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Deadlines and Event Dates
GAS 2010
Louisville KY
June 10-12
Glass Art Society 41st Annual Conference
Tucson, Arizona, April 7-9, 2011
Viva el Vidrio

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 DALLAS GLASS CLASS-JAN -  Brad Abrams is offering a glass blowing work shop the week of 18-22 January 2010 from 10am-2pm m-f class size  6 people. Contact Brad Abrams at or 972-557-3909. Brad's studio is located in SE Dallas just outside LBJ. 2009-12-20
CLEANING BOTTLES - If you have to clean out narrow necked containers, plastic or glass, of material like mold, dirt, wine stain, crystallized sugar, etc., a valuable trick is to keep a couple of tablespoons of aquarium gravel.  These small stones have rounded edges and when put in the container with water and soap or other solvent matched to the stain, can be swirled around the inside while holding the container horizontal with my hand over the neck, providing a scraping action that is hard to duplicate with a brush.  When done, I pour off most of the liquid then give the bottle a swirl and turn it upside down in a small container so the gravel pieces fall down into the neck and then into the container without being driven by the bulk of the fluid even if the container overflows.  Then I pour off the liquid in the small container and use it to store the gravel for next time. 2009-12-19
NICE VIDEO - If you would like a nice high quality video to mention to friends including the basics of glassblowing with a White House connection see:,0,5073889.story  2009-12-08
DALLAS OPEN HOUSE - Jim Bowman, glassblower across from downtown Dallas will be participating this weekend, Dec. 11-13, in the Randy Brodnax and Friends show held annually at the Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm where the streets from Fair Park cross it.  The show is open 5-9 Fri., 10-6 Sat., 10-5 Sunday with music, food, and art in many categories, being sold by the creators. 2009-12-08
GLASS MAGAZINE FALL 2009 - Reviewing this a bit late as it got shuffled into a stack while being distracted this fall. The issue, #116, is labeled Art:Culture:Design and features Yoichi Ohira on the cover with a bottle that appears to be an organic bubble inside blown through 3 thick glass shapes tipped with respect to each other from a short tapered neck. Going inside there seem to be fewer than average gallery ads and greater than average sculpture content featured in them.  The Editor's Letter reports on a panel this summer where members seemed to conclude that more young artists are including glass in their work without being exclusively glass.  UrbanGlass, publisher of GLASS, now has a blog to provide between issue information - Continuing through the reviews of exhibitions and gallery shows, The Glass Eye, having looked at very large glass in the Summer 2009 issue, looks at tiny glass in the form of murrini and microtesserae.  In a special advertising section for SOFA Chicago 2009 we find several of the ad sources usually closer to the front. The articles begin with a retrospective look at Finland's Markku Salu who has done major installations of widely varying form for 25 years.  Images include a segmented disk over 16 feet in diameter and glass blown into metal mesh pieces to form the shape of a bird over 10 by 6 feet.  Most, but not all, pieces involve a metal frame. For eight years the Glass Art Society Conference has closed with "the (in)famous glass fashion show ... with an often breathtaking, sometime risque, and always surprising parade of wearable art" and Laura Donefer is offering a 100 page coffee table book with a DVD of the 2009 show.  Risque comes when almost nothing but glass is worn.  The article shows some images and refers readers to for the undetermined price.  "Free Glass" is not a protest or a sales offer but the goal of the glass department at an Academy in Amsterdam in a museum show in The Hague where artists are encouraged to be free with glass, with examples shown from 40 years of work.  The discussion mentioned in the Editor's Letter above is given 4 pages of verbatim reporting   "Material Tension" reports on a gallery show of glass since the 1920's, 45 artists, collateral to the Venice Biennale.  Then comes the cover featured article, which starts with several pages of Ohira but is framed as three artists working as Venetians - that is, they use the glass technicians of the city to make their pieces which include surface carving.  The other two are Laura de Santillana and Christiano Bianchin. Most of Ohira's work is not clear glass but elaborate colored and textured "paintings" in the glass.  The three are featured in a book and exhibition at Barry Friedman Ltd, NYC through Jan. 16, 2010.  GLASS is quarterly, $28/yr.  2009-11-22
CEDARS OPEN STUDIOS - DALLAS - The Cedars area near downtown Dallas, including Jim Bowman Hot Glass, has their fall open house this coming Saturday, Nov. 21, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Over three dozen studios and businesses at 18 different sites are involved. Details, map, etc. at  2009-11-17
CALL TO ARTISTS - SiNaCa -  "2010 is fast approaching and with it comes Vitro Moda 3– Where Glass Rules The Runway. This high energy annual fundraiser will present the best of glass art shown by couture models on a fashion runway. The one night event will showcase a runway sale and silent auction. Proceeds will aid in funding the SiNaCa Studio Project, which is currently in lease negotiations.
SiNaCa Studios School of Glass is now officially looking for glass artists selections representing originality and artistic conception from all glass disciplines. We ask that you be generous and present a “must have” for Vitro Moda 3.
All interested Artists should forward their Participation Agreement forms by January 5, 2010. Include your Bio & Artists Statement, along with description of artwork. Complete details are on the attachments.
We look forward to working with you to make this our strongest event ever.
Scott Peterson, Artist Outreach, SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass,  (817) 312-2890
Karen & Scott Peterson  2009-11-08

NOTICE - Laughing Glass Art Studio  invites you to visit our studio for a fun filled weekend of glass blowing demonstrations during the  Cross Timbers 8th Annual Studio Tour  November 7th 10am-5pm and November 8th 12pm-5pm  1099 Cedar Creek Rd. Argyle, Texas 76226 940-455-2142
For more details and a map, visit or Thank you and hope to see you!  Eric and Cheryl Hansen 2009-11-07

G.A.S. 2010 TUCSON call for proposals has a Nov. 1 2009 deadline. Must be submitted in digital form including CD.  E-mail includes a schedule of honoria that better not have existed when I was on a panel as I didn't get anything. This link is supposed to work but was unavailable when I tested a few minutes ago. 2009-09-04
PITTSBURGH GLASS CENTER - SEPT. -  Has quite a variety of things outlined in their latest e-mail including the ending of a blown glass exhibition and a huge "stained glass mosaic" in 5 - 36" x 80" panels done by a supervised kids workshop this summer.  For classes, news and information 2009-09-04
URBAN GLASS FALL schedule announced in e-mail has a casting class and a guy who does kiln casting who is shown with spheres with an open end.  2009-09-04
THE STUDIO OF THE CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS - FALL WINTER Classes schedule has arrived.  The FALL classes include no week long sessions, but include 10 week, one day a week, 3 hours a night, obviously for locals and Weekend and One-Day Workshops.  Glassblowing weekends are Beginning, Next Steps, and Intro to Cane Working.  Flameworking offers 7 classes including Fancy Icicles. Flat Glass 7 classes include Photosandblasting, Fusing and Precious Metal Clay and Glass. Weekends are $220 with a materials fee for PMC.  One-Day workshops are in October and include paperweight $110
WINTER one week classes begin Jan.4, 2010 for 6 weeks. $750+520R&B. Each week includes a Furnace, Flame and Flat or Cold glass session.  I actually recognize more of the Flame people, but the Furnace people include Ed Schmid and Mark Matthews. 2009-08-24
WOOD BURNING GLASS FURNACE - As part of a lively discussion on CraftWeb about the recent (6/11-14) G.A.S. Conference in Corning NY one topic was the wood burning glass furnace and pottery kiln set up for use at Corning Community College.  For a picture and comments about it, take a look here. 2009-06-29
AUSTIN GLASS - I traveled to Austin, Texas, for a nephew's college graduation and family meeting and found some spare time to visit two small studios that have moved hot shops into town in the last six months.  The scene was different from my last visit as both Fire Island and That Glass Girl have shut down.
The larger and more centrally located studio is Austin Art Glass, which has had a gallery south of downtown in the SoCo (South Congress) area for a while with their studio out on a lake and moved their studio into the back of the gallery in April.  From conversations, it appears that Aaron Goss has attitudes like Terry Maxwell did at Divas which provide training and keep people linked together. Although still a bit raw, the studio seems a nice arrangement with electric melt glass and a nice gallery in the midst of a good sample of Austin funky that has foot traffic going by.  Images here.
The other place I visited is sort of a hot glass upgrade.  An operation called East by Southeast Studios, which is that direction from downtown and has existed for some time including a fusing and sagging shop, including making sinks added a hot shop last December.  I talked with Rebecca Cole who is using some equipment from Fire Island and electric melting glass in an open space dominated by big fusing kilns.  She has had considerable training at various east coast schools including Haystack, which she is returning to this summer. Her Facebook Site Image  2009-05-25
WORK EXCHANGE positions are available!  Lower your conference registration fee while helping out GAS.
Corning, NY GAS Conference : June 11-13, 2009
More than 100 people are needed in the days leading up to and during the conference (June 8-14).  Participating in this way can enrich your conference experience and save you money!  Work 12 hours in exchange for a reduced conference fee.  job descriptions attached Individual member work exchange conference fee: $140 USD Full-time Student* member work exchange conference fee: $40 USD
Interested? - SIGN UP ONLINE
Go to the GAS website under 2009 Work Exchange to learn more and download the sign up form to mail or fax.
Please note that all conference attendees must be current members of GAS through June 2009.  *Students must provide proof of full-time student status such as a copy of a student ID, transcript or letter from school or teacher on school letterhead.
For more general information click here: 2009 Corning, NY GAS Conference Copy of e-mail 2009-04-15
SHIPBOARD GLASS - A brief item in GLASS (next) has photos and mentions the glass studio on the cruise ship Solstice which started last November and can be found a  Seeing one of these ships at the end of a street in Seattle showed me what monsters they are. This one has 9 or more stories/decks above the solid hull.  This link jumps to the glass show with a video to sample. 2009-03-16
GLASS #114 - This quarterly journal arrives at my place regularly and irritates me all over again.  Aside from the lovely glass shown in the dozens of gallery ads, what bugs me are what is missing and some of the articles.  Whether it is worth the $7 each ($28 a year) will depend on you.  It is put out by UrbanGlass in Brooklyn and resolutely will not discuss technique. more  This issue celebrates glass performing art, referring back to the B Team which I saw in their original guise at Bowling Green for the Toledo GAS before they did that thing.  The three groups covered, 2 east coast, 1 west, do odd things with glass in real time like playing hockey with hot glass and pouring molten glass on a steel umbrella, funding activities themselves.  The article manages to miss some connections since the first name listed for one group was on the B-Team and that is not mentioned.  In the past, I have mentioned the dances that were part of the opening for several GAS conferences which I thought needed to include glass, but looking at the images of "The World's Strongest Woman" molten glass disks sagging on both ends of a pipe held up strong man style, I have to ask whether this has much to do with glass as a medium and, I guess, whether performance art has much meaning anyway.  Accompanying this paean to the past is an article on using molten glass to burn designs in large sheets of paper and one that is closer, in my mind, to glass art where artists play with the tension between art and the science of studying glass and the using of glass in science where glass looking like labware is formed as art and glass treated in various scientific ways produces artistic results. As usual, the back of the issue is full of ads for tools and classes for glass workers.   A section at the front, called Hourglass, includes short articles and an obituary and includes a fair amount of useful info. 2009-03-16
JAYNE DURYEA is one of the enduring features of glass in Texas, having done and taught glass down on the coast for as long as I have been doing it.  She teaches at what is now called Coastal Bend College in Beeville TX and regularly holds Beginning Glass Blowing Classes in late May while also doing her own work.  This year her 19th Annual classes will cost $250 for the five day sessions at either May 18-22 or 25-29.  Housing is motels and board on campus cafeteria for breakfast and lunch and local restaurants.
Meanwhile Hot Sculpted Glass is in place at Brazosport College's Art Gallery, straight south of Houston's west edge in Lake Jackson TX 77522, visit her website.  2009-03-16

HERE DURING FEBRUARY - Although I started Hot Glass Bits long before blogs became the thing, I have not been too bloggy, trying to include a lot of data - but then I don't read blogs much so maybe they do, too. In any case, I have been spending a chunk of my time working on my solar tracking stuff where I am using mirrors of various sizes scrounged from curbside trash and mounting them to get a beam of sunlight coming in one or more windows for playing with inside.  The smaller more sophisticated one will find the sun each day when it is bright enough and track it automatically to bounce it off an overhead angled mirror to fixed ones along the house.  The larger one is built to take advantage of two larger mirrors and a gate closing mechanism and so far is bouncing sun into shade for heating, manually but eventually automatically if simply.  I have spent a fair amount of time uploading images to Photobucket to save space on my server and allow bigger images when clicked.  In the process I have edited many pages. A link up there shows a list of files worked, up to the date assembled automatically.  Otherwise, working on the house.  Not much actual glass working right now. 2009-02-22

AMARILLO MUSEUM BIENNIAL - This competition for glass artists living within 600 miles* of Amarillo is announced in the form of a long, long OCR challenged GIF image rather than text so I will refer you to their website - noting that Dante Marioni is the juror and the deadline is now March 6, 2009  *600 miles includes almost all of Texas, all of New Mexico and parts several states including Louisiana - but not New Orleans - Missouri - but not St. Louis - and Tucson, Arizona - but only about half of Phoenix - using Google Earth to measure straight line distances. 2009-02-16

LIVE ONLINE VIDEO - The Tacoma Museum of Glass offers online videos from the past and live coverage of their shop Wed-Sun as noted here. A recent visit by Dante Marioni and a February visit by Lino Tagliapietra were mentioned on the always interesting CraftWeb Glass Forum. (Registration required) 2009-01-26  Watched the feed today (28) and found it neatly done.  The video comes from fixed cameras that can be zoomed and recorded video that fills gaps. The images and narration are those visitors see on the large screens in the studio.  There is no camera on the narrator so items she refers to and small demonstrations - making a small one-gather horse - done close to the audience are not scene.  The cameras are well placed to show close ups on work at the bench and gloryhole and an overall shot.  At one point the narrator said she taught classes at Pratt and was clearly knowledgeable, not just working by rote.

100 YEARS AGO - Almost certainly only relevant to me and my sister, our father was born 100 years ago.  He died in 1979, almost exactly 30 years ago.  I am irresistibly reminded of Victor Borge's joke "This past weekend we celebrated my father's 103rd birthday [pause for applause], unfortunately he wasn't able to be with us having died ..."  At this point in time, with a receding hairline that has changed my hairstyle after forty-some years, I now look more like him than ever.  His death from an aortic aneurism was abrupt and led me to get a sonogram exam last year after John Ritter's similar death brought the risk to the public eye.  As mentioned here only four "generations" exist in our family line from me to the Revolutionary War. This year's inauguration touched me greatly as it would have him. 2009-01-25

GLASS DONATIONS REQUESTED (by 21 February) - The organization named after the elements in glass, SiNaCa Studios [3437 West 7th Street, #252, Fort Worth, Texas 76107 (817) 899-0024 ] has made a call for donations to a fund raising exhibition, auction, and runway show in connection with the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.  The exhibition will be March 4th to April 18th and include the city wide Gallery Night on March 28th and the Center's Artist's Reception April 3rd and conclude April 28th with "Where Glass Rules the Runway, which will include both silent and live auctions, lots of food and drink as well as the exciting Glass Runway Show where models will walk the runway displaying glass art."  Artists may donate one or two pieces, the first being 100% to SiNaCa (a 501c3 corporation) the second 20%, returning 80% to the artist. Glass may be blown, fused, slumped, cast, flame worked, cold worked, and illuminated and will be juried for use.  Donations must be received by February 21.  Last year's exhibition was very poplar so 2 weeks have been added. 2009-01-24

$2,500,000 PIANO - A press release from Habatat VA Gallery points to a pair of grand pianos created by Bosendorfer and John Kuhn which have inlaid crystal with gold leaf inclusions.  The images do not offer great detail, but the prices are $1,200,000 and $2,500,000, which is a significant detail. Here 2009-01-24

TECHNIQUE MAGAZINE/SITE - Recently, while researching melting/working platinum, I came across this jewelers site (sample article) and once again was reminded that while woodworkers have magazines like Fine Woodworking [] and lampworkers have Flow [], both of which are filled with fine photographs of finished pieces and works in progress with detailed images.  The dominant furnace glass magazine, Glass Journal from UrbanGlass is adamant that it not show techniques, preferring to keep to the stereotypical art journal with critical reviews and history.  I would love to have the resources to travel for pictures and solicit images for the internet, but I am not great as social person and this site is running near its limits which is the trade off for my personal tone and no ads.  If you have or know of a page/site where furnace glass techniques are shown well, let me know and I will add the link to

LIGHT SHOW - I recommend a show I saw today at the Dallas Museum of Art (until March 15) of works by Olafur Eliasson, an Islandic artist with a great variety of creative projects. I find his website awkward to use and barely gives clues to some of the works  The DMA exhibit occupies 22 spaces, 8 of which are wall mounted matrices of color photos showing similar natural objects such as mountains at different times of day, icebergs as traveled around or glacier sink holes with water running into them.  The rest of the spaces, with the exception of the fan swinging on a cable in the middle of the great court, are room sized and are concerned with light and color and having much to do with optical perception.  A room intensely lit with three dozen sodium yellow lights results in everyone becoming black and yellow, but looking like photo printed on yellow paper, since no other colors are available for reflection.  The entrance to the room is a tunnel of dozens triangular mirrors in a wire frame with the backs of ordinary mirrors showing black on the way in, but half-silvered mirrors on the way out, so a view of the world is available.  A ball of much smaller triangular mirrors aimed inward at a bulb is the feature of the second collection of spaces and does not work well as installed, I think.  Two rooms have glass hanging and revolving with a spot light aimed at it.  One is a rectangular mirror exactly spaced so the reflection exactly fills one end wall of the room at the moment that the shadow fills the other end wall.  The other is a disk of dichroic glass - the original definition where it reflects purple and transmits yellow so a purple shape revolves around the room as the yellow stands still and periodically collapses and merges with the purple and re-emerges.  Two rooms have banks of spot lights which are filtered and masked to produce shapes on the wall. In one, the shapes change the perspective of the room, so suddenly the eye sees a new corner twenty feet further away.  In the other, a silver ball on the wall is a focus point and if one holds sight of it, the colored shapes form and vanish abruptly, leaving complementary colored after images.  Perhaps the most disconcerting space is a cylinder with white walls about a foot thick and 9 or 10 feet tall.  Behind the inner wall are very bright fluorescent tubes in the primary colors which are smoothly brightened and dimmed by computer control.  The room changes from dim white to brilliant purple or green or yellow, almost too bright to face, then falls off and a panel of soft edged contrasting color moves around the room. pdf link of room plans 2009-01-06 

SUMMER CLASSES REVIEW - It has been a while since I offered an overview of summer classes which are a major resource for furnace glass blowers.  These classes run a week or two and provide top quality instructors in a high quality environment.  They provide a full day of work for six days (usually) with accessory activities like lectures, slide shows, and studio visits and evening working time in some cases.  The heavy hitters are UrbanGlass, the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass (next), Penland, Pilchuck and Haystack.  Most have a lot of competition and have deadlines in spring for all classes.  Some more popular classes are filled by lottery from the applications and some classes with impressive instructors are juried requiring images of past work to get in.  Most cost over $1500 a week with board and room.  Several are isolated, making transportation more costly.  For more information see the revised summer class page 2009-01-05

CORNING STUDIO CLASSES - The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass has announced their spring and summer 2009 classes.  The complete schedule can be found on their web site  Spring courses are ten week sessions plus some weekend and one day workshops.  In furnace glass the weekends include five Beginning Glassblowing and two Next Steps.  Six flameworking topics and nine flat glass topics are offered as weekend workshops.  One day workshops include Paperweights at the furnace, beadmaking and beginning.
The summer classes are more accessible to non-residents because they run for a week or two each.  Ten sessions are offered this year from June 1 to Sept 12 with the Glass Art Society conference in the middle of June.  Generally each session has a furnace, a lampworking and one other class that may be flat glass or a mix of techniques.  Among the interesting furnace classes I noticed: June 1-10 Creating and Using Murrine by rolling them up; Coldworking including laminating;  June 8-10 Glass Engraving including stone, diamond, silicone carbide, and copper wheel; June 29-Jul 4 Mold Blowing Madness with traditional and new techniques; and July 27-Aug.1 Combining techniques including blowing grinding and gluing..  Almost every session has some serious coldworking and a fair number of Venetian techniques are included.  Tuition is $750 for 1 week courses with $520 room and board if taken (motel room, restaurant coupons and box lunches) with 3 day being about half and 2 week about double. 2009-01-05

Deadline - January 16, 2009:
2nd Annual Gulf-South Regional Contemporary Art Exhibition
Call to US Gulf South Artists:
  A call for submissions of 2-D and 3-D works for a group exhibition featuring leading edge contemporary art by innovative emerging artists and also established artists exploring new ideas, mediums and/or processes from TX, LA, MS, AL and FL.  Exhibition dates: March 5 – 28, 2009. Email and CD submissions will be accepted according to the guidelines listed through January 16, 2009.