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Glass Art Photo Gallery - Glass artist galleries and chat, marbles, beads, blown, etc. 2005-08-20  stained glass with other glass related terms. 2005-08-25

eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with FREE CAD Software  eMachineShop is the remarkable new way to get the custom parts you need - the first true online machine shop. Download our free software, draw your part, and click to order - it's easy! Your part will be machined and delivered - at low cost.

  A variety of sheet, tube, and rod metals in cut sizes, shipped from Washington. Phone-in Orders Welcome!
Phone: (800) 704-2157 OR (206) 285-8603  Fax: (800) 533-6350 OR (206) 285-7836
E-mail   Contact Us Mailing Address  1138 West Ewing Seattle, WA 98119
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