated for 5 NICHE Awards this year, including Top Retailer of American Craft, Best In-Store Event, Best Merchandising, Best Customer Newsletter, and Best Website/Online Marketing. Whew!"  2008-05-21

WHEATONARTS and Cultural Center "2009 Fellowship Application for residency programs of the Creative Glass Center of America at WheatonArts. Link below
The program has provided 305 Fellowships over the last 25 years. Anyone who has been through the program in the last few years is aware of the dedication and continual strides in progress that WheatonArts and the Creative Glass Center of America have made.  Artists have the use of private studios and excellent facilities within a respectful sanctuary of concentrated time. Not only do artists get exceptional access to these facilities and various process mediums, but they also receive generous stipends, private studios, technical assistance, comfortable housing and institutional support. In addition, they are embraced by a dedicated and warm staff, all on a beautiful 65-acre campus that is truly a creative sanctuary, just 45 minutes south of Philadelphia.
If you are interested in applying or know someone who might be, deadline is August 25, 2008). The application is simple and the jury process exceedingly sensitive and fair. Only twelve C.G.C.A. fellowships are given per year but the process is free and easy and surprisingly open. Check website for program details and please come visit for other activities all year long.   Click here to download and print an application.
Hank M. Adams, Creative Director, WheatonArts and Cultural Center, Glass Studio" 2008-05-21
"Studio Photo Albums" have been added to the Glass Studio and the Ceramic Studio sections of the website. You'll find photos of renters, staff, assistants and CGCA Fellows.  Glass Studio Photo Album  Ceramic Studio Photo Album " 2008-06-25

MASTER OF GLASS ART AND SCIENCE - A degree conferred to students of art and students of science by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and the Faculty of Fine Arts (Universidade de Lisboa) Starting in October 2008  Received by e-mail, check website for lots of details. 2008-05-16

Glass Art Society's 38th Annual Conference PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSES TUESDAY MAY 27th 11:59 PM * Forming Frontiers, Portland, Oregon, June 19-21, 2008
PRE-REGISTER ONLINE with Visa or Master Card:
PRE-Registration Fees $288 USD : Full Conference Pass - Individual
$168 USD : Full Conference Pass - Student     ATTENTION STUDENTS:  You MUST provide proof of full-time
* Registration will be available onsite at increased rates
ONSITE Registration Fees
$313 USD : Full Conference Pass - Individual
$193 USD : Full Conference Pass - Student     ATTENTION STUDENTS:  You MUST provide proof
C O N F E R E N C E    I N F O R M A T I O N    I S    O N L I N E !

Work 12 hours during the conference and register at a reduced rate.
Registration Fees for Work Exchange Participants
    Student member work exchange conference fee:    $  43* (* plus 12hrs work: MUST have student ID)
    Individual member work exchange conference fee: $143* (* plus 12hrs work)
-  A limited number of work exchange positions are available.
-  Work Exchange participants who miss their work assignments during the conference will be held responsible to pay the full conference fee.  Work exchange assignments will begin on Monday, June 16 and run through Sunday, June 22,
Glass Art Society,
3131 Western Ave, Suite 414, Seattle, WA 98101-2401 Tel:  206-382-1305 Fax: 206-382-2630
Email:, Internet: <>
The Glass Art Society is a professional organization whose purpose is to encourage excellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass.  2008-05-15

GLASS BOOKS - Long time readers will remember that I prowl libraries to find older books of interest and new books that I can't afford. A trip to the Dallas Public Library yielded several very nice examples.  Two excellent books from Lark Books out of Asheville, NC, are Simple Glass Projects with good detail on things for people who can't do hot glass and the stunning 500 Glass Objects which is in a convenient 8"x8" format with examples almost all made within a few years of publication by living artists. And at $24.95, one I might buy.  2008-05-11
I have written a program to speedily merge new lists of arts from books, shows, or competitions and have merged the artists from "500 Glass Objects" into my artists lists Artists A-L and Artists M-Z  Suggestions and corrections welcome.

LIGHTING - The latest Home Trends catalog ( has rechargeable LED Tea light Candles, 6 sold with base charger and six frosted cups for $29.95 (part #801022) saying the lights flicker up to 12 hours when charged.  Recharging time is not given and the lights are not sold separate from the charger, but they seem to have application when candles cannot be used - besides child safety, in displays in public spaces in closed cabinets or hiding in a sculpture.  These may be overpriced as the prices on Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFBs) are wildly out of line with packs of 4 or 6 at Home Depot or Wal-mart. 
On the other hand, I am enjoying using CFBs in my home, but since I have much of my house on X-10 remote control, I have had to add a neutral wire to the switch locations because X-10 incandescent switches use a trickle of current through the bulb when off to receive the power line signals, a trickle which can't exist in a fluorescent bulb.  Although stated for indoor use, I am also using the CFBs under shelter outdoors where they provide very good economical light.  As the long old fluorescent bulbs and fixtures die in my workshop, I am putting in screw sockets and CFBs.  CFBs do have a slow startup, coming on instantly at about 2/3's brightness and growing brighter over the next minute or so.  And like all fluorescent bulbs they contain a bit of mercury and should be disposed of carefully five years or more down the road.
I am looking for someone to come out with LED replacements for torpedo and candle flame medium and candelabra base screw in lights such as are commonly used in ceiling fans.  These lights are notorious for giving minimal light while using 75-120 watts of electricity too often in the middle of the room where the fan has replaced a ceiling fixture so the fan lights are providing general lighting that is on for several hours each night.  "75-watt incandescent bulb emits approximately 1,190 to 1,220 lumens" [here] "a typical 25-watt light bulb produces only 210 lumens of light" [here] so 3 25 watt bulbs give 630 lumens vs. about double that for a single 75 watt.
It isn't often that I come across a glass term I have completely missed, but polycandelon, a form of hanging oil lamp, certainly qualifies. See more here And if you enjoy wandering, go to the root of that URL which SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and look at glassware links. 2008-05-06

MISSING LINKS - While looking up information on my own site, I suddenly realized that somehow I had never posted pictures of my visit to Pilchuck back when the Glass Art Society was in Seattle in 2003, so here And in looking at my doors page, I found that a few I knew of hadn't been filled in and the whole section on annealer doors was lacking although implied by the comments at the top. 2008-04-29  And a question about Tom Ash's door led to a thumbnail and link there. 2008-05-06

MICHAEL WILHITE has been studying at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) with its nice program under David Keen with a new facility and he and I have exchanged a couple of emails including directions to his MySpace page which has images presented as a photos thrown down and which leads to a more ordinary slide show  As his MySpace name suggests he has done some of the difficult graal work as well as some interesting thick glass work.  20008-04-29

RON STARR - CHICAGO - An e-mail promotion shows spectacular sculptural vases up to 3 feet tall looking like pulled sections of tree trunks and links to the site showing the work and offering a free catalog.  Some pieces are in galleries with links and some for sale directly. 2008-04-24

DAVID GAPPA - VETRO - Here in the DFW area, one of the more successful studios, Vetro in Grapevine, Texas, announces two major activities by one of its founders, David Gappa.  Visible on their site, are a spectacularly tall prize winner carved open at the base with lampworked figures inside and their new line of decanters which feature removable glass work by Vetro and stone work by Xavier Zamarripa in objects priced from $500 to $16,000. 2008-04-24

FT. WORTH MAIN STREET ARTS FESTIVAL - I wanted to see the several small shows at the Ft. Worth Community Arts Center but not enough to travel for that alone and I had seen the other major museum shows.  But then I heard an announcement of the four day Main Street Arts Festival which I had never attended and that tipped the balance.  The FWCAC shows were as interesting and imaginative as usual, but the Main Street was stunning. The street is normally blocked by the convention center to the south and the county court house to the north but for the weekend it was filled with booths and music venues. The art was in stunning variety and can be sampled by type here. The artists come from all over the country and most prices ranged upward from $150 to as high as $25,000.  Bob Ryerson, was one of the Texas artists on hand.  I was particularly struck by Andrew Carson's work which includes blown and cast glass mounted on metal forms that play in the wind;  I have added images and video to my whirly page. 28-04-21

Images of glass of 2008 exhibit
As part of the 27th annual Michigan Glass Month, Tsunami Glassworks celebrates its third year anniversary with an exhibition of Contemporary Canadian Glass opening May 3rd, 2008. The exhibition features the work of international and emerging glass artists SUSAN RANKIN, BRAD COPPING, TANYA LYONS, KRISTON GENE, EVA MILINKOVIC, EMMA GERARD, CARLEY NEWMAN, and JAMES WARDHAUGH
 The studio will be open to the pubic for glassblowing demonstrations by various artists in the hot shop all day Saturday May 3rd and Sunday May 4th.
eva milinkovic, tsunami glassworks inc. , 1167 mercer street, windsor ontario canada, n9a1n8
tel 519 258 7620 fax 519 258 7745  2008-04-08


Lone Star Glass Invitational @ Kittrell-Riffkind, Dallas TX
Texas Art Glass At Its Best!       
Woodland Forest by Glenda Kronke
Come join us this coming Saturday, April 12th, for the opening of our Lone Star Glass Invitational. It was so much fun last year that we're doing it again! We'll be showcasing work from 50 of Texas' most talented glass artists from all around the Lone Star State.

Many of the artists are coming from near and far to be with us here at the gallery for the opening reception 11 until 5:30 Saturday. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet them and learn more about their work, influences and their passion for glass. Hey, all that talent in the gallery at the same time, how fun does that sound!

The exhibit will continue through the 17th of May.
  • Visit the Exhibit, A Preview        2008-04-08
  • PITTSBURGH GLASS CENTER has been doing a good job of sending out postcard type e-mails with images and chatty info about upcoming events.  Latest one has several items for Mothers Day, including "Every mom deserves a special treat on Mother’s Day. Bring her to Pittsburgh Glass Center to make a glass flower for $25 on May 10 or 11.  This is one of PGC’s Make It Now workshops. Make-It-Now workshops are an opportunity to try glass making “on the spot” in 30 minutes or less."  As they say, they do the make it now throughout the year.  I seem to recall pumpkins, ornaments and hearts on appropriate holidays. "Pittsburgh Glass Center is a nonprofit, public access glass studio and gallery dedicated to teaching, creating and promoting glass art. Our 16,000+ square foot facility houses state-of-the-art studios in hot glass, flameworking, coldworking, casting and kilnworking and a nationally renowned gallery that features contemporary glass art. Pittsburgh Glass Center is located in Pittsburgh's East End neighborhood of Friendship/Garfield  Learn more  by visiting our Web site at  or by calling 412-365-2145. 2008-03-29

    CRL BUYS SOMACA - via e-mail Dear Customer:
    C.R. Laurence Company (CRL) is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Sommer & Maca Industries (Somaca), effective March 20, 2008. Somaca has been a pioneer and leader in the glazing industry for over 80 years, and we are proud of this new association.
    The Somaca product line will be integrated into the CRL product line, so all Somaca products will still be available through CRL. All existing orders will be shipped as ordered, although we may ship your order from the nearest CRL warehouse, as opposed to a Somaca warehouse. The invoice you receive will be from CRL and will reference your purchase order number as placed with Somaca, and the Somaca order number.
    As you already have an account with CRL, the purchase history from Somaca will be merged into your CRL account, and your Somaca purchases will count towards our special pricing programs, such as our WD and Master Account programs.
    You may continue to reach us at the Somaca telephone numbers you've used in the past or you may reach us via Telephone (800) 421-6144, Fax (800) 262-3299 or via our web site at
    If you are a Will Call customer, please note the Commerce, Santa Clara, Dallas, Atlanta, and Moonachie branches of Somaca are now merged with the local CRL branch. We invite you to visit your local CRL branch to view our showroom. We believe you'll be favorably impressed. Addresses and directions to all CRL locations are available by doing a search on for the word LOCATIONS.
    This is a new chapter for both CRL and the glazing industry, and we're looking forward to being of service for all your needs for many years to come. 2008-03-25

    SNOW FARM CRAFTS - "The New England Craft Program" in central Massachusetts near Williamsburg has sent out a listing of all their programs for 2008 as well as putting them on their site A lot of courses are interesting, ranging across glassblowing, lamp work, kiln work, bead making, to welding, paper craft and pottery.  I find two programs most interesting.  May 16-18 is a workshop sampler where adults can choose two one-day sessions that would satisfy diverse interests, curiosity, or a mixed couple. Classes include Glassblowing Intro, Fused Glass, Lampworking Intro, Photoshop, Welding, Jewelry, Raku, Painting on Glass and Twig Trellis.  Cost is about $125 with $100 room and board and varied lab fees.  June 28-29 is an intergenerational weekend where each teenager must be accompanied by an adult who does not have to take the same 2 day class.  Classes include Glassblowing Intro, Kiln Glass, Lampworking Intro, Raku, Paper Marbling, Welding Intro, Wire Jewelry & Working. Tuition $205-270, board and meals $115, variable lab fees. Snow Farm also offers week long InDepth Workshops every 2 weeks that include glassblowing at several times  2008-03-03

    2008 UrbanGlass Gala: Auction • Awards • Glassblowers Ball, April 4, 2008,
    Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, 
    Preview the 2008 UrbanGlass Auction Get an early glimpse - as art work is received, we will send you an image or two a week until we launch our completed online auction catalog.  Enjoy!

    Donated ArtSeth Randal Ptolemaic Vessel No 011001
    18” x 12”
    Cast crystal, copper
    Donated Art Jay Musler
    Red Rabbit
    11" x 4.5" x 3.5"
    Lampworked, sandblasted
    and oil painted

    For more information about the UrbanGlass Gala: Auction • Awards • Glassblowers Ball click here
    For more information about the Auction or placing absentee bids, please contact Associate Director Becki Melchione at or 718.625.3685 x 210. 
    "Edited from e-mail, 2008-02-24

    FT. WORTH MUSEUMS - As I have mentioned before, I make expeditions to Ft. Worth to wander through their superb collection of museums handy to each other.  For me, a DART, Trinity Express, and T daily pass is now $1.75 so even a hot dog costs more than transport, but even for young folks it is only $5.  This past Wednesday, I made my way on the day the Ft. Worth Modern is free.  This month is particularly rich at all four museums.  I missed the show opening this weekend at the Ft.W. Modern, but caught the last week of another.  The four museums are the Modern, the Kimbell, the Amon Carter, and the Ft. Worth Community.  I have particularly enjoyed the last because it typically has 4-5 showings which are a mix of group (78th Annual Ft. Worth Camera Club, SiNaCa Glass) and solo (Robert Lynch, Dick Maw) which range across taste and my judgment of quality. As mentioned below, the SiNaCa show is an attention getter and fund raiser and has an excellent selection of glass in the metroplex.  The Amon Carter focuses on American art, building on a western collection beginning but have rich holdings in photography and regional artists.  Right now a show of snapshots down the years and the modern artists of WWII vintage in Ft.W. are strong events. The Kimbell Art Museum usually has two strong exhibits and other holdings shown downstairs.  On this trip, the permanent collection was one while Early Christian Art occupies the other space.  This exhibit proves its point that early Christian art is basically Greek and Roman art. A lot of the examples are catacomb and sarcophagus decorations.  The Modern will open a show of giant offbeat sculptures but had a small exhibit in which Joshua Mosley did claymation and paintings of a tiny man taking care of a 150 foot statue of George Washington Carver which is made more art because the bronze statue used is only 18" tall and is shown in the next room.  So the claymation was done with 3/4" tall figures which is very small for facial work. (closes Sunday) 2008-02-22

    BAGS - A few days ago, I was sewing up some grocery bags that fold up really small but still hold a couple of gallons of milk like a large paper bag.  Today, I was in Home Depot and spotted some orange fabric bags for $1.99 that were really big.  It turns out they are even more complicated than I thought.  The handles are fancy doing several things including locking together to restrict access and spreading the bag opening.  But the bags are also designed to span a grocery cart and clip to the sides while resting on the bottom.  Elastic controls the extra fabric. 2008-02-22

    DALLAS GALLERY SHOW - Kittrell-Riffkind Gallery, Dallas' glass only gallery, is opening their 15th Scent Bottle Invitational show with a reception, Friday evening February 1, 5:00-8:30pm, until March 1.  KR is on the southeast corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Beltline, just south of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 2008-01-29

    SiNaCa STUDIOS TX - is an operation hoping to create a world class glass education center in Ft. Worth.  A show of the principals glass will be held in the Ft. Worth Community Arts Center in February as part of a planned progress through fund raising, design and development.  Information from the organization can be found on my page and as theirs is just a coming soon page.  2008-01-21

    CADDO DECEASED - Although definitely non-glass topic, life has been confused around here with the sudden illness and death of Caddo, Suzanne Whalen's wheelchair guiding dog.  2008-01-16

    WHIRLY UPDATE - I finally got my most aggravating whirly problem to behave.  Not sure how how much due to making error - some at least - and how much due to repairs focused on wrong end. 2008-01-09