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To make this site more useful with various kinds of information about furnace glassblowing, I am changing it with more text, more internal links, and more of a tree structure. While this site is being reformatted, you can still use the old pathways to make your way around the site.
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New Stuff and Interesting Stuff Inside

Date What? Why to go?
6/25/99 Glossary Table of Contents And this is the newest internal link to several glossaries of glassblowing terms
8/19/99 What Can I do with Glass A description of working with glass, cold to hot.
9/18-12/31/1999 Austin Museum of Art -Laguna Gloria Holding Light, Contemporary Glass Sculpture, is a show of sculpture made entirely or partly of glass. Twelve artists are included.
12/4/99 Furnace glassblowing and its tools. A long narrative description of the process of blowing a glass piece has been added with links into the glossary of tools that follows.
1/12/2000 The Guildford Handcraft Center Deadline for North American Glass 2000, hot, warm or cold, artists from United States, Mexico, and Canada [The Guildford Handcraft Center, 411 Church St. - P.O.Box 589, Guilford CT 06437] juried from slides with jury fee. Write for application.
9/28/99 A Class at the Studio at Corning First look at my taking a class at the Studio, pictures only, text to follow. Loads fairly slowly.
10/30/99 Revised Glossary of blown glass objects The glossary has had a going over, with internal links added (as I learn) and some external links. More of this is going to be done as time passes (and I find time to do it.) Updated 12/4/99
6/8/2000 Glass Art Society Annual Conference. Being Held at UrbanGlass until June 11 with workshops before and after. Preliminary brochure available.

The information in Hot Glass Bits is fairly casual, and includes what I read, what I did and who I visited. You can find About Hot Glass Bits including sample issues. For some useful information about a small relatively inexpensive studio, begin with a tour Studio Plans and follow the links from there including some pictures of studios and equipment, sources, and even some of my "studio".
One of the ways of learning more about glassblowing is to attend gatherings that feature hot glass and people who do it. A few of these Glass Events and More Events send me information which I share here and update when I can.
On the other hand, most serious glassblowers attend (or teach at) one of the several places that offer Short Term Classes mostly in the summer, but some throughout the year. For those who are just starting out in life, there is time to do College Level Hot Glass Programs for a degree.
Whenever I have been able to travel, I have taken a camera and tried to get pictures of the artists, their studios and their glass . Some studios I have visited have home pages which are linked in the visit sections, while Other Hot Glass Home Pages available. Because I live in TEXAS and because there was very little hot glass activity here when I started, I have tried to bring extra attention to Texas Hot Glass Events

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