Netscape 6 Bugs & Gripes

Rev. 2001-07-22

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Not a Bug - To be fair, one problem I was having has (almost) gone away since I stopped using Netscape 4.7: My machine was locking up at least once a day, usually while using the mouse, simply stopping with a good screen but no movement. It wasn't an overheated processor as some suggested, because it could happen on a cold machine and it could happen three times in a row and then never for a day. Also, Ctrl-Alt-Del would work, but produce a garbage graphic screen and still work to reboot the machine if done again. This machine has not locked up since I installed NS6 2001-01-26 Finally locked up today with 6-7 windows open, 3 Netscape 6 things (compose, local file, etc.) Locked up in Front Page Express while moving the mouse 2001-01-28

B - When composing an e-mail message, taking the cursor up and down through lines does not result in predictable behavior, even unwanted predictable. The cursor may jump left or right. Shifting the cursor left a few characters on the new line, then going back down results in the cursor being 30 characters or more left of the start position.

B - Small windows, like a data entry window for a search, change size by a few pixels and shift postion slightly when typing starts.

G - The file open (ctrl-O) window defaults to all files from Navigator, which is absurd. At least it should remember the last choice.

G - The quote button is gone from Compose messages, meaning that a user must highlight a message glanced at (usually moving the cursor to the right box) or Edit/Select All and Edit/Copy then Copy or Copy as Quote. This is a nuisance, especially as I often run in keyboard only mode and don't much care to reach for the mouse for a bunch of work - I can leave the cursor on the Quote button and click. This is really irritating and getting more so.

G - Although the "look" is much the same in terms of menu choices - Navigator and Messenger are in the same program, so the same logo appears at the bottom rail of Windows and it is much more difficult to jump back to Compose. I also don't like that the same logo/icon is used for EVERYTHING that is related to Netscape - why should .GIF and JPG files be shown with the same logo as .HTM files?

B - At the bottom of the screen, it ALWAYS says Document: Done rather than indicating progress as before.

B - When an attempt is made to adjust columns in Mail, instead of moving the columns to the right, the column immediately to the right changes size. This means that adjusting the size of one probably requires adjusting most of the rest. This is stupid. 2001-01-24 Manage Bookmarks does the same thing - moving a margin sacrifices the right hand column to increase the left. 2001-01-27

B - The easy adding of the current site to a specific portion of the Bookmarks Personal tool bar (Add to Personal or some such) has gone away, one has to save it and then later go manage the list. Inconvenient.

B - If a person replies to a newsgroup, apparently (subject to further testing) the title/author/date of the message replied too gets locked into the information area of the read window, even though new text is being shown down below. Hummm

B - Setting the View messages to Unread does not hold to the next session.

B - Not to mention whatever bug puts a non-removable blank line before and after a pasted URL when in e-mail 2001-01-27

B - The large search window in mail appears half way off the screen to the right (one Netscape window of 3 is set to half screen, but mail is maximized. This is true even if the Search window was moved on screen the last time used and closed properly. 2001-01-28

B - Mail appears as bar in the upper left of the screen when selected from Netscape Tasks, instead of filling screen.

B - The mail window does not behave like MS windows are supposed to - instead of narrowing and keeping a scroll bar an the screen, parts of the three part window hide, as does the end of what is already typed. 2001-01-28

B - When I went to Save As Draft, the menu vanished and the Send button activated and there is no way to cancel a Send - in this case delayed because I could cancel the dialup dialog.

B - Reloading a draft with attachments NETSCP6 caused an invalid page fault in
module MIME.DLL at 015f:6049afaa.
EAX=034248a0 CS=015f EIP=6049afaa EFLGS=00010202
EBX=00000000 SS=0167 ESP=0065f8a8 EBP=0065f8f4
ECX=604ac4d8 DS=0167 ESI=00000001 FS=5227
EDX=00000000 ES=0167 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
39 7e 40 74 35 39 7e 44 7e 30 68 d8 c4 4a 60 56
Stack dump:
00000000 03424960 00000000 6049afd5 00000001 00000001 034254d0 00000005 6049afd5 03424960 0065f91c 00000000 034254d0 6049b509 034254d0 0336da30
At least crashing the program does not cause a Kernal32 error requiriing a reboot

B - The software reports 960 headers on (not that many unread) and crashes when accesses for either all headers or for only 100 [2000-02-01]
NETSCP6 caused an invalid page fault in
module MSGBSUTL.DLL at 015f:60bf2e93.
EAX=ffffffff CS=015f EIP=60bf2e93 EFLGS=00010293
EBX=00000000 SS=0167 ESP=0065f9d4 EBP=0065f9f4
ECX=0000828b DS=0167 ESI=037c6ef0 FS=31ef
EDX=0065fa24 ES=0167 EDI=00000000 GS=4157
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 43 0c 0f 8f 12 01 00 00 75 0d 51 8b cb e8 f6
Stack dump:
00000000 037c6ef0 00000000 00000000 606048f4 036a6a04 60ca7131 036a6a00 0065fa28 6060ad78 0000828b 000082ee 00000000 03771460 03776aac 60612173

B - When an additional window is opened, the scroll bar is off the screen to the right, rather than the size of the window being narrowed to keep it on the screen. [2000-02-01]

B - In mail, Page Up and Page Down don't move the cursor, so after moving through the document, an Up Arrow snaps the view back to the starting point. 2000-02-04

Netscape 6.01

B - Crash in operation

NETSCP6 caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000021.
EAX=10d90b60 CS=015f EIP=00000021 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=60c32620 SS=0167 ESP=0065eff0 EBP=0065f000
ECX=10c71640 DS=0167 ESI=10d950c0 FS=1357
EDX=817648ec ES=0167 EDI=00e4d010 GS=4d37
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 9c 05 28 00 80 ce 6f ef 00 f0 6f ef 00 f0 6f
Stack dump:
0fb03619 10d950c0 00000000 00e4d010 60c326b0 60cddf09 00e4d010 00000000 10c71640 60cdde77 00e4d010 0065f040 0065f038 10c71640 0065f08c 60cde0d3

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