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2004-05-03  We are rather far into the year to be beginning this, but that's the way time flies.  I am looking forward to starting on Social Security when I turn 62 and will drop out of Elliott's on the day I complete my 8th year which is my 62nd birthday.  We still don't have a car, but walking back from Lakewood on my numb feet, I am seriously thinking about getting one of the small electric standup scooters that have become popular with the kids.

Gigi and I are planning the details of a week's vacation in New Jersey, June 12-19, that will loop around the state in a rented RV, taking G to the seashore for the first time, me to Wheaton Village for glass and both of us into Philadelphia for history, museums, and a bit of glass.  We will look at nature and visit reproductions and restorations.  At the end of the week, we will attend the 75th Anniversary for staff and graduates at the Seeing Eye.

The weather has been absurd.  Much warmer than average for a while, then much colder, dry for a long time the deluges of rain.  Gigi thinks this is the strangest spring we have had.  And while the heater was on for most of last week, this week is supposed to get up to 90. 

2004-05-15 We put Gigi's retired Seeing Eye dog, Bianca, to sleep this morning.  She had surgery about a month ago to tie back half her larynx because she had been coughing and choking.  But other pains, including inability to walk comfortably or hold position while voiding, kept cropping up in worse forms.  During the last week, she ate essentially nothing and most of the time barely moved.

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