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Beg.Date End Date Where What  
1942-11-13   Flint Michigan Born  
1950-08   Crystal Lake IL Move to 478 N. Shore Drive  
ca 1955   Lakewood IL Move to 564 S. Shore Drive  
1956-09 1960-06 Crystal Lake High School  
    Crystal Lake Explorer Scouts flying  
1958? 1960-10 Palatine/Boston Civil Air Patrol  
1960-09 1962-02 Cambridge MA MIT  
?   Newport RI Newport Folk Festival, lost guitar  
?   Appalachian Trail Hiking, Sleeping out in Philadelphia  
1962-06   Ames IA Start Iowa State U as transfer student, meet JAF  
1962-08   Western US Long trip in VW with camper  
64 & 65?   Berea KY Christmas Country Dance School  
1965-05   Ames IA Graduate College, ISU w/o teaching cert  
1965-09   Syracuse NY Peace Corps Training  
1965-11 1966-05   Teach in Chicago  
1966-06   Coralville IA Move in anticipation of marriage and grad school  
1966-07-06 1975-07-09 Iowa City IA Married to Harriet Jane Andrews Firth  
1966-08   Iowa City IA Classified 1A for draft  
1966-10   Jewell IA Student Teaching, live with Uncle Bill  
1966-11   Ames IA Classes to make full quarter  
1967-02   Cedar Rapids Inducted into Army.  
1968-12   Oakland CA Released from Army  
1968-12   Ames IA Re-enroll at ISU  
1969-02-01   Crystal Lake IL Mother's death  
1969-06   Iowa City IA Return to UI & Wife  
1970-07   Des Moines Move & Jane start Internship  
?     Rent RV, tour for Residency selection  
1971-07   Dallas Move & Jane start Residency at Parkland  
  1976?   Living at Inwood and Maple  
1971-12   Dallas Start SMU on Theater masters degree  
1975-07-09     Divorced from Jane Firth, live upstairs  
      Living in Northway Duplexes 4712? Northway,
Drive desegregation bus 2 years
1977   Dallas TX Move to 104 N.St.Mary, get 827-7734 phone  
77? 84? CA, MN, DC ATA Trips, Prolog  
1979   San Diego CA Father's Death  
1984-11-13   Dallas TX Marry Eugenia Fisher Firth  
1985-08   Dallas TX Move to 1019 Martinique  
1990-08   Junction TX Start Glassblowing  
1995-11-14 2004-11-13 Dallas TX Start at Elliott's Hardware  
2004-11-13   Dallas TX End at Elliott's Hardware, retire on SSA  


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