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Man Watching TV Killed By Stray Bullet
Feb 18th, 2006 Michigan 8-year-old killed by stray bullet
March 12, 2006 A 10-year-old girl was shot and killed Saturday in a spray of bullets while attending a cousin's birthday party in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, only eight days after a 14-year-old girl was killed in a similar way just blocks away. "Siretha White was killed Saturday evening when a bullet fired from a white Cadillac broke the front window of her aunt's first-floor apartment and struck the child in the head.",1,4586288.story?coll=chi-navrailnews-nav
April 17, 2006 2 Year Old Killed by Stray Bullet
A family on their way to an Easter dinner in the Bronx in their Honda Odyssey minivan became the victim of men arguing outside, as a bullet killed a 2 year old inside the car. David Pacheco Jr. was hit when the bullet went through the minivan's sliding door, and one of his sisters cried, "Mommy, the baby." Pacheco Jr. died on
Mar 10, 2006 Innocent Bystander Killed by Stray Bullet  WTMJ-AM Milwaukee
A woman's decision to walk to a corner store was deadly. Milwaukee Police say that 22-year-old woman was caught in gunfire that wasn't meant for her.
May 15, 2006 Jacksonville teen killed by stray bullet
A 13-year-old girl was fatally struck by a stray bullet while reading in her bedroom, authorities said.
July 2006
Aug. 27, 2006
''What I want to see is for everybody to be responsible for their own actions,'' said David Jenkins, whose 9-year-old daughter Sherdavia Jenkins was shot to death in early July as she played on her front porch.
Aug. 31, 2006 Stray bullet ends life of 13-year-old On Wednesday night, as the teenager stood in front of her neighbor's house in the 5300 block of N. 39th St., [Milwaukee] she was shot in the chest by what police think were errant shots. Candace tried to run. She raced up the porch stairs, seeking shelter in her neighbor's house. Seconds later, she collapsed and died in the doorway.
5:08 PM
Mount Holly man killed by stray bullet  MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- Mount Holly police are hunting down several suspects involved in a deadly fight Sunday night. The incident led to the murder of innocent bystander John Prevatte
Sept. 4, 2006 Boy Hit by Stray Bullet on Arkansas Log Flume, Police Say
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
HOT SPRINGS, Ark. A boy was injured by a stray bullet while on a ride at an amusement park in what police Tuesday called a "freak accident."
Hot Springs police spokesman Cpl. Tom Winton said that it would be nearly impossible to tell who fired the shot in Monday's shooting at Magic Spring & Crystal Falls amusement park.
"It's still being investigated, but I'm pretty sure it's going to wind up being a freak accident," Winton said.
The victim, an 11-year-old boy whose name was not released because of his age, was struck in the left wrist by a .22 caliber bullet riding the Old No. 2 Logging Co. Log Flume at the park, police said. The child's mother, Michelle Anne Lamb, told police that she was riding in the front seat and her son was riding in the middle seat on the log flume ride at about 6 p.m. when she heard him yell "ouch." Lamb told police she saw the bullet in his wrist, pulled it out and sought medical attention after the ride came to a stop. Winton said no one reported hearing gunshots.
Winton said it appeared that someone fired the shotgun from outside the theme park and the bullet hit the child as it was falling. Winton said the bullet came from a gun that was fired at an angle. The bullet, which did not fully penetrate the child's wrist, had slowed down significantly from the speed at which it was fired, Winton said. "It wasn't fired straight up in the air, but it has to come down somewhere," Winton said. Dan Aylward, Magic Springs president and general manager, said the victim received treatment from on-site emergency medical technicians. No one else was injured, Aylward said.,2933,212231,00.html
2006-09-13 Man Killed By Stray Bullet Fired From Across The Street
POSTED: 5:46 pm EDT September 13, 2006
UPDATED: 5:53 pm EDT September 13, 2006
OCOEE, Fla. -- A mother is devastated over the loss of her son, shot and killed in her own driveway by a stray bullet. Nicholas Martin, 21, died early Wednesday morning from a gunshot wound to the chest.
Police think the shooting was an accident, but Martin's mother doesn't believe that.
Nicholas Martin was hit in the chest in his own driveway Tuesday. He was filling up his tank with a gas can when the stray bullet, fired from just across the street in the opposite driveway, ended his life.
Nicholas Martin's mom was beside herself with grief after learning of her son's death. The entire family is devastated.
"A neighbor from way up across the street knocked on the door and tell me my baby is lying on the floor, I must come quick," said Kareen Taylor, the victim's mother.
Ocoee police believe it was a stray bullet that killed martin. Nareed Bell was the one who admittedly pulled the trigger. He told police after his arrest that he thought the gun wasn't loaded.  Police said Bell was showing off the weapon to a friend in the driveway across from Martin, who was at his mom's house. The two were outside Bell's car, leaning in through the open windows, when the gun fired, went through the back windshield, and hit Martin. "How can that be an accident and he's over there and Nicholas is in his yard, how can that be? There's no accident, I tell you that much," Taylor said.  Even though police were calling the shooting an accident, Bell was charged with manslaughter. He could face 15 years. Bell refused Channel 9's request to talk with him in jail.
2006-09-24 11:12 am Stray bullet takes 5 year old girl, and Philadelphia's 287th this year
Philadelphia Daily News: Girl 5, Shot Dead:  2006-09-25
Minutes later, medics rushed the girl, Casha-e Rivers, 5, from the Engine 45 fire station at 26th and York streets to Temple University Children's Medical Center. She was pronounced dead at 11:12 a.m., police said. She was shot once in the chest.
Casha-e's family said she was hit by a stray bullet as she and her brother, Romar Berry, 1, sat in the back seat of a car driven their mother, Alisha Corley.
09-26 "Police believe Rivers was hit with gunfire intended for someone on the other side of the car in the 25-hundred block of Spangler Street. It is the latest chapter of a bullet-riddled turf war between a gang that operates from 40th and Huntingdon and one centered at 33rd and Huntingdon. 'There is some ongoing drug-related turf battled in that vicinity and there has been a series of shootings and retaliatory shootings,' said Fox. Police say the only innocent person in this case is Rivers. They say her mother's last two boyfriends are known drug men. One is doing prison time and the other was arrested on Tuesday morning. "
2006-10-05 Daily News: Details & Death
Friday, October 06, 2006 4:10 PM
Philadelphia Daily News relates paperwork homicides.
The killings boosted the city's 2006 homicide total to 309. Earlier yesterday morning, a Strawberry Mansion woman told police that three gun-toting juveniles had ridden past her as she waited for the bus on Page Street near 31st. The young men started to shoot at each other, cops said, and a stray bullet hit the 64-year-old in the leg. Her husband drove her to Temple University Hospital, where she was treated and released, police said.
5:15 pm Innocent Victims,
Thursday, October 05, 2006 11:21 AM chronicles random, graphic violence.
The latest round of blood, bullets and knives began at about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, when cops said Joyce White, 54, of Far Rockaway, N.Y., was in a car with her husband when she was struck under the left arm by a stray bullet that traveled into her chest.



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