!!!! The 2002 Event earned $23,000 for the North Texas Food Bank !!!!

More next year!

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EMPTY BOWLS is a donation program where (in the past) woodworkers and pottery workers make bowls which are donated. On Friday, February 22, 2002 at noon (11 am - 1 pm), these bowls will be chosen in Dallas' Meyerson Symphony Hall Lobby by people making a $20 donation and area restaurants will donate soup (served in plastic bowls) as part of the 3rd Annual Empty Bowls Luncheon. Bowl makers will be noted on a poster at the luncheon. Last year the fund raiser made $16,000 for the North Texas Food Bank.

I have asked that glass bowls made by area artists be accepted and I hope you will join me and make a couple and donate them. Deadline for donation, delivery to Trinity Ceramics, is 18 February, 2002.


9016 Diplomacy Row, Dallas, Texas 75247 (214) 631-0540 FAX (214) 637-6463 E-mail trincer.com

August 31, 2001

Mike Firth
1019 Martinique
Dallas, Texas 75223-1445

Dear Mike:

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Sincerely yours:

John R. Williams


Friday. February 22, 2002. 11:00am to 1:00pm

EMPTY BOWLS 2001 was such a success that the North Texas Food Bank wants to have lunch with us again next year. The Meyerson Symphony Hall has offered their lobby and music for the occasion~

This year [2001] your generous gifts raised almost $16,000 for the NTFB. The potters and woodturners donated about 600 bowls. You did a great job! Thank you very much.

The Food Bank expects a much larger turnout in 2002. We almost ran out of bowls last time, and we will need more bowls for the upcoming event. This early warning may give you time to set aside one special hour or class or week to make bowls for this special day.

This event gives us exposure to people we do not normally see at craft fairs and shows. It is a good opportunity to extend our audience. The Junior League provides the logistical support during the luncheon and outstanding local restaurants provide the food. Our only obligation is to provide the bowls. We will need all the help we can get.

Trinity Ceramics is happy to gather the bowls and deliver them to the Food Bank. We hope you will plan to help with EMPTY BOWLS 2002. Our goal is to deliver bowls by February 18. 2002.

John Williams Trinity Ceramics
9016 Diplomacy Row, Dallas, Texas 75247 (214) 631-0540 FAX (214) 637-6463 E-mail trincer.com

What I wrote

12 August 2001

While picking up some chemicals on Thursday, I got a copy of your Early Warning flier on the Empty
Bowls project. I am a furnace glass blower and information sharer (see web site above) and would like to
contribute something and spread the word if you are willing to do glass in addition to pottery and wood.
There are only a dozen or so glassblowers in North Texas, but I think several of them would be willing to
share. Since you say “good opportunity to extend our audience”, I assume there is a need for some kind
of name tag/card/identification to do this, plus some consideration as to size, so I would like to have
details for myself and before I put a mention on my site.

Thank you for your good work, I look forward to hearing from you.