Family 50th

May 1999
Francis and Carolyn Fisher's 50th Anniversary

Carolyn and Francis Fisher


This was a major event, planned for months. Gigi and I drove in without telling the parents, and then arrived late to the evening when I locked the keys in the rental car. We walked in to the already assembled crowd and this was the reaction as her parents first saw her. Mrs. Fisher knew something might be going on as two out of town people could not be hidden, but she was thinking in terms of Gigi coming for the Memorial Day weekend (which it was) to make it a full crowd and Gigi had told her she was already busy!

Carolyn and Francis Fisher greeting Gigi Fisher Firth


Gigi and her mother

Gigi and her mother, Carolyn Fisher



The Fisher Family

Carolyn, Wayne, Cathy, George, Gigi (Eugenia), Francis

The Fisher Family - Carolyn, Wayne, Cathy, George, Eugenia (with Bianca) and Francis


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